Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine Episode 5: Assailed by the Greatest of Trials

1 + 1 = 3

Knowing what 1+1 is the most basic of things in the world, how in the world did Leonhard not know that? What did these kids do growing up? No, what did Leonhard do growing up? He’s a sweet guy but wow…

Again, a pretty straightforward episode but very fun and funny. The King has finally returned to his home after being absent for half a year. The King has requested for Heine and his sons to greet him the next morning. The boys look miserable to see their father, not because they don’t love him but because he can be a little embarrassing. Also who else was surprised to see that the young hot guy in the OP with the long blonde hair is actually the king? I mean WHAT!

You, sir, are too hot.

The king, Viktor, is a kind but stern man with his sons. He’s moved to tears when seeing his sons greet him, he smiles and holds them and such. He’s a lovable man but he also knows his place as a king and he immediately speaks of the comprehensive tests the princes took the first time Heine arrived. He praised Bruno and Kai, but also pointed out some traits about them they need to fix. He doesn’t like Licht’s lazy attitude and knows he can do well. And…Leonhard, yeah. Very bad. He wasn’t happy at all with him, and gave him this ultimatum: He will retake the test again in three days, and if he doesn’t match Licht’s 60, then he’ll lose his right to the throne. And this really hurt Leonhard. The right to the throne isn’t too big of a deal to him, but what his father thinks of him. And he’s miserable. Poor guy.

What follows are the guys trying to help in Leonhard’s studies, until they realize that he doesn’t even know the very basics like 1+1. It was a funny montage of many things, but then they all came up with a brilliant idea with combining something Leonhard likes with studying, such as his favorite dessert. Of course that was for math, I have no idea what Heine did for history and such BUT EITHER WAY! In the end, Leonhard studies his butt off and on the day of the retake, he got 59 points. However, his father was lenient and followed Heine’s grading method and added a point for writing down his name, so it went up to 60.

And then happy cute stuff happened until another interesting scene until the end. It turns out King Viktor and Heine know each other, so well that they call each other by first name. Again we get a hint to Heine’s past but nothing clear. Heine is for sure hiding some sort of dark past. He pretended as though he didn’t know the king in front of the princes, and he wants his past to be kept a secret. But we don’t know why and it’s killing me. I wonder how these two got to know each other, what happened in Heine’s past that he doesn’t want anyone to find out about it. It’s not something so simple that he’s a commoner and he feels out of place in the palace, it’s probably something a lot more personal. I really like how this show can shift from funny chibi moments to scenes like this.

Heine continues to be mysterious. Just what is this little man hiding?


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  1. zztop says:

    Haine’s past is still an ongoing mystery in the source manga – it gives out vague hints like his relationship with Viktor, but no definitive statement on his history. I’m not sure the anime will be able to fully resolve this mystery, since the source still has no final conclusion on what Haine’s hiding.

    The 1st Prince also appears in the manga, but I’m not sure if the anime will go that far.

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