Fukumenkei Noise Episode 4: That Day, We Who Were Hiding How We Truly Felt Joined Hands

Here I didn’t think that the light music band would be in no hurry, but I also didn’t think Yuzu would be the vocalist! Apparently the whole time he was lip syncing along to Miou’s vocals the whole time, and that would explain them never making public appearances because then Yuzu wouldn’t be able to speak unless have everything ruined.

I felt like this episode was a little rough. Nino still thinks she’s at fault for Yuzu’s condition and she refuses to sing. Miou tries pushing her and tells Yuzu what’s going on. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when Yuzu asked Nino to see him on May 29th, and right at that moment she gets a call from her audition to also be on May 29th. I mean…haha, really? Anyway, Nino also finds out from the call that Momo doesn’t want to see her because she’s not a good enough guide or something, and it really hurts Nino’s feelings and she stays home the next few days. To which I say…is he allowed to do that? That’s not fair and it doesn’t sound realistic to me. :/ The problem with Nino is that she’s stuck in the past. What Yuzu said was true. It’s been 6 years, there’s no way for Momo to be the exact same person he was when he was a kid. Nino didn’t want to think that but the changes were literally crumbling before her very eyes as Momo’s house was demolished. It says a lot about Nino’s character that she’s clinging so much to those times. However, she’s not giving up as she went over the words Momo said to her. He basically kept the promise but was more harsher about it. Now Nino is going to do her best, and make it so Momo seeks her.

And to do that, she’s going to join in no hurry. The ending I thought was weird because Nino accepted so easily. Like, if I found my friend in drag as the singer for my favorite band, I’d be asking a lot of questions. I guess for dramatic purposes and to make things move along a lot faster they made Nino just roll with it like it was nothing, but it still was awfully weird.

I also still don’t understand Momo and he’s kind of a jerk. I can’t totally hate him because of that nice moment with Yuzu at the train station, but his strange attitude towards Nino bothered me. But of course, many things can happen in 6 years, such as becoming a famous composer. He was hard on Nino because he wants her to get better, but he didn’t have to be so cold.

Now that Nino has joined the band, we have new visuals in the opening and Saori Hayami singing the song. Them being the band is an interesting turn and I hope from this point on things move along a little faster. Also, more songs please. The song Yuzu composed sounds really good and I hope we hear it, and more songs, soon because for a music show, we’ve been lacking on the music. :/


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