SukaSuka Episode 4: dice in pot

I don’t like lizard romance.

I don’t know whether I should have felt uncomfortable with the lizard romance but it actually had me laughing. Though I don’t think lizard romance is something I can get into. At least not as much as Tiat. Also, Tiat is a sweetheart.

What a way to play with our emotions, huh? I’m grateful that there weren’t any deaths as of right now so so far all things are good. Well, okay. We get to learn a little bit more about the faries with little Tiat. Nygglatho explains to Willem that Tiat had a harbinger dream, a dream where they know their dream is special. Whenever a fairy is discovered to have had this dream, they get sent for a checkup and that checkup includes whether or not they can grow up to be a soldier like Chtholly, Ithea, and Ren. But basically if you have that dream it’s a sure thing. Not all faries can have this dream, so that means not all of them can be soldiers and fight. And to me, they would be the lucky ones, even though Tiat wants to be a cool soldier like Chtholly.

So knowing this, as usual the adorable slice of life moments where Tiat was gushing over famous movie spots on the island with Willem turned bittersweet quickly. It was sweet but it was also so very sad that this smart and sweet girl would be a candidate to become a soldier and risk her life.

We also got another interesting piece of info that was just sort of slid in without much thought after, where some faries’ minds can disintegrate and cause them to mentally shutdown. I’m not too sure whether that can happen any time or at any certain time, buuut…I think we’ve been getting hints of that with a certain someone turning red? And we’re probably going to see mental destruction, or why else would Dr. Cyclops mention that? :|

As well as hanging out with Tiat, this episode was a way of living in the uncertainty with Willem. Half a month has passed and no word has come from the battle. Willem is going about his days normally like doing chores and having fun with Nygglatho and the girls but that doesn’t stop his fear and nightmares. The show doesn’t give us any hints to the girls’ condition, we’re left with the suspense and fear that Willem felt throughout the entire episode, which I thought was a nice touch. We could see he was agitated the entire time, like not being able to sleep in the soft bed and his nightmare. Willem is the type of guy that tries to play cool, but the idea of losing the girls causes him to breakdown. And when he finally saw his waifu Chtholly safe and sound he literally shadow stepped towards her and hugged her. And I saw waifu because he could have also brought in Ithea and Ren into a group hug but he specifically went to Chtholly. Oh ho ho~ It was a nice scene, but one of my biggest pet peeves in anime is when a female character slaps the male character for a stupid reason. Was Chtholly embarrassed? Yes, and that’s fine, but that didn’t mean she had to slap Willem because he made a scene. Slapping him just makes a bigger scene! Like damn girl he thought you were dead and he was happy to see you! Feel flattered! This is usually the reason why I’m not too big a fan of female tsunderes, because they’re always the violent ones. :///

A chill episode. There were some things that weren’t expanded upon, such as those giant cats beating down the stand of the rabbit family, the mayor, and the statue of that man from the OP but I’m sure we’ll get that soon enough. Also yikes at the animation dip. If it’s just for the SoL moments then that’s fine, but it’ll be distracting if any action scenes we get is going to be as bad as this episode’s animation was.

Be happy, dammit!


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