My Hero Academia Episode 15 [The Competition Begins]



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  1. Magga says:

    Hah, I read the manga so I know who will win! (Don’t worry, I won’t spoil)

    My thoughts for this episode:
    – All Might just want to see his successor do well in front of the eyes of the world.
    – Everyones eyes are on class 1A, and of course Bakagoat draws everyone hatered towards them too.
    – Characters we will see more of, early introduction ahoy!
    – They added a lot to the training montage, which in the manga was just a few panels. Bones do this really well, even as a adaption-fanatic I’d like for more original content from them instead of flashbacks.
    – “You are my rival, and I will beat you.” “You are my rival too, and I wont loose!” Ah, shonen…
    – God, Mt.Lady is a gift. In it for the fame and money, perfectly willing to abuse that, and I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same.
    – PresentMic and Aizawa has a fun friendship, even if it comes off as one-sided.
    – Race starts, Todoroki haxes, and class 1A gets around the ice immediately.
    – Mineta gets a moment (expanded slightly too), but of course gets punched in the face before finishing.
    – Giant Robots of Doom VS Shoto Todoroki. They never stood a chance.
    – Best mom in manga and anime.

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