Knight’s & Magic Episode 2

The moment he has been waiting for…

AHAHAHAHAHA, ERNIE IS AMAZING! I could not stop laughing at how fear was not even an issue when he was facing behemoth. The best and more hilarious part about this was how the minute he saw Dietrich runaway, he immediately jumped onto the opportunity to hijack his Silhouette Knight by inputting new script via his gunlike-rod that would enable him to control it without the physical controls. He more or less was controlling it are he would for any videogame. (One of the highlights from this was that his friends had anticipated him doing this!)

And if that wasn’t crazy enough, Ernie’s excitement of piloting a robot was off the charts, so much that fear had no place in his mind or heart. Instead it was like watching a gamer get all psyched up about the character/skills they are controlling, and the excitement of facing a tough boss to take down. In the end, due to the silhouette knight facing metal fatigue, the ultimate defeat of the behemoth was thanks to the (mostly one-sided) teamwork between Ernie and Dietrich (Ernie preparing the spell and Dietrich piloting the knight to jump backwards). It’s hard to just how confident Ernie was about his last resort strategy, but it ended up working out since the lightning fired directly into the behemoth’s eye and traveled to its optic nerve and struck the brain.

Now here’s the thing that I have noticed for the past two episodes now. This adaption is doing a lot of telling. No matter what, when it comes to producing anything through writing, filming or drawing, the rule of the thumb is to ‘Show not Tell‘. And truth to be told, I didn’t understand how Ernie had defeated the behemoth until they actually told me, (“The lightning fired directly into the behemoth’s eye and traveled to its optic nerve and struck the brain.”). So it does raise a lot of questions in terms how they are choosing to show this. I suppose the only silver-lining however is that the monster’s eye itself was a believable weakness – and despite the sword being in its closed eye, it basically served as a lighting rod. After-all these monster can’t be completely invincible, otherwise they would be God-like.

Aside from the entertaining fight and the idiocy Dietrich and Gephardt being cocky ignorant little shits (one of them paying the price, the other immediately became a coward) and the knights choosing to pick a fight against the behemoth at its feet, where they were stomped to death (gee, why even put yourself in that position? Even the students knew better not to get close to it – except for the one guy who forgot it has Hyper-Beam and got blown up to bits like the knight who made a desperate attempt to stop it), this episode brought about a political problem that Ernie will be facing. Upon hearing a twelve years old boy defeated a Division Beast Monster, the King and his men made sure to keep it a secret, fearing it would ruin the men’s morale, and are already worried about Ernie’s abilities. Rather than thinking how this kid could help them, the first thing that crosses their mind is fear. Fear that Ernie’s powers may be too great, and that would make him dangerous, thus a threat to them. It will be interesting to see whether or not their opinions made soften after meeting himbut I wouldn’t hold my breath for it.

Just like Ernie, I am quite excited to see him finally start building his dream robot and I hope to see him start modernizing the current models for others as well. We have seen that his new scrips enables the Silhouette Knight far more flexibility and mobility (basically unlocks its potential), compared to its rather stiff and heavy maneuvers. Looking forward to next week’s episode!




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3 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    The Behemoth’s design gives a lot of Pacific Rim/Godzilla vibes. It’s like it lumbered out of either movie and into this anime.

    I do agree that this episode’s Telling a lot, considering they could have animated a scene directly showing the Behemoth’s brain getting cooked by magic lightning. Although if I can sit through Meteora’s theories and meta-babble on Re Creators, this shouldn’t be a problem.

    TLDR Ernesti’s specific brand of insanity overrides all worries about one’s mortal safety.

    • Eva says:

      XD I thought it reminded me of the pokemon Torterra! LMAO!
      That’s exactly what I was thinking too, they could’ve given us a visual of it. It’s more tricky to “show” it through writing, but through art, it’s pretty straight-forward.

      • zztop says:

        Something to point out – the mecha suffering metal fatigue hints at some weaknesses in Ernesti’s OP hacks. Basically, the current hardware can’t keep up with him.

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