Knight’s & Magic Episode 2


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3 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    The Behemoth’s design gives a lot of Pacific Rim/Godzilla vibes. It’s like it lumbered out of either movie and into this anime.

    I do agree that this episode’s Telling a lot, considering they could have animated a scene directly showing the Behemoth’s brain getting cooked by magic lightning. Although if I can sit through Meteora’s theories and meta-babble on Re Creators, this shouldn’t be a problem.

    TLDR Ernesti’s specific brand of insanity overrides all worries about one’s mortal safety.

    • Eva says:

      XD I thought it reminded me of the pokemon Torterra! LMAO!
      That’s exactly what I was thinking too, they could’ve given us a visual of it. It’s more tricky to “show” it through writing, but through art, it’s pretty straight-forward.

      • zztop says:

        Something to point out – the mecha suffering metal fatigue hints at some weaknesses in Ernesti’s OP hacks. Basically, the current hardware can’t keep up with him.

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