Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine Episode 4: The Princes Go To Town


We’re all just a bunch of weebs

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  1. zztop says:

    Manga readers say Haine’s past and motivations are an ongoing mystery in the manga. It’s only revealed small clues, but nothing truly definitive. If you’d like I could share spoilers when the series nears its end.

    Yen Press is officially translating the source manga chapters into English as they come out. You need to pay to read each chapter though.

    Glanzreich town is just real-life Vienna transplanted to anime. Compare with these pics:
    Glanzreich town hall : http://www.planetware.com/photos-large/A/vienna-town-hall.jpg
    Glanzreich opera : https://www.wien.info/media/images/40519-staatsoper-oper-opernbuehnen-3to2.jpeg/image_gallery
    (the very same from Mission Impossible 4!)

    PS. I’m still wondering how Kai equated wild pigeon = fluffy gift for Haine. I’d have settled for a plush toy or a more domesticated fluffy pet.

    • Berry says:

      Yes, I’d appreciate that. Thanks!

      My question is how Kai was even able to hide a pigeon in his shirt without anyone even noticing. Also the pigeon flew away…

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