Fate/Apocrypha Episode 2


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7 Responses

  1. Mangaka-chan says:

    Just FYI, Astolfo is actually a guy (even though he looks the girliest of the bunch).

    • Eva says:

      O___O ARE YOU SERIOUS? He.. he really does look like the girliest of the bunch…

    • Kazanova says:

      I know there are many characters like this, but still has it become so much trend to design a male character to become so girly (sometimes even more so than the real female characters)? I’m really lost at words when I found out Astolfo is a guy.

      • phoenix7240 says:

        shockingly the trap part is actualy a part of his story. somthing about roland grieving and forcing astolfo to crossdress.

  2. Masked Hero Dark Law says:

    Ah, Karna, the guy who was cursed 3 times and only can be killed after all 3 curses activated at the same time plus most of the Hindu pantheon pin him down for his half-brother to have a chance of beating him.
    And if he hadn’t give his immortal granting armor and earing to Indra who dressed as a poor old man then i don’t think anyone could kill him.( But he did make Indra so ashamed that he gave Karna his spear that can kill anything once time.

  3. Okay… As if Ernesti Echevarria (the protagonist of Knight’s & Magic) being a feminine-looking boy wasn’t enough, we now have another Trap here: ASTOLFO (Rider of Black). It’s kinda funny to see him trying to bond with other Black Faction Servants but only Chiron (Archer of Black) was polite enough to answer him back; Frankenstein (Berserker of Black) was rather pissed at Astolfo calling her “Frank” and Siegfried (Saber of Black) didn’t have the chance due to his Master (Gordes) being an asshole. It’s a shame that we only got to see Yggdmillennia Masters & their personalities (Caules was OK; Fiore had already fallen hard for Chiron <3; Celenike was an absolute perv :P; Gordes being a douchebag) while the Red Faction was very bland in that regard. That said, seeing Mordred being MOEdred & her interactions with Kairi more than makes up for the Red Faction, because I couldn’t take the name “Shirou Kotomine” seriously and his Servant Semiramis (Assassin of Red) was a sick bitch. I’m indifferent to William Shakespeare (Caster of Red), Spartacus (Berserker of Red) was batshit crazy & we didn’t even get to see Achilles (Rider of Red) & Atlanta (Archer of Red) yet and they dare make KARNA (Lancer of Red) appear only at the end without his full face.

    Now onto the OP&ED themes, I only have a word to say: DISAPPOINTING. The OP song was okay, but the visuals appeared like they’re animated by a toddler AND KARNA DIDN’T APPEAR IN FULL, while the ED was probably my least favourite out of all the Fate EDs (excluding Fate Kaleid EDs), just put Jeanne there for some fanservice, seriously?

    "Instead I find it ironic given the God awful track record Lancers are known to have in the Fate series in general."

    At least in Fate Apocrypha Lancers are the trumps cards of their factions (Vlad & KARNA), which makes me more upset that Karna only appeared briefly in his clash with Siegfried during the OP.

  4. It looks great i’ll go for it .:)

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