Little Witch Academia Episode 18

Hmm. I don’t want to say that I’m not enjoying these episodes, but they’re starting to become a little stale for me. I don’t know if I can explain how I feel accurately, but I just feel like the episodes are enjoyable enough and they are fun to watch, but they don’t really add anything? Like, the plot is moving a little too slow I guess. Most of the events in these episodes have nothing to do with the bigger plot, and Croix usually interferes for some reason and then never gets expanded. Until now, sort of. Chariot mentions something about fuel magic, but again we get nothing more out of that, just the usual “You’ll see!” And there aren’t any hints that can make me at least guess to what Croix is plotting.

Which I guess is a little frustrating to me. And don’t get me wrong, I liked this episode. Gurren Lagann references and Constanze being a little cutie is great and all, but these character development episodes I feel like are a little late in the game now. This episode Constanze is building a giant ship so she can take part in the Ghost Hunt and she was given special permission from Croix (for experiments?) Akko accidentally breaks one of Constanze’s robots and apologizes and also tries to help her with her giant project, but at first Constanze doesn’t want any help and literally points a gun at Akko, which was hilarious. But Constanze then realizes that with her lack of speaking (we don’t know why), she can’t fully express her reasoning, like borrowing the whisk for her ship. Akko can do all of that for her, and so they become a little team and complete the ship together, but then add some touches in the end to which was revealed to be a mecha that fought off against the mess Croix made.

At times I feel like Akko’s matured, and then I feel like Akko hasn’t changed much. I said I felt her maturity last week when compared with Amanda, but her forceful nature is still there when trying to “help” Constanze when she never asked for it, and she ended making things a lot worse. And yes I know in the end everything turned out fine, but Akko still can’t totally read people’s emotions. It’s what she wants, she doesn’t ask what the others want. Her character shifts back and forth and that can be a little jarring.

As for the show itself, I’m not sure. Like I said, the episodes are still fine. They’re fun to watch and all of that, and while things are happening, at the same time nothing is happening that progresses the story. I’d like to hear what other people say about this, but that’s just my two cents. Right about now I’d like a little more to the show that would add to the plot, but so far Little Witch Academia is a show that I just watch from week to week for a tiny thrill in my hectic and tiring week.


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2 Responses

  1. Dee says:

    Well I enjoy this show. The main character is quite funny and the character interactions are good. And quirky characters make my day. But the plot holes like “why are the adults so inept?” and “characters create mistakes in order to advance the plot” mean it’s not bad, just not 100% excellent.

    And Croix is just really creepy. ><;;

    • Berry says:

      Oh no don’t get me wrong, I enjoy this show too but just a bit less. It’s not bad, but it’s falling flat for me recently. However, this show still has a lot of good going for it such as the characters.

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