Fate/Apocrypha Episode 3


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  1. Vantage says:



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  2. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

    Of course the battle between Servants couldn’t commence officially without a Lancer starting it, right? Diarmuid & Cú Chulainn both did that in FZ & FSN, which is why I couldn’t help but be severely disappointed at how they made Karna’s debut SO underwhelming because his first battle against Siegfried was unbearably dull compared to Arthur vs Diarmuid or Cú Chulainn vs Counter Guardian EMIYA. Also, I’m already not too fond of a Ruler’s duty to stay out of as many battles as possible because it’s such a huge missed opportunity to NOT make Karna (the second most OP Heroic Spirit ever, only behind Gilgamesh) going against BOTH Siegfried and Jeanne and kick their asses. Although the battle did show us the legend of the famed Dragon Killer, it was still mind-boggling at how they both fought until morning because Sumanai-kun (“I’m sorry”) was an absolute joke in Fate/Grand Order. Don’t even get me started on how Goudes was trying to get attention that he didn’t deserve & Celenike was so mentally deranged I just want her to die already for treating Astolfo like her “sex toy”; Spartacus was nothing but trouble AND WHY CAN’T THEY JUST SHOW US ACHILLES & ATLANTA ALREADY?! Nonetheless, I’m very delighted to see more of Frank-chan’s (who ironically has more sanity than Celenike) interactions with Caules & Chiron being the wise master he was in the Greek myth; Shirou Kotomine (I despise this name with a passion, why not go with “Kiritsugu Kotomine” or “Emiya Kirei”) is going a good job in hypnotizing other Red Faction Masters to submit to him… Oh and don’t forget our homunculus protagonist is here (at last).

    “I don’t know Karna’s backstory, so I didn’t quite understand why he and Siegfried agreed to put it on hold – unless they simply did not want to fight during daylight”

    NO, Karna was simply being pity on Goudes because Siegfried possessed the Blood Armor of the Evil Dragon, an ability that re-enacted his myth who washed in the evil dragon’s blood & therefore nullifying all attacks of Rank B and below. However the fight was too short it failed to show that Karna’s spear had the power proportionate to an A-Rank attack & Siegfried was actually pierced SEVENTY-EIGHT TIMES before he could even touch Karna and was terrified as result. Goudes had exhausted his mana to Siegfried to ensure the Blood Armor reduce the amount of damage he received as low as possible. Another factor was that Karna’s power was boosted by sunlight (due to him being a sun god’s son), had they continued the fight he would simply annihilate all three of them. Worst of all, Karna himself was actually HOLDING BACK because although his Noble Phantasms were extremely powerful they consumed A LOT of mana to the point his Master couldn’t sustain it. Thai said, Karna compared Siegfried to his rival Arjuna (as described in the Indian epics) and deemed him a worthy opponent to fight against.

    • Eva says:

      Thanks for the clarification on why they put the fight on hold. Needless to say I’m surprised Karna pitying the other got the better of him (and like you said, it’s a weird decision how they went about it). He could’ve just finished them, LET KARNA/RED-LANCER BE OP DAMNIT! Taking out both Jeanne and Siegfried and his master would have killed two bird with one stone considering it was his mission to take out Jeanne to begin with. But then again, he had to let them go for the sake of the plot! =3=

      LOL I had a feeling that Karna would be the most powerful during daylight. It crossed my mind that he could potentially destroy the entire landscape! XD

      • Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

        The fight was sadly too short for me to like, but you can see whenever Karna strikes a wave of scorched blaze often laid the nearby surroundings to waste, forcing Siegfried to be defensive. Overall Karna is way too OP for this Holy Grail War.

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