Gabriel DropOut Episode 11: Fun Forever After…

Tapris is platinum cute.


Wait, what? I was expecting an episode about Gab and Raphi sneaking Satania into Heaven! The actual episode turned out to be brilliant and so I’m not too miffed in hindsight, but I thought we had a nice little arc going. The first half was all about how Satania, at heart, is a big softie and a good girl. Which made me smile so much. And it was a little unexpected, too – because both her and Vigne are failed demons, but in different ways. It’s only Vigne whose reason for being a failure is because she’s too nice. Satania is fully into the whole demonic deed thing, she just isn’t very good at it. And after everything that dog’s done to her, from eating her melon bread in front of her while she was tied up to almost peeing on her face, I wouldn’t have been surprised at all if she acted like she’d won after seeing the dog get driven away. It’s aggrieved Satania to the point that I’m not sure what sort of part Raphi has to play in its torment of her anymore. It certainly seemed like she was pulling the strings the first few times, but now it’s looking more like the dog just clearly likes melon bread a lot and genuinely likes messing with Satania too. Raphi can’t possibly be that persistent with making it do stuff. I think.

So it actually warmed my heart to see Satania going to such lengths for that dog, after all their history together. It’s a cute dog, right? I’m not a fan of large dogs (and I’m a cat person in general) but the small dogs aren’t so bad. She might be annoyed by it, but clearly she doesn’t actually want it to die. And the others (even Vigne) didn’t look like they were interested in taking it in, or cared enough to do so. Although Gab did play an important part in getting the coffee shop owner to allow pets in his apartment complex so Satania wouldn’t have to go live in Russia or something. It was an episode of goodness, and everyone doing uncharacteristically kind things! Master-san must be freaking rich, though. Looks like I shouldn’t have bothered worrying about his finances like I did when he was first introduced. Even if no-one comes to his coffee shop, he can easily live off an entire complex’s worth of rent and have his shop as a side hobby. Assuming they’re all let out, that is, which they might not be if he’s got flyers circulating around. If they’re just empty apartments, then RIP.

It was also a Tapris episode! Is it just me, or has Tapris become cuter? As in, a lot cuter? She was fine before, but it feels like something was different today. Maybe it’s because we don’t see her regularly? Even when she was just standing at the traffic lights the only thought running through my head was how platinum cute she was. And the undiluted levels of adorable almost killed me during the computer scene. She’s not fit for bullying in quite the same way as Satania is, but I think I’d get a lot of enjoyment from making her embarrassed and seeing her flustered expressions. And then afterwards I’d gently teach her how to use her hamster and her strange board.

Strangely, today’s episode title makes it sound like it’s the finale (and I had to double-check to make sure that it wasn’t) but that’ll be next week instead. Complete with Gab’s onee-chan! I love onee-chans. From Gab’s reaction to being told she was visiting, I have a feeling that’s she’s most likely an ‘ara ara’ and a model angel, even more perfect than Gab was herself. Why else would she react like she’d get killed and dragged back to Heaven if her sister ever found out that she hasn’t been living her life correctly?


I love cute things.

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