Little Witch Academia Episode 11

I think we’ve finally gotten to the plot of the show. A lot of interesting things were brought up with lots of questions and confusion coming from my end. But now we know that Akko is the chosen one of…something.

I wonder how Akko would feel if she knew she was talking to her idol, asking about her idol. I understand Akko wanting to be just like Chariot, being a wonderful witch like Chariot, but I thought she learned episodes ago that she can’t be Chariot but be herself? Finding the Blue Moon’s apparition, she asked to see what her future would be like. If she wanted the future she wanted, she needed to let go of her past. It was nice to see Akko refuse the offer, as her past makes her who she is. And she also followed Ursula’s words of working hard to achieve her dream…even though we’ve been over that already. That’s why this episode felt a little predictable to me on Akko’s end because we knew there was no way she was going to sacrifice the memories of her friends and love for Chariot, so it was a little repetitive because we knew from episodes ago Akko promised to work her butt off. However, I did like hearing her say that all the tears, teasing, and laughter towards her makes her who she is. Shows she’s not ashamed of herself and has grown, so that was good.

Everything else though was very exciting. The whole technology vs. magic debate seems to be shot down as I don’t think it was technology that brought the decline on magic, but something else entirely. From what little we found out from the book Diana was reading and the red images we saw near the end, I think some magic was sealed away because it can cause catastrophic damage.

I wondered why the Headmistress would give Diana permission to go inside the archives to read an important book, but I think she thinks that Diana is the chosen one to fix the declining rate of magic. Considering what kind of person Diana is and what kind of family she comes from, anyone of them would think she was the chosen one, and never think Akko would be the actual one. But since Diana is getting into stuff she doesn’t really understand, I think something bad is going to happen. We see that Diana means well, but sometimes she’ll really screw up, like what happened in the second episode with the tree. I think the same might happen and Akko will have to fix things up a bit. So, Diana is probably going to be playing a bigger role now that we’re entering the second half of the show.

Concerning the images in the end of fire, a serpent, and a scary-looking woman, I don’t know if they depicted what had happened in the past, or what’s going to happen in the future. Or maybe it’s both. The Olde Nine Witches sealed the Grand Triskelion, a magic that can change the world, for a reason. I don’t know if the Grand Triskelion caused a disaster to happen, or was used to stop that disaster. Either way, to summon it again the seven words must be chanted with the staff of the seven stars, the Claiomh Solais, or as we know it the Shiny Rod. Akko had already said one of the words, in the first episode, and now in this episode she had already said the second one.

Ursula, aka Chariot, is supposed to aide Akko in having her summon Triskelion I suppose. Since Woodward, one of the Olde Nine Witches, has asked Ursula to aide Akko, so I’m guessing Triskelion is good. So I can’t really understand the red images we saw before Akko fainted. I guess it’s supposed to help with the decline in magic, but there’s simply not enough information for me to make any guesses. Another question is why Ursula/Chariot had the staff with the seven stars in the first place? At first we thought it was just a fancy rod she carried around because she was a performing witch, but this staff is actually very important. Was Chariot the supposed chosen one before? Did she have a mission to complete as well but failed, and now the staff found a new owner in Akko? Who knows, but I’m just glad that Ursula/Chariot is finally having more screentime.

But in general I’m just glad we’re finally getting into the plot. The episodic episodes were fine and all, but I was really looking forward to whatever plot this show was going to give us. Now, we have this important mission that Akko doesn’t even know about, but we still have Andrew’s father who I think will cause trouble for the school later on, so now we have a lot of stuff on our plate.

All in all, a very good episode.


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  1. elior1 says:

    this was one of the best episodes in the show so far i loved it

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