Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 145: RIP


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13 Responses

  1. Sanokal says:

    At least they are still existing, and not gone forever like Leo was insinuating. THAT’S what Shay was pissed about. He’s happy now because he thinks there’s at least some hope for them.

  2. 75ChaosFlare says:

    On the episode, it was again nothing really special especially in comparison to last week. Just as I thought the majority of flashbacks are in freeze frame-like making it very less emotional when needed. I will say that at best, one of ARC-V’s greatest feat is the voice actors/actresses that play their characters regardless of how poor the treatment is. Speaking of which, I honestly wondered if the show want to take such great pains to forget characters that would make sense why couldn’t you do this earlier especially if they had many opportunities for changes but who know and really it doesn’t take much to know they don’t care.

    Again, Leo is still one of the most disappointing and dumbest villains in YGO for many reasons. If anything him just like Himika doesn’t deserve to get off this easy and what pisses me off the most is that the show tries so hard to manipulate people to feel bad about this guy when the sympathy died a long time ago the moment he started a genocide yet has to get the soldiers to own up, kidnaps people and kill them off, raises a lonely kid into a psychopath only to recently get a reaction from it, and doesn’t even care that the demon kid he constantly calls is pissing the latter off making situations worse.

    I’m just gonna say this out of all the original characters I hate/annoyed with the most with ARC-V is Leo, Reira and Ray(if you can even call her a character).

    Then you have Shun in general(especially the logic behind him wanting to duel Yuya),rushing his whole arc aside just to push Yuya even more especially when it’s literally 3 weeks left until its over. It’s almost like tasing Shun for the sake of a meme and Odd-eyes Raging shilling was a dumb idea. Plus, I honestly love the fact that whenever Shun rightfully should hit someone it never delivers or is stopped(Dennis at 75 when Security stopped him and recently now). It’s also hilarious that the only time Shun used Ultimate Falcon(arguably his best RR in two duels against Crow and Kaito only to job miserably).

    Lastly, ARC-V will indeed end in 148 and the summaries to them are already out.

  3. aramire77 says:

    I can understand your feelings. Really. I also don’t want the others to continue living inside Yuya and Yuzu or such. I’m really hanging on the last thread of hope from a translation that I once read that said Yuto and Yuya will eventually be separated. They’re still sharing body now, but maybe in later or last episode, they’ll got separated.

    I’m not really satisfied with this episode either. It’s such a let down, especially the Duel. For the first and last Rank 12 Monster in the series, I never expected it to be so easily defeated that way. Maybe it will be a bit better if Final Fortress Falcon was summoned earlier in the Duel. And Shun’s feelings for Ruri and Yuto wasn’t shown at all during the Duel. I’m twitching that Shun’s emotion and feeling was only described by Asuka, while us, the viewers couldn’t sense it. Such a waste when the animation and music were so great and all.

    In the PV, Jack tells Yuya to summon the four dragons. Hearing this made me think that Yuya decided not to summon Dark Rebellion in the previous episode against Dennis was not because he wants to depend on his own strength or anything, but rather because he was afraid to summon it. Even though Zarc is no longer in his body, summoning the dragons may still affect Zarc inside Reira’s body and that’s why Yuya is afraid.

    Arc-V is confirmed will end in episode 148, which means only three weeks left…(TT_TT)

    Say goodbye to Arc-V and say welcome to VRAINS!

    • 75ChaosFlare says:

      If anything the show has always gone to the route of “tell instead of show” something that damages itself a lot. Don’t forget that Shun pretty much spent the majority of his scree time being an edgelord rather than having any real dialogue regarding Ruri and Yuto. With Ruri it took literally 119 episodes and that only showed how much of an jerk he was as well as him constantly belittling her hence Shun getting a mercy/pity win when in the end it was pointless.

      “In the PV, Jack tells Yuya to summon the four dragons. Hearing this made me think that Yuya decided not to summon Dark Rebellion in the previous episode against Dennis was not because he wants to depend on his own strength or anything, but rather because he was afraid to summon it. Even though Zarc is no longer in his body, summoning the dragons may still affect Zarc inside Reira’s body and that’s why Yuya is afraid.”
      Judging by how the shows been handling they are kinda going in that route though it’s been hammered a numerous amounts of times not to. This also makes Yuya a bit whiny and never really adapting something that should have been done a long time ago if his character didn’t get hit by a reset button after every arc.

      • aramire77 says:

        It’s such a shame that Shun had many opportunities, but they were wasted in the end. I hope VRAINS doesn’t repeat the same “tell instead of show” mistake.

        Yuya got scared and a bit whiny and hesitant but then found courage and confidence, that was repeated several times throughout the series, right? I’m starting to wonder if the studio did this on purpose because the series’ theme is “Take a step forward with courage” so they make Yuya that way to stick with the theme. If that’s the case, they overdid it.

        • 75ChaosFlare says:

          At this point it’s very obvious no one knows what they are doing and just improvising with whatever’s convient, especially with things ending as much.

  4. Yugioh Fan says:

    I thought this episode was okay, not great but still good.
    1.) The Duel was alright, I loved the Rank 12 Raid-raptor.
    2.) While I do hope the other Yu-boys and Braclet girls get there physical bodies back, as long as there alive(even if it’s as spirits in Yuya and Zuzu(Yuzu)) I’m happy.
    3.) Leo finally admits he was a dumb-ass for starting all this chaos for stupid reasons.
    1.) Shay(Shun) really should have hit Leo, at least once. That asshole deserves it.
    2.) Alexis(Asuka) really should not have been defending Leo in the beginning.
    3.) Jack showing up. Now I like Jack but he doesn’t need to duel Yuya again(and waste even more of the shows limited time left). Also I hated how he ruined that happy ending moment with Shay(Shun), Sora, Alexis(Asuka) and Yuya all smiling and happy, with Yuya promising to save everyone.
    So overall an average episode, similar to last weeks episode. I was able to decently enjoy it.

  5. Let’s continue “Finding Yuzu” with Shun taking on the Egao Messiah Tomato with his RANK 12 BIRD.

    • I don’t get why Yuya needs to feel sorry about wrecking carnage in the Fusion Dimension as Zarc. Yes, the Zarc jobfest duels were lame and boring as hell, but those Fusion supremacists deserved it.
    • OH DEAR LORD!!! ASUKA IS ACTUALLY BACK!!! :D Seriously, I thought the writers had completely forgotten about the most unfortunate legacy character in this show.
    • AND Leo continues to be the most irresponsible husband & parent ever. He didn’t even pay a visit to the Pendulum Dimension and say sorry to that irredeemable bitch Himika and Keikaku Son Reiji, he’s still hell-bent on bringing back that whore-waifu Ray who existed only for party-pooping purposes.
    • Yuya is relaying the whole HITOTSU NI business to Shun while he is having chibi-Ruri flashbacks.
    • I hoped that Shun at least admitted that he got his ass kicked by Mirror Force. XD
    • Yuya’s happy memories with Yuzu were that he often got smacked by her fan. Hope Yuzu does that again after she finally returns. He totally deserved it for being the protagonist we don’t deserve.
    • Yuya is inviting Shun to get jobbed by his Egao. Fuck this Tomato.
    • It’s hilarious to see Asuka open the door with little difficulty. Honestly though, if Shun is that pissed, why don’t he just summon his Ruriraptors and carpet-bomb the door just to showcase his EDGE?
    • Asuka, there’s no point restraining Shun from killing Leo who’s responsible for MUH RURI’S death.
    • Why is Yuya reminiscing about Yugo? They never officially interacted with each other… AT ALL.
    • So Zarc is exactly like Yuya back in the Original Dimension? No wonder his jobfest duels were lame.
    • Alright Shun, give this Professor multiple Falcon Punches to vent out you rage of losing MUH RURI!
    • It’s a BIG regret that we’ll never know how Yuri and Serena interacted with each other unlike the other Yutagonists and Yu-waifus. ;_;
    • Egao Messiah Tomato vs Birdman. Let’s hope Shun can defy Yuya’s plot armour and win this duel.
    • I thought Shun was going to summon Rise Falcon ON HIS FIRST TURN given how the writers downgraded his intelligence post-Synchro arc.
    • Yuya can’t resist the urge to grab an Action Card even though it was just a measly 300 Burn damage incoming. That being said, Shun should’ve kept No Action for later use.
    • … Huh? WTF is that Trap? It looks like a stronger Half Unbreak, but Readiness is miles better than this shit.
    • Told you that No Action should be kept for later use Shun, now you missed the last chance for a Rise Falcon OTK in this show. But that doesn’t make Yuya any less innocent because it’s nothing new about him abusing the damn Action Cards for fun just to survive and turn the tide. Fuck this Tomato.
    • Pendulums aren’t going to have the room to showcase their immortality in the VRAINS dimension.
    • Why is everyone predicting that Yuya will summon Dark Rebellion everytime two LV4 monsters are out when it’s clear that its effect won’t work on Xyz monsters because THEY DON’T HAVE LEVELS?
    • Goddammit, Shun just couldn’t stop shilling out new RUMs didn’t he? And still no RUM searcher…
    • To think Yuya actually avoided defeat by utilizing his cards properly, this is rare…
    • We’ve seen Saber joining the Cross-Dimensional War before, but now Lancer is joining the party too as the Odd-Eyes archetype expands again.
    • RANK 12 BIRD INCOMING!!!! This will be either absurdly overpowered or beyond shit…
    • … Fuck, the summoning animation of the RANK 12 BIRD is so garbage, this show really has no more budget…
    • This chilling OST that plays when SHIT GETS REAL… I’m happy to listen to this one last time. :D
    • … Fuck, all the hype building up for THREE FUCKING YEARS all amounted to nothing… I said that the RANK 12 BIRD will be either absurdly overpowered or beyond shit… and we got the first option. WTF IS WITH THESE PATHETIC EFFECTS?!! Even Ultimate Falcon is better than this giant pile of trash. Konami, you’ve really done it. The RANK 12 BIRD you delivered to us is a Final Disappointment Falcon, yet another solid proof of how low Arc V has fallen. There goes our final hope for even a slight optimism.
    • … But in the end he won LIKE A BITCH. Just when I thought I couldn’t hate this Tomato even more…!! >:(
    • I wasn’t pleased to see Yuya win LIKE A BITCH, but honestly seeing Yuya actually dueling with his cards (and less Action Card spam) is what I’ve always wanted to see. Besides, it’s just ironic that Odd-Eyes Lancer Dragon actually fared far better than the RANK 12 BIRD we’ve been promised for the past three years. Arc V even hates their own Birdman. Screw this show to death.
    • Yes… Because we need yet ANOTHER Jack duel SO LATE in this show… -_-”

    Yuya vs ZA KINGU Round 3. I just hope that Jack can utilize more cards apart from those protection cards (which I’m so freaking sick of) and give Yuya a run for his money right before he gets eaten by the four dragons. Or rather, let Yugo switch out and give him the chance to duel his idol.

  6. There were goods and bads to Shun’s development in this episode. I don’t think it was all negative. By that I mean, I get what they were going for. It’s a lot like Hell Kaiser from GX was in season 4. Shun has lost everything, his only sister and his best friend, and he has nothing left and even the rage that was once within him feels pointless now because there’s nothing left to fight for or care about. That’s why he couldn’t even bring himself to punch Leo (even though I wish I could reach into the damn screen and punch him myself). But after that, they don’t go anywhere with him! He’s not even aggressive when he duels. When he gets mad, he duels with so much anger and it’s amazing- see Shun vs Dennis. When he’s calm and aggressive, he shuts down his opponent like he started to do here- see Shun vs Sora- but then stopped doing after the first turn. I even would have accepted it if they’d had Shun duel TERRIBLY at first, making really horrible plays, because he doesn’t care about winning or losing anymore. And afterwards all he says is that he believes Ruri will come back, even though everyone is telling him she won’t. Fuck that.
    Jack coming back next episode is nice because, even though I think we’ve seen him duel Yuya more than enough times by now, I never really get tired of him and his character in Arc-V has been consistently likable. I just hope they don’t ruin him.
    And random TCG-player’s side now of the day: for having had to wait so long for Shun’s rank 12, that card has the most pathetically underwhelming effect I’ve ever seen, especially compared to Yuya’s new Odd-Eyes. The fact that they had to go that far to balance out their ace monsters kinda goes to show how bad the writing this episode was.

  7. Becs says:

    My one Negative reaction was the professor trying to come off as pompous that he could fix it and Asuka trying to defend him.

    Asuka saying that ‘he’s trying to revive Ray’ just made me both laugh and groan, cos Iook how well it worked out last time he effing tried that! He abandoned his family, started an interdimensional war, traumatised millions of people from duelling and killed 6 teenagers. Yeah, i’m not sure i would trust this dude a second time considering the first time shattered so miserably.
    Seriously the dimensions would’ve been fine and Zarc would not have revived if he LEFT THEM ALL THE HELL ALONE!!!! I know there would be no story otherwise if he hadn’t but he didn’t even do it for a noble reason like maybe he wanted the original world restored because that was always his home or something! He justwas WAYY TOO selfish! Yeah, he realises now, but too fucking late! He should be in a jail cell.

    Some sort of dimensional bullshit needs to happen to split the boys and girls again, because i REALLY want my dream of them all living like siblings to come true!
    Actually maybe they’re going for that multiple personality thing in the manga for both Yuya and Yuzu so that the others can come out whenever? Only about 10x worse…

    Also groaned at Jack’s entry, i knew he was coming since my friend warned me ahead of time but seriously he is way TOO harsh on a 14 year old kid saying he’s being cowardly and going that he has to duel him using the dragons! Yuya by this point has been through a lot that most 14 year olds would never go through so he’s likely really affected. He’s a teenager! You can’t expect him to NOT mope about!

    rest of the episode i was ambiviant towards.

    • 75ChaosFlare says:

      “Also groaned at Jack’s entry, i knew he was coming since my friend warned me ahead of time but seriously he is way TOO harsh on a 14 year old kid saying he’s being cowardly and going that he has to duel him using the dragons! Yuya by this point has been through a lot that most 14 year olds would never go through so he’s likely really affected. He’s a teenager! You can’t expect him to NOT mope about”

      As much as that should be it’s far too late for that with Yuya and basically comes off as him being a whiny cardgame version of Shinji Hikari(in my own opinion). It’s gotten to the point where I literally want to slap him and say kid get over it especially since he literally did nothing wrong on his own and constantly having unnecessary guilt. And all that is thanks to how very little Yuya developed overall as a character and how much there is baggage on him just for the sake of it rather than being a actual challenge for his character. It’s very bad when Yuma even at this point man up and managed more than Yuya ever did and he is a year younger than the latter as well as suffered through baggage enough yet got back on his own feet to try moving forward(and I am admittedly biased when it comes to Yuma).

      But then again it, also mainly on their fathers as well which at this point it also can’t be denied with how much of a terrible father as well as influence Yushou is. Say what you will about Kazuma but at least he showed actual emotion for his son and as well have been a part of his life unlike Yushou who by his own will left his family without saying a single word about it, never called out on it, arguably one of the reason Yuzu as well as the other girls killed off, and when unnecessary amnesia subplot took place rather go to his family and address the issue he rather go with Reiji’s idiotic plan like the only way.

      • aramire77 says:

        Now that you mentioned, people seems too focus on the conflict and problems in their hands that they forgot that Yuya is still 14 years old, and we all know how mental condition of 14 years old teens in general is like. But still, at the same time though, I have to agree with 75ChaosFlare that despite everything he has been through, even at this point near the end, Yuya still needs a lot to learn as a character. His development throughout the series has been repeatedly up and down. In my opinion, this is prominently shown when he was CONFUSED of what to do to save Yuzu and Reira. He was able to make up his mind immediately when facing almost similar problems before, but he is confused and wavering about that at that time even after everything he had gone through? This just made it seems that he learns little almost to none from his journey.

        Wait, Yuma is a year younger than Yuya!? I’ve always thought they are at the same age.

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