Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 Episode 4: A Betrothed for This Noble Daughter!

This is too lewd.


Wait, so Walther is actually a good person? Who’d have thought? Darkness is a noble with a high status in her own right, so unlike Kazuma, Aqua and Megumin, I didn’t think Aldarp had the guts to do anything too terrible to her. An arranged marriage felt just about right. I was also a little taken aback at first by how Lalatina wasn’t interested in Aldarp’s son in the slightest, given that the chances of him being a total silk pants, and therefore a perverted degenerate, with Aldarp as his father was rather high. There’s this stereotype for nobles to all be corrupt and immoral, after all. But it made sense when Walther was revealed to actually be a competent and chivalrous knight. He never gets angry, he isn’t an advocate of ‘true gender equality’, and he treats everyone with respect. Most often those types of characters end up hiding real, twisted personalities and serve as the last boss of a light novel volume, but Walther looks like the real deal. I have a feeling he, in turn, kind of expected Darkness to be the stereotypical stuck-up princess  who thinks she’s entitled to everything just because she’s cute or has money, which would explain why he intended to turn her down from the start until he learned she was also a decent person.

The irony is that Kazuma pretty much fits all of the attributes Darkness wants in a husband. All the way down to the mistreatment and the sexual harassment. Imagine if her father heard about that. I feel a little sorry for him, actually. He’s a good guy, but at the same time he might have a few screws loose of his own, if he walked into a room and saw a random adventurer over the unconscious, drenched and exposed body of his own daughter and later entrusted her to that same guy in an earnest tone before crying at the thought of him making her pregnant. He should be more concerned with who she’s having a baby with, like a normal noble. Speaking of which, this season of Konosuba feels like it’s featuring more hints of romance than last year’s season did. It might just be because we’ve been having specific character-centric episodes so far, so we’ll have to see what direction it all takes next week with Prosecutor-chan coming after Kazuma again.

Also, Aqua is back to normal. Heh.


I love cute things.

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