My Hero Academia Episode 19 [half a husbando]

This episode of My Hero Academia is focused around the backstory of my husbando, Todoroki. He is half a silver haired bishounen and therefore absolutely magnificent. Aside from my personal vanity this episode also gives insight into some of the world of heroes and some of the things that happened once powers were developed in the world. The most important thing to me about the world of Hero Academia isn’t that anything is possible and everyone is good, it’s that even when not everyone is good and some people are evil there are good things in life to be aware of and yearn for- and that they can be done with persistence and hardwork. There are some bad things in the world of Academia but people fight to change them, and that’s what is important in everything that we do.

Todoroki confronts Midoriya and reveals that he sensed a power similar to All Might’s and that forced him to use a power he didn’t want to at all. I have to hand it to Todoroki that he realized that in spite of how little he has actually seen Midoriya use that quirk – but that is the reason why he is Midoriya’s greatest rival (besides Bakugo, he’s like the first challenger.). He actually accuses Midoriya of being All Might’s secret love child, which is hilarious, to which Midoriya feels a ton of relief. Still, he knows he is connected to All Might and he must defeat him.

Why? Well that’s a sad story. His father, Endeavor, can’t beat All Might no matter how hard he tries. In order to defeat him in at least some sense, he married someone solely for the chance at creating a child that could defeat All Might. He has no idea that Midoriya is All Might’s successor, but it’s important to him all the same that Todoroki shows just how powerful he is. But the marriage was a harmful one to both Todoroki and his mother, and eventually she snapped and poured boiling water on Todoroki’s fire side. For her sake Todoroki is determined to only use her powers and be the winner without once using his fire powers. Bakugo is listening during all of this but the point remains, Todoroki knows he has to beat Izuku more than ever if he’s connected to All Might.

Endeavor shows he is a dick bag in a personal meeting with All Might, and All Might remains encouraging. Of course the next section of the sports festival is. . . a tournament. Alright, color me nostalgic, but I’ve always enjoyed a good tournament in anime. The first fight is izuku versus.  . . .alright, it’s got to be obvious, but the guy who can mind control people. He got into this part of the tournament by brainwashing his opponents. Luckily for TestuTetsu and Poison Ivy over there, two of his teammates resign because they feel dirty being associated with that. Izuku is warned not to speak to him or else he’ll fall cursed to that, but he does anyway.  . . and the episode ends there.

For fucks sake Izuku. I’m excited to see where it goes but given that Todoroki is his next opponent I’m not buying that he would lose so easily. Besides, Brainwashing. That’s too op. There’s got to be a way around it.

At least I’m hoping.




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2 Responses

  1. BigFire says:

    Shouto Todoroki is actually Endeavor’s 4th child. The 3 previous siblings (2 fire base quirk brothers and an ice quirk sister). All of his drive to overtake All Might is riding on Shouto, and he drove that child harder than his other failures. Not wonder he drove his wife insane.

  2. jiraiyan says:

    It does seem unlikely that he would lose before facing Todoroki , I’m excited to see how he beats the brainwashing.

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