Re:CREATORS – Episode 2 [Dynamite and Cool Guy… That Wasn’t Funny]


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6 Responses

  1. starqo says:

    You know, it probably doesn’t have as much mecha as I would’ve liked, but still, this is THE show for me this season.

    Kind of ironic that Mamika, a character who theoretically should be among the good-est of good guys, is portrayed in a negative light (albeit for totally justified reasons), whilst Yuya, who definitely looks like he should be a villain, might end up on the protagonists’ side. I definitely look forward to seeing how that ends up.

    P.S. If Celestia was bothered by that promo art on the official site being on display for all to see, how will she react to stuff that’s more…not safe for work, both official and fanmade?

    • Nikolita says:

      See and I don’t like mecha (ironic because Escaflowne is my all-time favourite anime), so the lack of mecha works perfectly for me. ;D

      Yeah that was a nice twist, that Mamika is a magical girl but she’s not portrayed positively. I too am curious to see which alignment she and Yuya will end up at.

      LOL hopefully she doesn’t see anything too inappropriate for her sake. Poor Selesia.

  2. zztop says:

    Hiroe Rei said Re:Creators’ premise was influenced by the 1993 Arnold Schwarzenegger film, Last Action Hero. It was essentially a metafilm poking fun at action movie cliches, especially when the movie characters break into the real world and find themselves reacting to its differences from their movie world.
    Creators is about the same thing, except replacing movie characters with animanga ones and the Uniformed Princess’s plotting.

    Creators is 22 eps, so if you don’t feel hooked by it now, I’d suggest putting it on hold and rewatch after half the season has aired. The story direction may be more clear once you’ve seen several episodes in 1 go.

    How do you think the scene of the spectacled girl killing herself in Ep 1’s opening ties in to all this, btw?

    • Nikolita says:

      I think she was a fictional character who couldn’t accept that she was a human’s creation, that her world wasn’t real. What’s your theory? :)

      I thought about doing that, but I pushed through with Endride and ended up really enjoying the last few episodes. I might give it a few more – I’m going to be losing a couple of extracurricular activities soon, and I’m hoping that I’ll have more energy to put towards Re:Creators.

      Thank you for the Wikipedia link! I’ve never heard of that movie but I’ll definitely read that article. ^_^v

  3. kofmaster says:

    I love how they’re playing with the frouth wall on this episode, specially the speech about Hiatus mangas.

    The way they played the mahou shoujo tropes were brillant.

    >Nanoha’s befriends (Listen-Divine- to me -Breaker-!)
    >Pretty Cure colateral damage
    >Sakura style
    >Madoka tier mindbreak post traumatic.

    I want to see the persona user.

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