Alice to Zouroku – Episode 2 [Dreams of Alice]

Sanae-chan is here, Sanae-chan is here!

Zouroku leaves the house, and while he’s gone his granddaughter Sanae arrives home. He asks her via a phone call to please make Sana some food and keep her company while he’s at work.

Sanae finds Sana still sleeping, and Sana’s ability allows her to see a memory from when she was a child. We learn that both of Sanae’s parents are dead, and have been probably since she was very small, maybe even from infancy?

Sana wakes up and is initially freaked out by Sanae, but the latter quickly wins the magical girl over by offering to cook for her. Sana even conjures up some pigs!

The pigs are kept in Sanae’s bedroom upstairs while the girls gets ready for the day. Sanae calls Zouroku to tell him that they’re doing fine, and sends him a picture of the pigs. Then she gives Sana a change of clothes and does her hair, and the girls go downstairs for breakfast. Sana loves the pancakes, which she’s never had before, and afterwards she’s too impatient to wait for more so she conjures up a massive flapjack of her own. It’s way more than Sana can eat on her own, but then the pigs get out of the room and come stampeding downstairs… ^^;;

Zouroku makes a phone call to an old friend, whom we’ll see shortly.

Sana gets the pigs back into the bedroom upstairs and waits for Sanae to make her some more pancakes. While she impatiently waits, Sana explores the house and backyard a little. She’s still adjusting to being out of the research facility, and while Zouroku’s house isn’t ideal, obviously she’s glad to be with good people now who aren’t going to hurt her.

Sana talks to Sanae as she cooks and explains more about the research facility. As she talks we see a flashback to when she was younger and first learning how to use her abilities, and to when she first met the twins Yonaga and Asahi Hinagiri. The twins teach Sana many things like language and give her the pink dress we see Sana wearing today. Then one day Sana sees something far beneath the research facility that she wasn’t supposed to see. Someone was experimented on and made into something inhuman. That was when Sana knew she had to escape somehow.

Elsewhere the old friend of Zouroku’s, Ryuu, is driving with someone who I’m guessing is his assistant. She’s young and having none of his shit. Ryuu tells her a story about his old friend Zouroku, and it seems like we maybe get a hint about Zouroku’s past? (“And one time, I saw this grown man fighting with some weird kids! …And for the thirty years since then, we’ve been buddies, somehow.”)

Back at the house, Sana is finally full. She’s full of energy and she wants to show Sanae the research facility. 0_0  Sana uses her powers to take them to Zouroku, but her attempt backfires and the girls end up falling through the sky above Tokyo! They land safely on an active airstrip but are almost hit by a plane! Moments later the girls manifest on top of a moving train as it passes through a tunnel, and then seconds later they are at the South Pole looking at penguins! Wtffff ~

Meanwhile Zouroku is trying to call Sanae, but because she’s disappeared he can’t reach her. He’s worried, and doesn’t know if he should leave work early.

After being taken to a seaside island, Sanae asks Sana to take them home, and Sana reluctantly agrees. They pop back into Sanae’s bedroom, forgetting about the pigs, and then Sana teleports them all (pigs included!) to Zouroku’s work.

Ryuu and his assistant show up just in time to see Zouroku yelling at Sana, who’s crying on the floor.

My thoughts: I’m really liking this show! The music during the episode is whimsical and catchy, and I love both the opening and ending themes (“Wonder Drive” by ORESAMA and “Chant (kotringo edition)” by toi toy toi, respectively).

It looks like the Director has an idea of where Sana is now, so I wonder if she, Zouroku and Sanae will have to leave soon. :(   (I haven’t read the manga, so I apologize if my speculations are way off.)

Honestly the only thing I don’t like about this series so far is the character designs. Everything else is pretty stellar.



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