SukaSuka Episode 1: broken chronograph (First Impression)

This seems to be a show that slipped under a lot of people’s radar. Interesting enough this was one of the first shows that caught my eye and I was very happy with what I got. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding this show and the world within, like what and who Chtholly and the other girls are. Reading the synopsis we actually know who and what they are and why they’re fighting, but I’d like a more specific explanation from the show.

Like Chtholly saying walking around town was like a fairytale, this episode felt like one. Watching Willem and Chtholly walk around, get lost, and have fun was so nice to watch, and it became even more beautiful with the accompaniment of Scarborough Fair. It gave it such a sweet and magical atmosphere, but I also felt that way because there were anthropomorphic animals, floating islands, a blue-haired girl wearing a witch hat, and beautifully drawn backgrounds. The magical feeling continued but it also became mysterious very quickly. We know the plot. Humankind died out 500 years ago by these Beasts and to keep themselves safe from these monsters, everyone lives on these floating islands. Willem is the only human, as we know from the synopsis. Chtholly and the other girls I suppose are Leprechauns, and Meido-san is a troll, but they look human. Very interesting that there is clear discrimination in this show, with individuals like Willem and Chtholly and others like them being classified as “disfeatured”. It wasn’t touched on much but I found it surprising so I would like to know why this came to be.

The mood of the episode was lighthearted and innocent, with a tinge of mystery and a sort of sadness. There were a lot of funny moments, mostly coming from Willem’s personality. I already love him by the way. His interactions with Nygglatho were hilarious. The fact that she wants to eat him, like literally eat him, is creepy but funny. I can tell that she’s going to be one of the top contender’s for this season’s Ultimate Waifu. Too bad I don’t care about that, but I thought she was cute.

Willem’s interactions with the little girls was adorable as well. Willem in general is just really cool. He’s a really chill guy, a little no nonsense but still has a warm side when we saw him help Chtholly in town and showed her around, and then with how he spoke with the little girls. We saw in the after credits scene that Willem was probably the oldest in the orphanage he stayed at as everyone called him Pops. Which threw me off because I thought he had actual children, but if he was the oldest of the orphanage they basically were. Willem got a strange job to be the caretaker of some secret and dangerous weapons of the military. Needing no experience or anything, Willem was able to take the job. Upon arriving he gets attacked by one of the girls and finds himself in a nice-looking boarding house with children, and a surprise to him, Ctholly. It’s then that she explains to him that THEY are the weapons, and that’s the most info we get for now. Caretakers always left after the first day, so I wonder what crazy things Willem is going to have to face. Or if it’s just literal babysitting.

The characters so far are very likeable. Like I said, the interactions were great with all of the characters. We got some worldbuilding but some details withheld. Even though this show started off innocent and lighthearted, I know we’re going to be getting a lot of feels. The after credits scene was sweet, but again it was sad, and strangely self aware. The very first scene is worrying. That’s definitely something that’s going to be happening in the future, but it seems bad and I’m scared because I already love everyone. I can’t take having a bad romantic end.

Out of all the first episode premieres I covered this season, this is probably my favorite. Everything was just so right, the animation is nice, music is gorgeous, great character designs, characters, setting, everything. I’m really excited to see what kind of story we’ll be getting.

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of blogging: Guaranteed


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