Made in Abyss Episode 1 [First Impression]


I love cute things.

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4 Responses

  1. Kassandra says:

    Oh boy, this show.

    I do love the collorful nature of the anime and the amazing Backgrounds. The makers have put a lot of work into it. However, as somebody that read the manga, I am concerned. People are speculating that the end of the season will be around Chapter 39, which without spoilers feels like way to much for just 13 episodes, unleas they skip stuff which I really, really hope doesn`t happen. Also I am worried that they cencore or skip a lot of the more…mature contend, which would be sad. The tone-shifts and dark content is one of the major things in the manga, it would also give an amazing contrast to the happy colorful artstyle of the anime. All in all, I do hope that this Show is able to deliver.

    • Vantage says:

      I’m worried about the pacing too. I’d love a faithful two-cour adaptation, but it’s possible that the main purpose of this anime (like many others) is to promote the manga, and in such cases they care less about such things.

      As for censoring, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s toned down to some extent to cater for the fact that it’s a relatively early TV broadcast (9.30pm in Japan, whereas most seasonal anime airings are closer to midnight). They can’t actually show Riko strung up naked, for example.

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