Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni – Episode 1 [First Impression]


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5 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    The source manga is a smutty josei series, aimed at older women.
    The English title’s pretty fun too, On a Lustful Night Mingling with a Priest.

  2. Berry says:

    O-Oh my…this is not what I expected.
    Will this be hentai? A softcore hentai?

    I mean they ARE adults and they seem to be hot for each other so if they want to do nasty things to each other, then fine! But! I thought this show would have more substance to it because they’re going to have a taboo relationship. Some drama, you know? But since these episodes are only five minutes short, well….ehhhh I don’t think that’ll happen. Also I’m the same with you when it comes to ecchi. I don’t think it was necessary to have a long shot of her ass and panties. However, if the show will give us shots of Kujo’s crotch and abs…then I’ll be fine with that. :)

    • Nikolita says:

      LOL I don’t mind some panty shots if we get some male fanservice in return. 0:-)

      And yeah that caught me a little by surprise too. I thought there’d be a little more substance, which is what I’m hoping for. But like you said it’s only 5 minutes (it’s actually less), so maybe I shouldn’t get my hopes up too high.

  3. Passerby says:

    Actually, if you didn’t see the kiss scene on the very start of the episode, you might be watching the censored one. And unfortunately, this version’s translation’s sucks. (Offering bath? Nope, he didn’t say anything about bath)
    I found the uncensored one… somewhere.., and well, it’s indeed an r18 anime, despite being so short.

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