Re:CREATORS – Episode 6 [You Are the One Who Knows Where Justice Lies]


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2 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    Promo materials list Sharktooth’s name as Chikujoin Magane, of the series “The Record of the Night Window Demon”.
    Blitz is from a cyberpunk-themed series, hence his advanced tech like gravity bullets and anti-gravity watch (that lets him fly).

    A slight correction on Magane’s ability – her lies coming true don’t unleash monsters, just that anything she lies about becomes real. In the bookstore case, it was because she used a book of monsters as reference to trick the owner into making it real (If it were a book of puppies he’d have been killed by a litter of puppies).
    In Alice’s case, if she had stabbed Magane she’d just have ended up stabbing herself.
    It’s a very reality-breaking power, so much that Hiroe Rei himself thought she’d be too overpowered for this series.

    Magane’s also voiced by veteran VA Sakamoto Maaya, who won the role by voicing her as sarcastic and bubbly – others went for quiet and monotone.

    • Nikolita says:

      Thank you! I will make the correction.

      Ha, I looked up Magane on Wiki but didn’t want to include that information because the show hasn’t formally introduced her yet. I was super surprised that Sakamoto-san is voicing Magane because she’s probably my all-time favourite seiyuu and I hadn’t known. When I went back and listened to Magane again, I could hear a smidge of Hitomi (Escaflowne). :3

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