Alice to Zouroku – Episode 6 [The Kashimura Family]

Now that Sana is a part of Zouroku’s household, she has chores to do too. And like any young child, she sometimes gets stubborn about doing them. Zouroku is a little hard on Sana because she relies a lot on her powers to do things for her; he wants her to build up her physical strength so she doesn’t have to rely on her magical abilities

We learn that Sana stays at home while Sanae goes to school, and then leaves with Zouroku to go to his work. Zouroku’s employees help keep Sana occupied as needed, ensuring she’s not bored or acting out while Zouroku’s attention is occupied elsewhere.

Sana also loves to sing, but it’s easy to see that her singing has the potential to distract her if she’s not focused on what she’s doing or where she’s going. Sure enough, later in the episode Sana sings while she looks for Zouroku and ends up getting lost because she no longer recognizes her surroundings.

On this day Zouroku and his employees are setting up for an engagement party. Sana helps with small tasks, and Zouroku observes that Sana’s hair is so long that it’s getting in her way. While Sana goes outside with Zouroku’s green-haired employee to help clean up, Zouroku meets with the groom-to-be inside. Sana encounters the young bride-to-be, and learns about what marriage is.

Later that night back at home, Sana and Sanae take a bath together. Sanae explains what it means to be engaged, giving Sana some new concepts to think about when she tries to go to bed. It’s too much for her to think about all at once though.

The next day, Zouroku tells the girls over breakfast that he made an appointment to get Sana’s hair cut. While Sana gets her hair cut into a “bob” style, Zouroku leaves to run some errands. He tells Sana to wait for him at the beauty salon. But when her haircut is done, and Zouroku still hasn’t returned, Sana leaves to go looking for him.

She sings as she looks for her adopted grandfather, but gets further distracted by a cat she first saw earlier in the episode and chases after it. Sana ends up down by a waterway, but when she tries to use her powers she remembers Zouroku’s words from earlier in the episode, so she ultimately decides against using her abilities.

The sun has set when Zouroku finally gets a phone call saying that Sana has been found. A stranger she had passed by reported her to a nearby policebox, and a policeman had gone to retrieve her. Zouroku picks Sana up from the policebox and carries her home on his back. He chastises her gently for not calling him, and clarifies his earlier comments to her: she can use her powers if she needs to, just not for everything. Her powers are a part of her and they shouldn’t be denied all the time.

When they get home, Zouroku gives Sana the gift he’d been carrying for her in the gift bag. It’s a little stuffed pig, so she can tie it to the light cord in her room and be able to turn the light on and off more easily. How cute and practical!

After dinner Zouroku brings Sana downstairs, saying he has something to discuss with her. He hands her some papers and says that they are adoption forms. If Sana says yes, Zouroku will adopt her and she will officially become “Sana Kashimura”. Instead of giving Zouroku an answer right away, she starts dancing with Sanae in excitement. Later in her room, she happily practices writing her new name over and over. And in the final moments of the episode, in case we had any doubts, we see Sana’s name penciled onto the family’s mailbox outside the house. Awww! *0*

My thoughts: I was really glad to see that Zouroku wasn’t super hard on Sana for getting herself lost. He probably acknowledged that the whole ordeal was scary for her and yelling at her would only make the situation worse. Furthermore I appreciated that he amended his comments to Sana about using her abilities if she really needed to in certain situations. (I also have to apologize because in my last review I said the little “voice chat” ability was Shizuku’s, but it sounds like it was actually Sana’s. My bad! ^^;; )

This show is so freaking heartwarming, I almost don’t mind if there’s no major conflict for the rest of the season and we instead get more cute episodes like this one.

Can’t wait for the next episode!



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