Fukumenkei Noise Episode 6: Today and Tomorrow, We’ll Walk

Yikes, I feel so bad for Miou but I’m glad the girls are still friends in the end. Even though there were a lot of emotions in this episode again, this episode was a lot more comedic. We got cute moments. Nino happily playing guitar is cute, and the other guys in her class think the same.

Nino having Momo’s guitar is probably going to be a huge thing later on. I’m going to guess that she’ll use it in the battle of the bands thing that Momo’s band is going to participate in and it’ll cause feels or something. Then again, Momo saw Nino with the guitar in the end. Eh. That ending was really a tease anyway.

Everyone is abuzz after watching in NO hurry’s performance and it’s all people can talk about. You know, if they really were fans, wouldn’t they have noticed that the singer grew a few inches and has a totally different voice? Anyway, this is when I just feel bad for Miou because the new in NO hurry is getting so much positive attention. Not that in NO hurry ever got bad attention, but they’ve gotten more buzz with Nino as singer than when Miou was. She probably felt inferior and maybe a bit of jealousy too with all of them getting the attention. I also feel bad for her because I feel like the band has kind of forgotten all about her. Yeah they still talk and all, but they don’t hang out as much as they did before even though they all are still friends. But Miou has kind of been doing her own thing and we always see her alone when she’s not with Nino. I think the only person that really pays much attention to her is Haruyoshi-senpai and ahh…poor guy. He knows Miou has feelings for Yuzu, and we saw how selfless he was when suggesting Yuzu to get Miou earrings even though he had already bought her a pair. This show is just plain mean when it comes to love because it’s all one sided. Haruyoshi likes Miou, Miou likes Yuzu, Yuzu likes Nino, Nino likes Momo, Momo…who knows. I’m always feeling bad for everyone.

In the end, I was worried that Miou and Nino’s friendship was going to be ruined. Miou leaving the band, hoping for it to fail, was all so Yuzu would notice her. But he doesn’t. It’s all about Yuzu, and she had given up but got a wake up call from Nino. That scene in the water was very nice and it gave some strength to Miou, and we got a look into Nino. We already know that Nino is not the type to give up, but it was telling to hear how she noticed the teasing, how at times she thought it was pointless, but she still carried on. Good for her, for both of them.

I guess I’m just liking Nino more and more. Her hair, her optimism with the guitar, her feeling jealousy for the first time. Yeah, I like her. Don’t know if we’ll get a Nino/Momo meeting next time, I wish they would. Also concerning the battle of the bands thing, I’m guessing Miou is going to be part of Momo’s band. A clash!


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