Alice to Zouroku – Episode 9 [Where the Cheshire Cat Smiles]

“For failing to follow her orders, the little girl became an evil witch. And then, she was burned at the stake.”


After Hatori and Ayumu make it back to Hatori’s house, Ayumu heads home. Hatori interacts with her mother and is conflicted about what to do next. We see her activating her Dream of Alice to keep her mother complacent and controlled, and as Hatori tells Ayumu later in the episode, she’s decided to stay at home with her parents permanently. No more school, no seeing her best friend anymore, nothing. Hatori feels so awful over what she did to Sana and all the other people that she’s deemed herself an evil witch, like the young girl in the children’s fairytale Alice keeps referencing. Ayumu refuses to accept Hatori’s decision and vows to find a way to change her best friend’s mind.

So Hatori’s going to be the bad guy for the last arc in Alice, that’s pretty clear. She’s going to shut herself inside her home away from the world, and pretend that she has a happy home environment where everything always goes right. Hatori’s also not going to let anyone she doesn’t approve of near the house, as we see when she uses her powers to fool Ryuu and Yamada into leaving her house after her mother answers their intercom page.

Sana, on the other hand, sees no problem in using her powers to get revenge on others. In this case she wants to track down Hatori and Ayumu so she can make them pay for what they did to Zouroku. So does this make Sana an evil witch too, since she’s trying to hurt (or at least scare) Ayumu and Hatori?

Anyways, this episode highlights Sana’s first sleepover. The twins have successfully made it back to Zouroku’s house, and the girls all bathe together before eating dinner with Sanae. Zouroku has had to return to work in the evening to finish some flower arrangements, so it’s just the girls at home tonight. Asahi and Yonaga are amazed that Sana is doing things by herself instead of using her powers to do everything for her.

Sana’s a mixed bag of emotions after this extremely emotional day, and we see her trying to work out her thoughts as she and the twins lie down to go to bed. Sana’s also become extremely clingy with Zouroku, not wanting to let him out of her sight when he’s home. Hopefully this will be something that resolves itself by the end of the season.

The morning after, the twins leave to go home and Zouroku leaves to go to work (I’m presuming). When he returns later in the day, he and Sanae notice that Sana is hard at work coloring a picture of what looks like a cat’s head and a pair of doors. We know she wants to pay back Hatori and Ayumu for what happened to Zouroku, so what could Sana be up to…?

Sana’s plan becomes clear when she somehow uses her powers to track down Ayumu, who is backtracking her earlier tracks with Hatori to try to find someone who knows who Sana is. But Sana finds Ayumu first, and uses her conjured Cheshire Cat to drop Ayumu through doors in the ground into what looks like Wonderland. Poor Ayumu, of course, has no idea what is going on. She’s just an innocent bystander in this mess!

Sana, dressed like the Red Queen from “Alice in Wonderland”, confronts Ayumu from her perch atop a giant turtle and says she’s going to teach the young girl a lesson! Will Ayumu be able to explain what happened before Sana does something she’ll regret later?



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