My Hero Academia Episode 16 [I’m so Proud]



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4 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    “I have some real issues with say Ochako not being more clever about this. I know she gets nauseous but the easy solution would be to take a running start, float into a jump, then slowly lower herself so she lands in between mines so she can rest”

    Her nausea when she floats herself is not a “oh I can keep running and do that over and over again” kind of thing. It’s something she can do maybe twice for a couple of seconds before she’s laid out on the ground, so sick she can’t move. Have you ever been really REALLY sick to your stomach? It HURTS. It is incredibly painful, as your insides feel like they’re trying to warp themselves around in ways they arn’t meant to move. Once she pushed herself that far she would be out for the rest of the race. That’s why she was careful not to do that. You’ll note she made it in well before the cut off anyway.

    • Magga says:

      I’ll bet that’s why Aoyama came in dead last of those that made it through, clutching his stomach even: he probably had to use his laser all the time to push himself around.
      Must say, this must be the first episode where I prefer the dub over the sub completely: the Mic-Aizawa back and forth is funnier and adapted better from the manga, Hatsume’s voice is even better and more zany, and All Might’s comment on Deku tearing up is more subdued.

      • Oki says:

        I totally agree with you! I watched both and didn’t feel half as impressed over the episode when I watched it subbed. They’re doing a great job.

    • Oki says:

      Yes- last season! Last season Deku also improved enough to get the strength for the One for All, Bakugo learned to control his power through logic, and roughly half of the cast improved. Not that I don’t agree that it was unlikely she could use it the whole way, but it’s still saddening to me that side characters often don’t get to reveal cool new parts or growth until a really late point. But Ochako is merely an example, I wish we got to see more cool super power kids do cool things. But as I noted, they’re just too use to using their quirks to really adapt as if they didn’t, which is why deku is so cool! :)

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