SukaSuka Episode 5: from dusk till dawn

Hurray for nice animation again. Boo to terrifying undertones. :) Let’s have a cute and happy featured image to change things up. I mean this episode was more on the lighthearted side, but again as is usual with this show it’s also accompanied with nonsensical words and scary imagery. And we know it’s bad.

This is foreshadowing to what we saw in the first episode and that bit with Chtholly in the opening. Whatever kind of monster that was, something about it affected Chtholly and now she occasionally hears this child’s voice in her head saying the weirdest things like organs in a bag, a hedgehog standing on its head, clowns with their heads ripped off, stuff like that, followed with strange images. Chtholly, we see, is the only one that’s been affected as she was closest to the mysterious beast, while Ren and Ithea were farther back. We don’t know what’s wrong with her but all we know is that it’s really bad and it was bothering her the whole episode. She was a lot more distant this episode while all the other girls were having fun sightseeing around, that beast has probably been on her mind the whole time, maybe along with the guilt she admitted to before even though the others reassured her that blowing herself up would have caused the situation to be worse. It’s just…scary. I don’t know what brainwashing thing that beast had, or if this is something else altogether. We just know it’s going to spell a lot of trouble later on. Whose voice is she hearing, why is she getting these images?

The episode was pretty simple. Willem and the girls pick up Tiat, and they all go sightseeing with the lycanthrope girlie, and in the end help her situation with the racist band of misfits. It was sweet and fun, Tiat continues to be a little cutie pie, Willem is still cool, and for now things are at peace (kind of). It isn’t until the end that we get another thing to worry about as a rabbit man told Willem of a person named Souwong Kandel, and if memory serves, that’s one of the people Willem fought with 500 years ago. Can’t remember if it’s the guy or girl, but it made Willem stop in his tracks and agree to leave immediately and let the girls go home on their own.

I don’t know what will happen next, I don’t even know what this means because we all thought Willem was the last human alive, how is one of his friends alive too? Considering the name of next week’s episode, maybe it was better left not knowing. Also that romance in the end. Very sweet that Willem considers the girls his new family and their return making him happy. Now, I can’t tell if Chtholly said “I’m in love with you” in her head or out loud, but Willem’s expression makes it seem like she said it out loud. Anyway, that hand on cheek thing was romantic af. I know Willem had a crush on someone, but I don’t know if it was with the girl from the orphanage or the red-haired girl he fought with, so seeing the girl from the orphanage in Chtholly can either mean that he’s fallen for her or that it just brought back the familial promise he made all those years ago.

Either way, bad things are going to happen soon. I always expect the worse to happen in this show. It’s not good for my heart.


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