Re:CREATORS – Episode 6 [You Are the One Who Knows Where Justice Lies]

Selesia comes to see Souta, and he hides his findings about Altair from her. Selesia’s too busy showing him her new phone to notice that he’s feeling guilty as shit for hiding this new knowledge from her, thankfully.

Elsewhere the new Creation I’ve been waiting for is finally introduced. She has no name yet, but her sharp, pointy teeth and slender eyes are enough to tell me she’s probably batshit crazy. Her appearance reminds me of Orochimaru form Naruto, honestly, although I don’t know whether or not this is intentional.

As night falls, Mamika and Aliceteria are having coffee together over a small fire under an overpass. So I guess they’re homeless essentially, sleeping wherever they can by the look of it. Mamika and Aliceteria still have vast differences in their opinions of the other Creations. Aliceteria wants them to be strong, offensive fighters so they can fight together on the same side whereas Mamika wants the other Creations to be “good people”, persons who can be good allies for them. This is because Aliceteria wants to force her human Creator to change her home world and make it better, while Mamika doesn’t want to fight anyone and just wants everyone to get along. The two women are making nice for now, but later in the episode when the Creations turn on each other and start fighting, this difference in philosophies causes a rift between Mamika and Aliceteria.

The next day the psycho-looking schoolgirl enters a bookshop and defaces a book. When she attempts to steal it the shopowner confronts her, and when he calls her on her lie the girl activates her ability: if she can create a lie, and get her target to reject that claim, it creates a “lie of a lie” which makes the initial lie true and unleashes a magical monster which will attack the target  come to life. So in the case of the store owner, since the book that was almost stolen was about monsters, suffice to say he meets a very bloody end. The attack also confirms my suspicions about this new character – she is a killer with no conscience.

Selesia and Meteora meet up to discuss Rui and finding the next Creation. But in another part of town, Mamika and Aliceteria have already beaten the two women to their goal. Mamika tries to entice the killer schoolgirl over to their side with vague ideals and a few details about Altair’s master plans, but the young woman shows little interest in what Mamika has to say. Then Aliceteria steps in and says lots of mean (but true) things about this new Creation, and resolves to fight her to the death.

Just as Aliceteria is about to strike a blow against the killer schoolgirl, Selesia blocks the attack. Meteora and Selesia stand between Aliceteria and the schoolgirl, and claim that Altair has been deceiving Aliceteria. It will not be so easy to change the world of the humans, but Aliceteria insists that she has to believe Altair’s words because she’s so desperate to have her home world changed for the better. Aliceteria was told by Altair that when the power of the gods is unleashed, miracles can happen; it is this power Aliceteria hopes to harness in order to improve her home world.

But Aliceteria’s desires and actions can be questioned. Who is she to say that the new Creation must die because she’s killed someone, when Aliceteria has doubtlessly killed people herself. Why does she have the right to decide who gets to live and who dies?  Aliceteria also believes that humans are gods and thus “all-powerful” and can do anything, but she is unwilling to see that, just like the Creations, they live in their own world that has limitations and conflicts.

Aliceteria begins to fight with Selesia while the evil schoolgirl attempts to sneak away from the ensuing battle. Meteora blocks a powerful attack from Aliceteria and is temporarily out of commission, so Selesia and Aliceteria move the fight to another location nearby.

Then the older man from couple of episodes ago emerges from the shadows to talk with Mamika. She wants everyone to stop fighting, but the man says if she’s unwilling to fight then she needs to just be quiet and watch. He activates something on his watch that allows him to fly into the air, and he heads over to where Aliceteria and Selesia are fighting.

Meteora jumps in to block an attack from the older man, who has pulled out his gun and started shooting at Selesia. He introduces himself as Blitz Talker, and is on the side “of those who don’t want [them] to interfere.”  So perhaps he’s an ally of Altair’s, or maybe there’s a third party involved who hasn’t been revealed yet?  Anyways he uses a special gravity bullet that wipes out Meteora and leaves her unconscious on the concrete. Blitz fires several more bullets that would no doubt kill Meteora in her defenseless state, except that Mamika jumps in to defend her. Mamika says that she must take action because if she doesn’t, she’d feel too ashamed to face her friends when she returned to her home world.

My thoughts:
A little detail I missed at the end of the last episode – Souta must have met Setsuna at some point because there’s a quick flashback of her taking his glasses off and trying them on herself.

Anyways, this episode was pretty awesome. Lots of action and the introduction of two new characters. Well, one brand new character and we got a name for Blitz. I’m really curious about his motivations and whether he’s truly working on Altair’s side or not. And if there is another party working behind the scenes whom we haven’t seen yet, who are they and what are their goals?

This new psycho schoolgirl also has me intrigued. With the introduction of all the Creations we so far know that they’re either helping Altair or fighting against her; this was the first character who could perhaps be a new villain entirely if she does not pick an already existing side to fight with. She also clearly is capable of killing innocent people without a second thought, and I want to know if that’s going to be a concern for the other Creations moving forward in the series, and if that’s something we’re going to see more of from her.

The one downside to having a larger cast is that inevitably there are characters who we see less of as the series progresses. Like Souta, Takashi, Marine and Rui in this episode – they either had only a handful of lines or made no appearance at all. I’m once again reminded of Endride, and I hope that Re:CREATORS pulls off having a large cast better than Endride did.

Looking forward to the next episode as always! I’m really enjoying this show now that there’s a bit more action and more of the plot and cast have been revealed.




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2 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    Promo materials list Sharktooth’s name as Chikujoin Magane, of the series “The Record of the Night Window Demon”.
    Blitz is from a cyberpunk-themed series, hence his advanced tech like gravity bullets and anti-gravity watch (that lets him fly).

    A slight correction on Magane’s ability – her lies coming true don’t unleash monsters, just that anything she lies about becomes real. In the bookstore case, it was because she used a book of monsters as reference to trick the owner into making it real (If it were a book of puppies he’d have been killed by a litter of puppies).
    In Alice’s case, if she had stabbed Magane she’d just have ended up stabbing herself.
    It’s a very reality-breaking power, so much that Hiroe Rei himself thought she’d be too overpowered for this series.

    Magane’s also voiced by veteran VA Sakamoto Maaya, who won the role by voicing her as sarcastic and bubbly – others went for quiet and monotone.

    • Nikolita says:

      Thank you! I will make the correction.

      Ha, I looked up Magane on Wiki but didn’t want to include that information because the show hasn’t formally introduced her yet. I was super surprised that Sakamoto-san is voicing Magane because she’s probably my all-time favourite seiyuu and I hadn’t known. When I went back and listened to Magane again, I could hear a smidge of Hitomi (Escaflowne). :3

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