Little Witch Academia Episode 15

Chariot/Ursula is so cool! <333

Oh Akko please open your eyes! Chariot is standing right in front of you! C’mon!

Akko was finally told the truth by Ursula of the seven words and her mission, and the past of magic itself. And it’s about time. Now Akko knows what she needs to do in order to bring magic back into the world.

The situations that led to that moment all had to do with Croix. We knew that Croix was working up something sinister, but now we know that no one is probably going to be able to stop her. I know I should hate her for treating Akko like a fool and taking advantage of her, but I just find her so cool! I do wonder what kind of past she and Chariot had together when they went to Luna Nova. Interestingly these two share the same kind of roles of Akko and Diana. One was a prodigy of the school and the other was a clumsy one with bad grades but who loved magic, especially the showy kind. However they’re both similar in the sense that they didn’t follow magic in the orthodox ways, with Chariot using magic for her fantastical shows and being shunned upon, and Croix combining magic with technology but being loved for it in these times. It’d be obvious to say that Akko is like Chariot and Diana is like Croix but at first it was the other way around, because Akko was the one in love with Croix’s technology, while Diana looked skeptical. However, I expect to see those two work together in the end. But like I said, I really want to know how Croix and Chariot interacted with each other when they were younger, like if it was the same as how Akko and Diana are, or if they were actually friends.

Speaking of Diana, she’s definitely looking into things herself. Akko is extremely slow, but Diana is very observant and studious and I feel like she’s going to find out “Ursula’s” identity soon as we saw her try to find Ursula in the yearbooks. I actually had wished that Ursula had revealed herself to Akko in the end, but….ahh, too soon I guess. :/

This was a great episode with a lot of nicely animated moments. Chariot crashing the Moon Tower down to save Akko was probably the coolest scene we’ve gotten in this show so far. Her long red hair and that confident expression on her face….y-yes please. Apparently Chariot’s power is nothing compared to how she was 10 years ago so holy crap just how strong was she back then because what she did in that tower was amazing. But that’s also worrying because like what Croix said, Chariot won’t be able to stop her from whatever she’s planning to do next.

And if Chariot can’t do it, then who can?



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