Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil Episode 5: My First Battalion

Tanya shows her ruthless side again. I felt so bad for the troops taking on her harsh training, but it was hilarious seeing Tanya with a dumbfounded expression when they continued on their training after the avalanche.

We get back into the action with this episode. With the help of the overly efficient Viktoriya and many “tests”, Tanya has gathered her battalion. Not all of them passed the test she used and she had to lower the standards for the mages, and she asked for one month to train them all. Zettour made it clear Tanya could get a little rough with them, and of course she would. Visha knew it was going to get bad. And yeah it kinda did as airstrikes rained down on them for 36 hours. And after that Tanya made them all march for two days to reach a certain destination. Some of them were breaking down and one of them yelling made them cause an avalanche but luckily none of them died. Hoping this would all scare these men away, Tanya was left surprised to see them continue. They have all passed her training and now they have all become an official battalion.

It’s then that Tanya’s battalion is to be sent off to the southeastern border to fend off the Dakian army and boy did they do that. THEY DID THAT. It was a complete one-sided massacre on their part. The mission pretty much served as the battalion’s live-fire training as the Dakian army had no mages, no aerial troops, and just a lack in technology in general. Tanya and the others took the skies and were easily able to wipe out the army below them, as the Dakian troops feared for their lives. They then went off to find the HQ, which was out in the open, and another bloody massacred transpired. Honestly, it was a disaster for the Dakians. I wasn’t sure at first what real country the Dukedom of Dakia was supposed to represent. At first I thought it was Austria-Hungary…but…duh, they were allies with Germany. But comparing the map this episode with a map of Europe during WWI, I think it’s supposed to be Romania? I hardly remember much about WWI from what I learned in high school because I remember learning more about WWII. I don’t know if the Dukedom of Romania accurately represented one of these countries historically in their lack of technology at the time, which made them meet their demise. Either way, it was a little painful to watch.

Tanya takes it even further and they all fly to Dakia’s capital and shoot it down. But, for respect, Tanya gives the city the international wartime law announcement and it was unusually hilarious after such a bloody and intense episode. I don’t think Tanya meant to make herself sound like she was telling them all a kid’s prank, but it worked in their favor and they pretty much destroyed the city.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a crazy episode like this in the battlefields so this was a pleasant watch. Even though Tanya wasn’t excited about this battalion thing in the beginning so much, she seemed to have fun. Crazy monster.

Wondering to herself why she’s always around the crazy bitch.


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6 Responses

  1. LGM says:

    Yes the Dakians are supposedly WW1 Romania, in real life Romania join the war against Germany 2 years after WW1 started, they probably thought that with Russia by their side joining the is a safe way to gain something from Germany.

    They were horribly mistaken. It only takes the Central Powers months to conquered more then half of their country. They were lacking in Artillery, guns and training. The only reason Romania didn’t straight up lose the war in those few months was because Russia send a large part of their militarily as support.

    It is said that WW1 was prolonged for at least a year because the Central Powers managed to use the oils and other various natural minerals that Romania had to sustain their draining resources.

    • Berry says:

      Ah, thank you very much! I’m sorry for my lack of WWI knowledge, but this was an interesting read. Yikes…just seeing how badly the Dakians were murdered, poor Romania. I should actually brush up on my WWI knowledge as I watch this show, it’ll just make this all more enjoyable.

  2. Vantage says:

    Visha is cute! CUTE!

    I almost expected something to go wrong when they went up against the Dakians. Like it was some sort of ruse or intentional show of weakness, and that Tanya would be faced with a real challenge after the tables turned. But then nothing happened. They didn’t even have any visas.

    • Berry says:

      I thought so too. The fact that they looked bad was just to make them underestimate the Dakians but I was surprised when it was all the truth. Maybe it would have been more fun to see them struggle just a bit as we saw some of them were inexperienced (that one guy that was falling back for no reason), but…I guess it’s cool to see Tanya be cold-hearted too.

      The visa comment just made me think of the politics shit show we have going on here. Like dammit Tanya don’t shit on people that don’t have visas. D:

  3. Razgriz Invicta says:

    Fun fact. Dakia is more or less a changing of the name ‘Dacia’, which was the old Latin name for the region (and Roman province, from about 106 to 275 AD) that we know of today as Romania. There’s even a Romanian car manufacturer known as Dacia owing to the old name for the region.

    • Vlad the Impaler says:

      Dacia, which is now owned by Renault…also, the “capital” featured in this episode doesn’t resemble the now capital Bucharest, but more on the lines of Cluj-Napoca [the most important city in Transylvania…and “cultural capital]

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