Little Witch Academia Episode 14

Obvious villain is obvious. She may seem cool with her hair and flying rumbas, but she is definitely evil. Because she looks exactly like the scary lady in the red flashback from before, and she’s obviously plotting something. Also, Ursula wasn’t too happy seeing her in the end either.

Also, I had completely forgotten that the forbidden forest the girls dropped in accidentally in the first episode was called Arcturus Forest. Finding out about the monster and Arcturus would have had more significance earlier, but now that tells us that the giant ball of magic or whatever was sealed is there in the forest. No wonder it’s a forbidden place!

This episode was an interesting one. We were teased that we were going to see Akko learn the truth about everything from Ursula/Chariot, but we were soon interrupted by the other teachers. The faeries have gone on strike! They’re angry about their current working conditions and their one demand is being able to use more magic from the Sorcerer’s Stone. However, that’s impossible because there’s not enough magic in it to supply to them and the witches at the same time, and witches use almost all of the magic. There’s steadily been a decline in magic and it just keeps getting worse. The faeries need the stone’s magic to move and do their work, and I can imagine their work becomes much harder for them when they don’t have as much magic, so they don’t have enough strength. The teachers and headmistress decide it would be best to take a little bit of magic from other places outside the school, and since it’s a heavy duty job and they’re all hella old, they make Ursula do it. Which sucks for her because now she can’t properly speak with Akko.

The riots start out peaceful but soon turn to a violent one. First, Akko went to speak with the faeries. They were so mad that they cut off the magic supply from the stone to the witches, so now none of them can use magic. So no hot water, no magic classes, no heating, nothing. Akko gets annoyed and goes to speak with the faeries but soon joins them because she was convinced by them! It was surprising and funny, but it showed how much Akko cared about them. She actually thought about it, knowing how hard the faeries work and how dependant they are on magic so she totally took their side. I really liked that about her. :)

A meeting was held to bring everything to peace but the demands were shut down again because there’s simply not enough magic. Until the new Professor Croix pops out of nowhere and gives them a solution, with her super techy magic thing. She’s shot down at first because the teachers wanted Luna Nova to follow tradition and not accept the machinery, but after things went very badly with violence in the end, the teachers and headmistress completely change their minds and accept Croix and her fancy rumba robos.

Croix is definitely the perpetrator of hurting the lil flame blob, which caused the faeries going violent, which gave her the opportunity to be the hero and show off her robots and tech. Things are coming into place, whatever her plans are. And plus, everyone loves her! The staff love her because of the magic problem, the students love her because of how cool she is with her robots and tablets used in her lessons, and most importantly and probably the worst thing right now is that Akko is completely enamored. Croix is definitely the villain, and she has some sort of connection with Ursula/Chariot. Whatever it is, it’s not good. Croix is probably going to be the person that’s trying to change the world of witches and magic for the better, but goes about it the wrong way. Or something. Things still haven’t been explained properly but the introduction of Croix made things a lot more interesting.


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