Gabriel DropOut Episode 9: Christmas and New Year’s Eve Surprise

Merry Christmas!


As ever, I keep oscillating between feeling sorry for Satania and feeling nothing but pleasure from her suffering. The dog slapping her face repeatedly and eating multiple pieces of melon pan in front of her was absolute gold. That was an underrated scene, they should have made more out of that. Normally Vigne would have stepped in to placate Raphi, but this time Satania was being a little too disruptive. Poor Vigne just wanted to celebrate Christmas in peace, despite the fact that demons really shouldn’t be doing things like that. She’s the cutest. I love how she’s so earnest about things like this. The irony, of course, is that in trying to get Satania to celebrate with them, she ended up commercialising it and saying it was just about cake and presents, which is exactly the wrong message to send when educating someone about Christmas. Actually, that might make Vigne the perfect demon. Instead of causing havoc like Satania wanted to, wouldn’t it be the ultimate ‘demonic deed’ to celebrate Christmas for all the wrong reasons, advocating a culture of commercialism and consumer spending and making people forget it’s actually about Jesus Christ? I don’t want to break Vigne’s heart, though. I want her to think she’s being a good girl. Look at that smile. A smile worth protecting.

Oh wait, wrong smile.

That’s better. I think Raphi is pretty good at protecting her own smile. Also, it’s really adorable that she’s set a picture of their Christmas party as her phone wallpaper. Vigne is such a darling.

So is Gab dead? I can’t imagine her surviving a trip back to Heaven without any games. Think of how many in-game events she’d be missing. I’m not sure whether there’s any follow-up to this, but I’d love a scene with her slowly losing the will to live in Heaven while trying to keep up her image. It’d be a perfect opportunity to more Tapris too. I’m actually surprised that Heaven doesn’t already know – don’t angels and demons have to send reports back or complete surveys and stuff like that? And their stipend goes down depending on how angelic (or demonic) they’re being? So I’d imagine that Heaven already has an idea that Gab isn’t all she makes herself out to be. Satania had, as usual, the extremely stupid idea of trying to get herself into Heaven – but the more important question I had at the time was, why is Heaven and Hell in the same… location? I always imagined them as, I don’t know, in completely different dimensions? From what we’ve seen of both, they seem to fit their usual stereotypes. Bit weird that they’d all take the same transmission charm together and end up at an island with an obvious border between the two. Not that there’s even anything stopping people from crossing to the other side, until they get to customs at least. Maybe Heaven should build a great, big wall to keep all those bad demons out. And make Hell pay for it!


I love cute things.

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