Re:CREATORS – Episode 10 [We Know Exactly How You Think and How You’re Fighting!]


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7 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    Staff interview revealed more facts:
    – Ep 10 is considered the “middle climax” (presumably of the entire series).
    – On Celestia’s powerup, the writers reworked the upgrade theme that was discussed in Ep 3. It wasn’t planned in advance.
    – Hiroe Rei says the overall story is also about the creators, mentioning Souta’s speech.

    Mamika’s fan event was a full-on funeral:

    Part 2 of the anime will air July 8th, with a confirmed special airing the week before.
    Ep 11 and 12 should still be airing until then. There’s also been a pre-airing of both episodes in Japan.

    Re Creators Recap gag manga 1-9:
    The Holy Mother Meteora, aka Our Lady of the Potato Chip.

    A note to remember is that Celestia’s character changes disappeared because it was only due to temporary popularity. The fans only treated it as an idea, meaning to upgrade her permanently they’d need an official story release detailing the upgrade to enshrine it in the fans’s collective awareness. Not sure how they’d work it in for a game NPC like Meteora, although Magane really missed out on that chance by killing off her creator.
    Yuuya did mention Hangaku was his curse. Best scenario is that Magane’s now taken it on and it’ll affect her later. Worst case is the curse still sticks with Yuuya, and he painfully wastes away while Magane abuses her new power. =__=

    I wonder what’s motivating Blitz to side with Altair anyway? Maybe he’s symphathetic to her past and cause?

    • Nikolita says:

      Ahhh that makes sense, thanks for explaining why Selesia’s changes were only temporary. Sorry I missed that detail. ^^;;

      Yeah I was wondering about what too, whether Magane is cursed now. I still wonder about the red marks on Yuuya’s face. Maybe that’s what happens when a person who was cursed is no longer cursed?

      I agree, although I suspect he has his own motivations and he’s using Altair in some way. That’s just the feeling I get anyways. I’m more irritated with Aliceteria siding with Altair, honestly.

      • zztop says:

        For Alice, she’s stubbornly clinging on to the last certainties she’s secure in; her role as knight to avenge Mamika’s death, and Altair being the first person she followed in the real world. I think she feels if she admits she was wrong, then she’ll lose it all because she has nothing left to believe in anymore.

        For the specials, Japanese boards say there’ll be 1 special airing the week before July 8th. They’re not sure about the upcoming week and the week after, but there’s a chance we could get 1 more ep before they go on break.

        Here’s a translation of the manuscript Matsubara uploaded to the net to change Celestia.

  2. Virginia says:

    Sorry to break the news for you… but this is the end of cour one. The next episode is the start of cour 2 but it won’t air until July 8th.

    In the meanwhile they’ll be airing specials regarding the anime… like how there was a special episode (that I never got to see) before the actual airing of episode 1. Hence Magane’s appearance at the very end.

    Also this was the last time gravityWall and the ed played. When cour 2 airs along with the rest of the premieres for the summer 2017 anime, the next episode will have a new op and ed.

    • Nikolita says:

      Nooooo I have to wait almost a month for more?? T__T

      Thank you for the heads up about the specials and the upcoming new music! :D You guys never cease to amaze me with all this information that you find that I’m just oblivious to.

      • Virginia says:

        Okay I got it wrong…. Sorry!!!

        I assumed with Magane’s pose and the news that the Next episode would air on July 8th but no…

        Episode 11 aired today!

        Sorry for causing confusion and spreading unintentional misinformation!

        • Nikolita says:

          Not at all! Don’t worry. I was going to check for the next week or two just to be sure. No harm done. Thank you for coming back to let me know. :)

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