Little Witch Academia Episode 5

As usual, Akko causes trouble and gets her and the others punished. Causing a fight in class with Amanda, Akko and Amanda are forced to clean outside. But soon they see a group of dragons fly above and steal the Sorcerer’s Stone. They try to go after them but they’re too fast, and since the stone is the source of their power, they lose the magic to fly. Now there’s no magic at all in the school and the girls have to do most of the work because the sprites that are usually around to cook and clean aren’t there. Now, Akko wants to find the dragons and get the stone back.

This was a pretty simple episode. Turns out in the end the dragon Fafnir stole the stone because the headmistress never sent him interest on their debt for an entire year. For whatever reason, Luna Nova owes Fafnir a lot of money and they haven’t paid it all back yet. Akko pointed out that he shouldn’t even care because he’s invested in stocks or something and has plenty of money, but he doesn’t care. But then Diana a.k.a. Ms. Thing struts in and announces that interest was never part of the debt. She knows this because she was able to read the promissory note Fafnir had made that was in Dragonese, that she is fluent in because why not. And she basically points out how Fafnir took advantage of the fact that the witches didn’t know how to read Dragonese so the debt was nulled and the false interest Luna Nova had to pay was returned.

As usual Diana was harsh but she also showed her caring side. She was harsh towards Akko, telling her that someone with her lack of skill could never go up against the dragons and that she always acts without really thinking. And…she’s not wrong. And then she told off Amanda saying that all she does is goof around and whatnot. But she shows her smart and caring side when she told everyone the truth and outed Fafnir in front of them. So we know Diana isn’t all that bad, she’s just too blunt.

Also, she’s too perfect. :/

We also got something to think about from Fafnir. We know that Luna Nova has been getting less students each year and he wanted to just buy the school before it would be worth nothing because the days of magic are ending. Now, he says, the current technology beats magic and that they should all accept it. First, it was kinda funny seeing a giant dragon sitting in front of a computer and knowing that he invests in stocks. Second, I hope this show touches on this topic more: Technology vs Magic. How badly has magic dwindled since technology took over? What are the ups and downs? Will magic die soon?

Akko certainly will never let that happen, so her enthusiasm should keep it alive.


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  1. Milferd says:

    Love it and the stock trading dragon. I assume the dragon melted down Grim a long time ago.

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