Demi-chan wa Kataritai – Episode 5 [Snow Woman-chan is Cold]

Yuki sits down with Tetsuo during her free class period  to explain more about her nature as a snow woman girl. She also mentions an event that served as a “trigger” to her worries about hurting others. Prior to Yuki starting high school, she found she could create ice crystals in her hot bath. Yuki began worrying that she could accidentally hurt someone by freezing them with her snow girl nature, and so once she started at her new school she started to distance herself from others.

Tetsuo gently points out that there is not a lot of information on snow people, noting that most of what is “known” comes from merely myths and folklore. Nothing  concrete. Yuki leaves at the end of break, giving Tetsuo a time to actually do his job. Just kidding, he spends the rest of the day studying up on snow women.

Yuki returns after school as per Tetsuo’s request, so he can try to get some more information from her. After noticing that she chills the air around her feet when she’s nervous, Tetsuo comes up with an experiment: he asks Yuki to dip her feet into a hot foot bath that he sets up for her. He then asks her to read some snow people tales from a book he was reading. As Tetsuo guessed, Yuki again creates ice crystals in the hot water without lowering its temperature. Tetsuo tells Yuki that she is only able to freeze her own tears and sweat when she is feeling nervous or depressed, and that she cannot hurt others with her demi nature. Yuki is so relieved that she starts crying. Having this knowledge means she can start opening up to others without worrying about hurting them.

The back half of the episode is comprised of two short scenes. The first is that Yuki takes Hikari up on her offer of getting ice cream with her and Kyouko after school. While they’re eating their snack, Hikari worries that Yuki no longer likes her much because she had put some distance between them. This was because Hikari noticed that Yuki didn’t like to be touched, and Hikari was trying to be considerate of her classmate.

However Yuki doesn’t miss a thing and she apologizes for giving Hikari a reason to think that she had to put some space between them. She thanks Hikari for being thoughtful, and says that it’s ok for the vampire to hug her. Hikari immediately asks if she can nibble on Yuki too, and though she’s initially wary, Yuki okays it. Hikari starts nibbling on her friend’s shoulder – through her clothes of course, and no skin is broken.

The next day at school, the three girls are eating lunch together when Tetsuo finds them. Yuki happily explains that Kyouko and Hikari invited her, and Tetsuo gently chides her for using their first names. Which is odd, because isn’t that what close friends do in Japan? Isn’t this level of familiarity something akin to a goal between friends or boyfriend/girlfriend? It just struck me as something odd for Tetsuo to be nitpicky of.

But this correction leads into a conversation about why Tetsuo and Hikari are super comfortable with each other and use nicknames and first names for each other, while Tetsuo still calls Kyouko and Yuki by their last names. This is where calling someone by their first name could be bothersome, because technically there should be formality between a student and their teacher in Japan, and yet Hikari and Tetsuo have been ignoring that.  Hikari mentions that she’s super casual with Satou-sensei too, calling her by her first name as if they were friends (Sakie).

The icing on the cake is at the very end of the episode when Yuki apologizes to her male classmate Satake-kun who had asked her to hang out earlier in the series. She thanks him for looking out for her when she fell ill in gym class, and invites him to hang out with her (and her female friends, unbeknown to him). His very excited reaction (and then crushing realization) makes me think he has a crush on her.

My thoughts: I really like the format of this show. The first half of each episode usually focuses on one of the four demis, and then the latter half of the episode is made up of shorter scenes that are not relevant to the overall plot. I feel like it makes Demi-chan much more lighthearted and fun.

I think that Tetsuo’s conversation with Yuki highlights that even in Demi-chan‘s modern society, there is not a lot of accurate information about demis. Heck Tetsuo points out in like the second episode that Kyouko is one of only three or four dullahans in the entire world! So it’s understandable that there is not much current information on demis, but it also explains why much of what is “known” comes from the media, outdated books, or myths and folklore which have been passed down through many generations. This is why Tetsuo’s thesis is so important – having firsthand knowledge and experiences with each of the four demis will help benefit the public by giving them updated, modern knowledge about demis. Amd not just children or adults, but demis who are both teenagers and adults.

Also, Hikari nibbling on her sister’s arm is fucking adorable. Enough said. <3

Can’t wait for next week’s episode!






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