Fukumenkei Noise Episode 7: Our Lines of Sight Finally Overlapped

Being Yuzu is suffering.

It took awhile for them to overlap, didn’t they? I thought Yuzu would have put two and two together while he was at Momo’s place, but it’s certainly about time they all realized. Oh goodness is the drama about to get worse. Right when Yuzu was about to confess and have all of Nino’s attention on him, Momo appears before her and her sights are all on him. Ouch.

First off I just want to say that Yuzu’s mother is being an idiot. Yeah he had a condition with his throat, but if he’s not singing and just playing guitar then it should be fine to associate with music. What the hell is her problem? Anyway, it’s a shame of what happened in the end happened because that’s definitely going to affect Yuzu and Momo’s great friendship. They get along well but now that Yuzu knows that this is the Momo Nino loves, and Momo knows Yuzu is the guy that took Nino away from him….well, yikes. The next episode is called “I Will Always Be Your Friend” or something like that, but for some reason I think Yuzu is saying this to Nino and not to Momo. I don’t even know how it’s going to play out. It’s just so awkward because Yuzu had so much conviction to confess his feelings to Nino, and Momo was the person that gave him the courage and advice to do that. There were lots of romantic teasing. But of course, this is a shoujo and it has a love triangle so confessing this early on? Ha! Yeah right. But aha that shadow teasing was frustrating.

I thought he was bold enough to kiss her. :(

And that was basically the gist of the episode. Yuzu struggled on his own because of his mother and his feelings for Nino. Yuzu just can’t have anything, can he?

Another issue is with the band, Silent Black Kitty. I’m just going to call them Kitty because these long names need to stop. Anyway, it’s painfully obvious that Momo is the bassist and Nino even pointed it out. And Miou is the singer, as I had predicted, but I wonder who the other person is if they’re anyone important. Both Kitty and no hurry are going to be in Rock Horizon and Momo wants to crush no hurry. But really, masks? Wow, what other alternative rock band wears masks and wear formal wear? Ohhh they’re wearing masks over their eyes and not their mouths, oh okay then they’re totally not ripping off in NO hurry. Mm-hm. Yeah. Okay.

Nah, they’re totally ripping them off.


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