Little Witch Academia Episode 10

Oh my god this episode was so cute. Once we got the love bee and mention of Andrew I knew what we were getting this episode and I loved it. I always thought Andrew and Akko looked cute together. They have differing personalities and ideologies but they made a pretty good duo a few episodes ago. And now…things may have changed?

Diana and her posse randomly show off to Akko and friends that they’re going to a fancy party full of nobles and the rich celebrating Andrew doing well in school, because they can. They make fun of Akko that she can’t go and this just makes Akko mad. So she and the girls decide to go and get themselves dresses. They got a Cinderella box which only dresses them up for two hours (not until midnight) so they can’t stay long. Akko and Lotte look like cute princesses, Sucy looks…like a devil but that’s very fitting for her. The girls sneak inside and are having fun eating until Andrew and Diana notice her and they make a bit of a scene. Andrew asks Akko to leave, to which she says no, and while they’re both arguing Sucy lets loose the love bee and the craziness begins when Andrew is stung by the bee. Whoever gets stung with the bee falls in love with the first person they see, and the first person he saw was Akko.

They see them like that.

The bee is on the loose and stings everyone else and we get lots of weird and hilarious moments. Andrew’s friends get stung and all fall in love with Lotte, Diana gets stung and falls in love with Akko, but then she gets stung again and falls in love with herself. Which was so fitting it cracked me up.

Lots of sweet and nice moments between Andrew and Akko. And hilarious. He says the most cheesy love lines to her and tries to kiss her so she freaks out and runs off. But then later on there’s a nice moment with them when Akko overhears Andrew have a discussion with his father about the witches (Akko and co.) that crashed the party and getting rid of them, and not getting involved with them. Andrew basically has his whole life planned out by his father and he can’t aspire to be anything else, or just do anything else. He had to stop being “effeminate” playing the piano, which is bullshit, so Akko questions whether he even has any dreams. Again she tells him how much she’s having fun trying to accomplish her dream and being just like Shiny Chariot (the animation was pretty here btw). Of course she doesn’t know how much Andrew struggles with his father’s rules and the life he’s expected to have. He defends his father by saying that he’s a great statesman and good man and whatever, but Akko is right when she says that he’s a puppet of his father.

I had known that after the fiasco that happened at Luna Nova that Andrew had some sort of interest towards Akko, but I think it’s become something more this time. Sure, the whole romance thing that happened this episode was because of the bee, but I think the talk they had at the fountain still stuck with him, and his opinion on Akko has surely changed a lot. Frank could see that, and I could see that. Akko seems to have a thing for him too. u wu

Speaking of Frank!

Lotte and Frank! Wow! They’re so cute! After the bee was killed, the effects of the spell wore off from everyone. The boys that had loved Lotte before didn’t care for her anymore and it left her sad, and it left me sad too. But then Frank came out of nowhere and asked her out! Later Frank says that Lotte seems like such a kindhearted girl that he took an interest in her. But we find out after that Lotte turned him down, because she didn’t feel like in going out on dates with him if she didn’t have feelings for him, so they decided to just start out as friends. Aww, that’s so sweet! That made me really happy and I can’t wait to see the two of them together more. Hey, if Lotte and Frank do end up as a couple one day, then maybe they can double date with Andrew and Akko. :)


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  1. This episode puts a smile on my face every time I see it. And I watched it like 5 times and it still does

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