My Hero Academy (Boku no Hero Academia) Episode 14 [Sports matter (again)]

Oki is here to cover the new season of My Hero Academy, which I will refer to it as given its incredibly quick dub presence, and boy is this going to be good. Following the format of many an anime

and don’t worry guys, zangetsu is back!

My Hero Academy season 2 is simply what one might expect from a show that is just a continuation. The story jumps right in from where we left off and once again shows why this format might be preferable while having its downfalls. It was a little awkward to go “hey y’all this story is back where we left it and starts off underwhelming even!” but by the end of the episode things were back on top. MHA is a shounen at heart so it’s always strange to watch only about 13 episodes of a story and its arcs and then drop off. Luckily I recently rewatched the show so I felt just like things were brand new. I’m really fond of MHA but given how long it takes shounen protagonists to really shine this episode had me shitting my pants. Why? Ultimatums were given! Succeed in your school festival or fail at your debut and risk your entire career! Jesus Christ people, these kids just had their very lives endangered and now you want to crush them all over again? What is this, real life high school where you have to decide your entire career before you gradua- oooooh.

This episode is a set up episode for the above mentioned concept: show how good you are at being a hero in order to premiere. I think the best thing I can do is compare this to the idea behind the Heroes in One Punch Man – you can save the world from its greatest threats in that show but if you don’t go take the test or make yourself noticeable then people might just glance over you. I think in some ways that also applies here, if you don’t make a bang you won’t get the buck. (It’s a pun, see!) So Deku is told by All Might on the same note that he can only even look like All Might for 90 minutes, which of course makes it nearly impossible for him to be the great hero he needs to be. He tells Deku he expects him to make his debut at this festival which I am scared shitless over. This kid has had 13 episodes to become an amazing hero and has used his power without great detriment to himself only one time, holy crap! Where is the training montage filler show, don’t kill him he is adorable!!

That being said every other hero child is absolutely thrilled with the show. Uraraka for one makes it a huge point to explain her backstory, she wants to become a hero to make money and support her family in return for how hard they worked for her. Everyone is rather moved by that but Uraraka just uses it to explain why she is going to do well in the festival/tournament/weird combo of the two.

So the return of the series.  . .other than being a set up episode there isn’t much to discuss! Given that you need to come into this show knowing the characters and being familiar with their trials this episode merely continues what we already know and establishes interesting foreshadowing. The most ominous information comes from the Academy’s inability to find out who might be the villains who invaded the Academy and how there is probably someone mentoring the leader of the group in order to make him as evil as he is. I am anticipating he’ll be back (if not at the sports festival itself then before the end of the season) but I am hoping at that point Deku can use his power at a rate that doesn’t turn his body into beef jerky. This also leaves the awesome realization that will come soon: To explain, I love revelations. I love when someones secret identity is found out and everyone is shocked. When everyone finds out Deku is All Might’s successor I will be the happiest clown in the universe. I can’t wait for everyone to freak out. I don’t know if it will be this season, but I’m hoping, and we’re gonna freakin’ find out dudes.

So far, Season 2 is shaping up to be the continuation the show deserves. And as a bonus, the dub for the show remains absolutely phenomenal. I can’t think of a better cast than they’ve chosen and it is definitely in the tier of high class dub worth watching by both dub and sub viewers. I can’t get over Sabat as All Might, he is an absolute treasure to hear yell Hero things at everybody. Do yourself a favor and watch it in both so you can get twice the hero action for half the waiting time!




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  1. zztop says:

    25 episodes confirmed for S2 of Hero Academia.

  2. Amani Bowrin says:

    So are we just skipping over the awesome intro?
    Other than that I think I found myself a usual reviewer for this show.

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