Room Mate – Episodes 6 & 7

Episode 6

In this episode, Takumi comes down with a cold and it leaves him unable to climb anything. He’s all flushed in the face and he has moments when he acts delirious, much to the concern of his roommates. By the time he goes to lie down in his room, he’s clearly ill.

You enter his room and offer Takumi some rice porridge, which he initially refuses but then accepts after you guilt him into eating. Then you coax him into drinking something like Neocitran, and he lies down to rest.

In the morning he’s feeling much better, and apologizes for the trouble he caused. He asks why you were concerned about him and you tell him that you thought he was avoiding you. This was because at the beginning of the episode Takumi had started to come out the front door while you were sweeping the leaves, but then he went back inside and climbed down from the balcony instead.

Takumi apologizes, blushing for an entirely different reason this time. He says that he thought that if you two were dating, then he wouldn’t be able to protect you anymore.



Episode 7

Aoi’s got a new role to play: that of a husband. He asks you to “be his wife”, then gets all flustered when he has to explain that he meant act like his wife, not literally be his wife. Freudian slip?

So you two follow Aoi’s script in the living room, and Aoi’s definitely being very cutesy. Very loud too, much to Shinya’s annoyance. He finally boots you both outside because he’s trying to read and you’re distracting him. Aoi pretending that Shinya was his neighbour wasn’t helping either. ^^;;

Once outside, Aoi continues to act out the scene with you, but stops when he reads that the husband and wife are supposed to kiss. Then Takumi climbs over the balcony railing and interrupts. When Aoi tells him that he’s supposed to be playing a husband, Takumi says it looks like he wasn’t very into the role. These words clearly hurt Aoi, even if Takumi didn’t mean to be offensive.

Once inside, Aoi says he wasn’t acting when he was playing your marital partner. He asks you if you asked the owner to create the ban on romantic relationships, and is relieved when you say that you didn’t. Blushing, he asks if that means he still has a chance.

My thoughts:
 Honestly I think one the best parts of this series is the different ending cutscenes, and seeing all the different ways the guys lose their clothes. >:D   Episode 6’s was definitely a little more revealing than usual.

It looks like the series is following the pattern of having each guy get an episode focused on them, and then having a group episode. So episode 6 was Takumi’s turn, while episode 7 was Aoi’s turn. I expect next week’s episode will be Shinya’s second feature episode.

The first story arc seemed to be an introduction to all the guys, while this arc seems to be everyone’s different reactions to the ban on romantic relationships. Takumi doesn’t straight out say that he wants to be with you, but expresses concern about your wellbeing and his ability to look after you, whereas Aoi definitely wants a relationship with you.  I’m really curious to see what Shinya’s reaction will be and whether we’ll get to see his softer side. Probably not, but hey I can hope right?

Also, on a side note, did the animation look a little different to anyone else?





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