Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 3


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12 Responses

  1. starqo says:

    If you look closely, Revolver’s human self looks eerily similar to a person seen in a flashback in episode 2.

    Also, Revolver mentions 3 reasons why it won’t take long to figure out Playmaker’s identity (first: he hates Hanoi; second, very few have Cyverse-type monsters; third, he’ll come to Revolver of his own free because he wants to fight him). I repeat: “3 REASONS!” Next thing you know, Yusaku, Revolver, and maybe others (like Go and Aoi) will all be childhood friends and the “3 reasons” was their group catchphrase!

    P.S. For those that care, the frog and pigeon are both voiced by another well-known VA on par with Takahiro Sakurai (Ignis): Tomokazu Seki.

    • Eva says:

      //. I repeat: “3 REASONS!”//

      Omfg I missed that. NICE CATCH! They definitely know each other!

    • Nikolita says:

      Tomokazu Seki is one of my favourite seiyuus. :D

  2. Yet another episode with no duel, but nonetheless it begins to set up the eventual conflict of Yusaku and Revolver (who has a comatose father); Ignis is certainly a greedy gobbler for eating that Knight alive (yum, yum); GO ONIZUKA, though, I laughed hard at him being salty for losing his fans and now disguises himself as the “‘Knight” to lure the Playmaker out (whether through his will or the orders of SOL Tech), and I guess it won’t be long before everyone figures out Playmaker’s true identity (as Yusaku immediately left the class to pursue the “Knight”); EMA BESSHO is going to be Rouge The Bat of VRAINS, isn’t she? ;)

    Anyway, let’s await Yusaku/Playmaker vs Go next week!

    • Eva says:

      LMAO! Onizuka was so salty, I wasn’t expecting him to have that kind of childish nature! But then again, he is a self-proclaimed King, BWAHAHAHAHA! And omg, now that you pointed it out, Ema is probably gonna be the Rouge The Bat! XDDDD

  3. Kazanova says:

    Not much happened in this episode, but Yusaku and Ignis’ interaction is the best point of this episode to me! It will take a while until they officially accept each other as partners. From the looks of it, Revolver’s real life is a teenager. Maybe the same age or a bit older than Yusaku. That makes him very young when he attacked Cyverse 5 years ago. Or 5 years ago maybe his father was the one who used the Revolver account? So many questions!

    And another interesting thing to note, Revolver also saying the “three reasons” like Yusaku. First this, second this, third this. I wonder if this will be the catchphrase or such in this series like Yuma’s “Kattobingu!” and Yuya’s “The fun starts now!”. Or maybe Yusaku starts to have habit saying that because he and Revolver met each other in the past before the memory loss.

    By the way, Ignis’ nickname given by Yusaku is written as Ai in Romaji like A.I: http://68.media.tumblr.com/6394ebcfcf7bca8c4932f241b44032dd/tumblr_oqgapajInV1st0p9qo7_1280.jpg

    • Eva says:

      And another interesting thing to note, Revolver also saying the “three reasons” like Yusaku. //

      I seem to be the only one who let that little crucial detail slip right past me! You and Starquo – and I’m sure many others caught it!

      Thanks for for the tip~ :D This is when Japanese CC certainly comes in handy! I’ll make the adjustment.

  4. Revolver is really interesting. I don’t know if it’s really connected to Yusaku, but I notice he had the same “three” thing Yusaku always does, listing three reasons for something when explaining. That seems like it could be unrelated but it’s also a pretty specific trait. That combined with the other scene really seem to indicate Revolver is involved with Yusaku, and theory-wise I’m starting to wonder if maybe Revolver is “the one who gave Yusaku courage”, only gone totally corrupt or lost his memories like Yusaku himself did.
    (possible spoilers) As a side-note, the new OCG pack seems to have Revolver’s cards in it, which MIGHT mean we’ll see him duel Yusaku sooner rather than later, though that doesn’t necessarily mean anything since Go’s, Blue Angel’s, and several other decks are already released.
    As for Go, I’m glad that he seems to be sharp enough to turn down Akira and SOL by finding them shady, but since the preview shows us he’ll be dueling Yusaku next episode anyway, he might end up either blackmailed into it or hunting down Playmaker himself anyway. I hope we’ll see some more out of him.
    I’m also curious who the three giant chess piece people are, clearly they’re the avatars of some big bosses involved with SOL, but I’m sure they’re more than that. And there’s also Ema, who we know is a duelist, and wants to eventually fight Playmaker.
    As one last note, the fake Playmakers running around was funny, but it also makes me wonder if that might become relevant later. I got flashbacks to the “Fake Jack Atlas” episodes of 5Ds, and I wonder if someone might impersonate Playmaker to try to do something illegal or draw him out.

  5. moonflower says:

    I have to agree that this was a slow episode. But at the same time, it’s also unique to the Yugioh predecessors in the fact that there’s a duel for every episode. I like how the writers have taken their time to introduce new characters and develop them and the plot. BTW, did you notice a couple of small details throughout this episode? First of all, Playmaker is gaining a huge fanbase, including some fangirls who are attracted to his good looks and dueling skills. I couldn’t believe the older woman on the TV said that Playmaker was probably ugly in real life, although the insult was truly directed towards that fangirl. Now in my opinion, that’s not true. Yusaku is good-looking in both his civilian and VR forms.

    Second, even though Naoki Shima and Yusaku didn’t have a good first interaction, Naoki seems to have forgiven Yusaku as their conversation in this episode was fairly friendly. Yusaku also seems a little nicer this time as he doesn’t make any sarcastic comments even though he still seems uninterested until Naoki mentions the Knights of Hanoi in Link VRAINS.

    Finally, I was laughing when Ignis calls Roboppy an idiot. Ignis truly is a manipulative AI. I won’t be surprised if Ignis gets busted by Yusaku for trying to escape and manipulating Roboppy when he rushes home in next week’s episode.

    • James says:

      How is Yusaku is good-looking in both his civilian and VR forms? Are the forms identical except for hair color and clothing?

  6. Toby says:

    Is it just me or does Yusaku looks pretty much the same as his either of his two forms except the clothing and hair color? Where is the difference? Unlike Go Onizuka, who uses identical forms, and Aoi Zaizen looks very different from Blue Angel?

    • Eva says:

      Hm…. I would say the main difference are his hairstyle and eye color. It’s wild, flashy and uh… poofy (for the lack of a better word). Although Yuusaku likes to stay low and under the radar when it comes to attention, when he is Playmaker, he tends to not care as much about being in the spotlight because he is so focused on the mission. Basically what goes through his head is get the shit done, and get the out ASAP.

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