Re:CREATORS – Episode 3 [Don’t Worry About What Others Said. Just Be Yourself]

Just as it looks like there’s going to be another big brawl, a female knight in shining armor shows up on a flying horse and swoops Mamika away to safety. Maybe she’s also a supporter of the “Military Uniform Princess”? Souta explains to Takashi that she is from a series called “Alisteria of the Scarlet”.

Souta’s little group goes with Yuuya to a cafe to buy him a meal. Selesia and Meteora attempt to pressure him to try changing his original world, but Yuuya resists; he likes things just the way they are. He just wants to stay in the human world and have fun. That being said, Yuuya also reveals some information about the Military Princess, and why she’s choosing to port over the fictional characters she is. His parting words indicate that perhaps he’s not likely to flip over to the Military Uniform Princess’ side anytime soon.

Back at Takashi’s apartment, Takashi calls over Marine, the character designer for Selesia’s series. Meteora gets an idea – what if they can change Selesia, or her world, by writing something new in the human world? Can the creators affect the created when they’re in the same world? Takashi writes a fire spell for Selesia, who tests it out, but it doesn’t work.

The group’s next idea is for Takashi to write a short scene upon which Marine will base a brand new drawing. While everyone waits for Marine and Takashi to be finished their work, they break with a coffee. Meteora sits in the living room while Souta and Selesia chat out on the balcony. What follows is a rather encouraging chat about doing things at one’s own pace and not rushing for the sake of rushing, although Souta reveals that Selesia’s words are taken from a scene in either her anime or light novel.

Once Marine finishes her drawing, it’s time for Meteora to test her theory about whether a lack of information surrounding these new changes is why the fire spell didn’t work earlier. So Selesia tries to cast the spell again annnnd… nope it still doesn’t work. Souta refers to some of Yuuya’s earlier words about why he appeared in the human world, and theorizes that the reason why there are no changes with Selesia is because the new changes haven’t been introduced to the readers yet, and therefore haven’t had a chance to make an impression on people. Kinda an odd theory, IMHO, but ok.

Marine heads home, but on her way out the door she gives Meteora a card that has her creator’s information on it. She also invites Meteora and Selesia to stay with her, and the two take her up on her offer. Outside Takashi’s apartment everyone says good-bye.

Back at home, Souta remembers Meteora’s words and tries to draw again but makes no progress.

Elsewhere the Military Uniform Princess [whom I’m now dubbing MUP because fuck writing that out every time] sits in a demolished building at looks up at the stars while talking to someone named Setsuna. The MUP says that Souta’s world is responsible for banishing Setsuna. Far behind the MUP is Mamika, watching her silently from the shadows.

My thoughts:
I love the theoretical and philosophical questions raised with each new episode. For example if everything really is fated to happen the way it’s happening, is it written down somewhere? Is Re:CREATORS all just the creation of another person somewhere else in the world? Will Souta and the others be able to make changes to the fictional characters’ world after all, and if so how?

See, THIS is how Endride should have been done. Re:CREATORS‘ split-cour is off to a fantastic start, dropping enough hints to keep the viewer interested without rehashing the same goddamn information over and over again. Already I’ve developed a few theories about the MUP and her background, and I’m excited to see how accurate I am as the series unfolds.

Also, the parent-child-like relationship between Selesia and Takashi was pretty funny. xD   I wonder what Meteroa’s reactions to her creator will be like.


Author’s Note: I will be out of town next week for a few days, so my next review will be in two week’s time and will be a double-post.



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2 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    I think the scenes where they try upgrading Celestia is one big meta-literary discussion, on whether an author can simply introduce changes to their established story on a whim, or whether the change needs a greater acceptance from readers/viewers for the change to be accepted as part of the story’s canon.
    Like if JK Rowling suddenly wrote in one of her books that Harry Potter was a sexy playboy that could attract girls wherever he went. Even though she wrote it herself, it may never be accepted by the public as part of the Potter universe because of how outlandish it is to the rest of the story.

    By extension, if it’s not that easy for a creator to force change to their worlds by writing it in, it makes you wonder if the Uniformed Princess is aware of this too. Plus, I doubt the Princess is offering the characters to remake their worlds out of sheer goodness – there’s definitely a hidden agenda to this.

    Setsuna could be the girl who killed herself, although I’ll hold off on speculating further unti there’s more info.

    Hiroe Rei’s apparently prewritten the original story for the Re Creators anime, which you can read here:
    A new chapter is released everyday, but it’s all in Japanese. Plus I’ve been told there are differences between th draft and anime (like extra action scenes, and softening of Celestia’s personality).

    • Nikolita says:

      Ahh ok, thank you for the clarification!

      Oh, I hadn’t thought about that. But that makes sense if that’s who Setsuna is. I definitely agree that the MUP has some kind of hidden agenda!

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