Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 137

This episode in a summary: A whole lot of nothing!

Everything played out exactly as I predicted to happen. Shun and Kaito got their asses kicked, and the baton been passed to the Synchro Duelists Gongenzaka and Jack.

It is quite unfortunate how they need to stall these battles, especially when we all know who will emerge victorious. Taking away the suspense only takes away purpose of watching, especially when nothing super significant is going on, resulting an incredibly boring episode. Knowing how the pattern is right now, if I were not covering it, I would have probably chosen to wait a couple of weeks just so I could watch Episode 136 – 140 back to back presuming, by Episode 140 the story will be back on the freeway.

Of course it’s not like absolutely nothing is happening. Little progress is being made, but it frankly speaking, no one gives a crap about the on-going progress of the Dimensions warping and merging together once again. We aren’t tuning in because we care about that, we want to see Zarc wreck havoc as the invincible God-like, Supreme Dragon King he has made himself to be. (Seriously, he’s immune to everything, defying the laws of the game itself). Seeing everyone experiencing the instability, such as people from various realms are being sucked into vortexes all over the place is meh – especially when you see characters being astonishingly stupid, like beyond stupid, I can’t even comprehend how freaking oblivious they are of their surroundings. Sayaka pointing to the sky saying, “LOOK IT’S SHUN!” was equivalent to, “Oh look a butterfly!” as a volcanic ash-cloud comes charging down like a tsunami from behind. It was without a doubt the dumbest moment of the episode. And don’t even get me started on the dumb look on her face.

The joke continues with the baton being passed and the mantra of, “WITH THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP” that is never going to work because two of the four who have fought can’t even be considered friends with Yuuya. They are all convinced that they can reach Yuuya by conveying their feelings through the duel, just as he had taught them. But what’s really getting under my skin is how everyone’s focus is on Yuuya’s soul. Yes, Zarc is using his body, but there’s not enough attention being addressed to the other three, Yuuto, Yuugo and Yuuri. And to be quite frank, it is downright depressing, and irritating when you have characters who were closer to the others, such as Yuuto and Kaito. Shun called for Yuuto, but not Kaito, which makes NO SENSE AT ALL. Kaito should be calling for Yuuto, not Yuuya. And now Yuugo and Yuuri going to be neglected once again, all because there has been no relationship established among any of the other characters.

With Reiji and Reira just wandering around in circles because of the dimensions distortions, I have become more inclined to believe Sawatari is likely to be the one to represent the Pendulum duelists. Actually it’s something I would much rather see happening for the heck of it. My glimpse of hope of Sawatari getting back into the game again is based on a brief reaction he had during this episode. He heard something- most likely the dimension distortions – but one can hope for something actually important, right? I’m grasping straws here.

On the plus side, the OST was good, especially the tracks for Shun, as per usual. Also, I think Zarc’s Dragon Mutant Form is growing on me.

Next week, Jack and Gongenzaka gonna get annihilated in high fashion, because there is only room for one King.


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29 Responses

  1. aramire77 says:

    Don’t worry, Sawatari will Duel after Jack and Gongenzaka are defeated. Sawatari won’t be alone, of course. It would be beyond stupid if he challenge Zarc alone after seeing his overwhelming power.

    I’m also frustrated that Yugo and Yuri are neglected. Well, Yuri is more understandable though since he doesn’t have any friend, he is an enemy, and not to mention that he was wholeheartedly embracing Zarc’s wish to become one so he most likely doesn’t wish to be saved or anything. Yugo, however, he is not mentioned at all! And this is because the writers didn’t bother to make him establish a relationship with at least one of the Lancers or such. In Japanese, Kaito did say “Yuya to Yuto-tachi o tasukeru made” (lit. Until we save Yuya and Yuto and the others), but in the end it’s more to Yuya and Yuto only. (TT_TT)

    By the way, nice to see that you uploaded this review earlier than usual :D

    • Eva says:

      I stayed up late (till 1AM) for this one since I knew I wasn’t going to have much time today. :)

  2. Yithar says:

    I think I’m still watching this show just because of sunk cost. I invested time into it so now I have to see it to its end.

    I agree Zarc is just way too overpowered. Like even in ZeXaL with Heraldry Crest’s ability to negate all effects of every monster, Lion Arms had the ability to equip to Hope Ray and Yuma stated that that effect could not be negated. But with Zarc it’s like nothing works because even effects don’t work. In 5Ds, even Sleeping Giant Zushin had a weakness that it only negated the effect of the monster that battled against it.

    Well, Yuuya is the main character and everyone has been saved by his ideals of Entertainment Dueling to bring smiles to everyone. I get the feeling they were both trying to call out to both Yuuya and Yuuto. Shun said at the beginning of the duel, “zettai torimodoshite miseru, Yuutowo, Yuuyawo!” (We’ll definitely get you guys back, Yuuto, Yuuya!) He also said “mewo samase, Yuuto, Yuuya!” (Come to your senses, Yuuto, Yuuya!) before attacking. As far as I can tell, unless I’m missing something, Kaito only called out to Yuuya in his monologue, and that goes back to the whole egao thing. In his monologue he says, “Yuuyaya Yuutotachino kokoroga mada nokotteiruno nara, kondo oretachiga du-rude kataru ban da!” (If Yuuya and Yuuto’s hearts still exist, then this time it’s our turn to talk through dueling!”)

    I agree about Yuugo. There should have been more relationship building. It seems like he didn’t really have many friends in the Synchro Dimension for some reason. But with Yuuri’s personality, I don’t see anyone forming a good relationship with him anyways, plus as stated by someone else he wanted to fuse to form Zarc.

    • Eva says:

      Yeah Yuuri would be the exception, but poor Yuugo :( Precious baby doesn’t have anyone except Yuzu and Rin.
      Ugh I wish they had formed a relationship of some sort instead of constantly keeping him and the others out of contact for the longest time.

      • aramire77 says:

        In Synchro Dimension, Yugo introduced Yuzu the the residents of the orphanage where he and Rin are living, right? Maybe he does have a quite close relationship with them, but most likely the writers simply thought it’s not so important and decided to just focus Yugo with Rin and Yuzu.

      • AND Yuzu’s bracelet was the one who kept zapping them all away. Speaking of which, I’m kinda annoyed that we only got to see Yuzu’s bracelet doing its duty while the other three bracelets were totally useless.

        • Eva says:

          That too. Why Yuzu’s bracelet is the only one that did anything is beyond me. Selena’s bracelet had more than one opportunity to do the same.

          • 75chaosflare says:

            Basically because it was probably going to be worked but like Yuzu and many other things they were shafted/rushed through out of sheer laziness which ended up pissing me off for various reasons.

            • We’ve seen the likes of Anzu, Asuka, AKI (Sighs… What happened to her after the Dark Signers arc…) & Rio (Well, AT LEAST she’s actually plot relevant as a Barian “Empress”) being treated more like boobs & fanservice in the past, but the way they shafted the bracelet waifus in various lazy ways is the most solid evidence that Yugioh really hates female characters/duelists being too prominent.

        • aramire77 says:

          And I don’t think we will ever see the other bracelets doing its duty since the series is going to reach its end soon. So frustrating the writers neglected many things in this series despite its potentials.

          Now that I think about the Duel against Zarc in the previous and this episode, why do they even bother to intrude the Duel when they only watched and didn’t even try to save their comrades from defeat? I know that Zarc is overpower and all, but I expected them to at least try to do something instead of standing by.

          • I’m hoping that the upcoming female protagonist of the 6th Yugioh series will be even better than Yuzu.

            Though by that time Eva will be taking her indefinite hiatus for real… ;_;

    • aramire77 says:

      Sorry my bad, I remembered it wrong. It was Shun saying “Ore wa konna tokoro de owaranu. Oretachi no omoi wo Yuya to Yuto-tachi ni todokeru made wa”. (I won’t end at a place like this. Not until we deliver our feelings to Yuya and Yuto and the others). He said it before he activated Rank-Up Magic Revolution Force.

  3. Virginia says:

    Dimensional counterparts is a good idea but only if you can make them become a separate entity with separate and deep relationships with other characters.

    Arc V failed on that count with Yuto, Yuto, Rin, Ruri, and many other non-counterpart characters.

    • Eva says:

      TT ^ TT Missed opportunity for something really cool. Concept is there, but the execution failed. :(

  4. We kick-start 2017 where Zarc just annihilated Team Fusion and will now take on Team Xyz.

    • Now before I stamp my commentary… “Notice how they conveniently left out how Gongenzaka was freed from the card.”… Correction Eva, it was CROW who was carded by that BATTLE BITCH, not THE MAN himself because he was saved by ZA KINGU.
    • Umm… Not sure how I feel about King’s Lanius as my early New Year gift. At least THIS time Shun is allowed to summon Rise Falcon during his first turn without any headdesks from the IRL audience.
    • SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS! Zarc has a New Year gift for us too!
    • Holy lord, THIS Dark Rebellion looks WAY cooler than the original version.
    • Ladies and gentlemen, cherish this episode, for this is the LAST time we will see Shun jumping and gliding through the skies before landing on his Ruriraptors like a resident badass.
    • Even Shun missed the good old days when Yuzu was still important to the plot, and Yuto going One Punch Man against him during the early frantic days of Ruri searching was just as memorable.
    • Let’s see the potential of THIS Dark Rebellion being more broken than the original version…
    • THE MAN Gongenzaka and Sawatari FINALLY returned to the show.
    • WTF… The Supreme King’s Dark Rebellion is literally a Quick-Play Dark Requiem.
    • This new Ruriraptor protection card is a faster & unfortunately a weaker Overlay Breast Armour.
    • Here comes KAITOFUCKER establishing his usual starting board with those FRIED CIPHER WINGS. What a big fucking surprise.
    • No KAITOFUCKER, you can’t just turn the Supreme King himself or his “Servants” into a low-life Xyz scum.
    • Reiji, why are you following Reira’s misdirecting instincts?! He is DEFINITELY gonna fuck you up soon with his imaginary friend.
    • On a side note: I’m getting real tired of characters wandering around like headless chickens in this show and doing NOTHING… And Reira is scared of seeing the “ghosts” drifting around in this “Instant Neo Space”- umm nope, it’s actually “Distortion World”.
    • Now they are sucked into a vortex…Does this means that they’re gonna get killed of permanently like Roger?
    • … I guess not… How convenient that Allen & Sayaka arrived at the spot where Shun & KAITOFUCKER are dueling Zarc.
    • Here comes Shun’s obligatory duty to promote more Rank-Up Magics…
    • Even Shun is influenced by KAITOFUCKER’S bad habit of stealing Yusei’s schitck… (Soon, Quasar is gonna eat those clowns…)
    • I don’t see how these super-situational RUMs are gonna be released IRL because that’s a very stupid combo they just played.
    • Despite all this time, Shun STILL couldn’t deliver us a Rank 12/13 Bird & a Rank-Up Magic searcher after his last moves in this show.
    • Okay, I’m legitimately pissed off now. As much as THIS Dark Rebellion looks cool, I’m getting really tired at how bullshit it is.
    • HOORAY!!! THIS TIME SAYAKA IS DEAD… For good I hope. Gotta feel sorry for Allen though.
    • Team Xyz is done, but Gongenzaka… I appreciated that you saved Birdman, but WHY DON’T YOU JUST LET KAITOFUCKER FALL TO HIS DEATH?!!
    • Oh god, as much as I’m glad that Sayaka is dead, I’m mad that KAITOFUCKER is still alive. I hope that Jack “accidentally” runs him over.

    THE BATON HAS BEEN PASSED TO TEAM SYNCHRO! But it’ll be excruciatingly painful to watch Gongenzaka and Jack lose because the plot demands that they lose.

  5. revolutionhippo says:

    But Gongenzaka was never carded…
    Anyway, I actually really liked this episode. Maybe it’s just because I like Shun, because it was more based on the visuals. I just really enjoyed seeing Shun fly around on his falcons as he fought Zarc, it was a lot cooler a visual than Sora and Edo dueling in that bland area of Academia. The sky being all distorted looked at least a little more end-gamey too. But the substance of the episode was pretty lacking. I even felt like Zarc pulling out Dark Rebellion was just a “screw you” to the rules.
    Shun calling out for Yuto was my favorite thing of the episode, probably. I was really worried going in that no one would mention Yuto and everyone would forget Shun was even friends with him. Instead, that was Kaito, who just sort of proved that he really has no reason to be here. He was calling out for Yuya despite having only met him twice and one of those times being an attempt to defeat and card him (also it’s weird that Shun had the necklace in that case). Kaito should care WAY more about Yuto, and he even indicated that back in ep 102, but I guess the writers forgot about it.
    Next episode probably will be more of the same, but at least I love Gongenzaka and Jack, and it looks like the animation will be good. Plus it looks like the duel takes place on the road, but Gongenzaka doesn’t have a D-Wheel, which might be funny to watch.
    Also, I think what Sawatari heard was the sound of Jack’s D-Wheel. I could be wrong. Speaking of Sawatari, I assume his eventual tag partner will be Reiji, but since Reiji and Reira are still out doing… something(?), I wonder when he’ll even show up.

    • Eva says:

      Wait he wasn’t carded.
      **** You’re right, my memory got screwed up, will edit.
      Gongenzaka was MIA for so long, I ended up thinking he was carded LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

    • “I just really enjoyed seeing Shun fly around on his falcons as he fought Zarc”

      Like I said in my commentary, cherish this episode, because we won’t see Shun doing his edgy stunts anymore. :(

      “Kaito, who just sort of proved that he really has no reason to be here.”

      Took the words out of my mouth. Out of all the legacy characters, KAITOFUCKER is the only one that ended up angering A LOT of people. WHY?!! Because he’s a dickhead with a shit personality and that fake edginess was beyond pathetic. We’ve always been told that Academia was able to destroy Heartland with such ease it left everyone scratching their heads, heck we even got to know how the Resistance’s Spade branch was annihilated by Tyler sisters… Actually, the TRUTH was NOT because Yuto & Shun departed to search for Ruri in the Standard Dimension, it was because Kaito still tried to shove his edgy drivel to the point those Resistance members couldn’t take it anymore, they got mad and ganged up at Kaito… and ended up being defeated and carded just to satisfy Kaito’s doses of fake edginess. KAITOFUCKER also dueled too much even by a legacy character’s standards and hooked TOO MUCH screentime from other characters (like stealing Asuka’s spotlight to duel Dennis) for what? Just to demonstrate how “powerful” the wannabe duel champion is by using the same FRIED CIPHER WINGS to go for that GECD and subsequently steal shit to kill people, rinse and repeat, yawns. We had multiple occasions to see him die, like in episode 105 when we begged Shun to avenge us, but he lost because KAITOFUCKER cheated! Even in episode 109, I prayed that Obelisk Force would squash him to dust with their legions of doomsday (Ancient Gear Chaos Giant) but they got rekted instead, which infuriated me even more. Finally the moment came when Yuri managed to defeat this overrated asshole… But he chose to LET HIM LIVE! Which is why I’ll cheer when Jack “accidentally” kills this KAITOFUCKER with his Wheel of Fortune when he is lying down on the highway.

    • aramire77 says:

      Speaking about the road, there wasn’t supposed to be a road like that in the first place in Fusion Dimension, right? I bet that road appears because of the dimensions integration. It feels like they’re purposely doing this to give a fitting battlefield for Jack so he can keep riding on his D-Wheel.

      I won’t spoil who since you don’t seem to like spoiler, but Reiji won’t be Sawatari’s partner in his upcoming Duel against Zarc.

  6. Yugioh Fan says:

    I defiantly agree with what some others have mention, Yugo deserved more time to interact with others, because right now the Lancers and all their allies are just trying to save Yuya and Yuto, I also agree that with how evil Yuri is and how he wanted Zarc to revive he doesn’t deserve someone trying to help him.
    Although I have to disagree with a lot of people saying that Kite(Kaito) and Aster(Edo) are not Yuya’s friends, I mean they may not be as close to him as Shay(Shun) and Sora are, but they are still his friends, because Yuya just like other Yugioh protagonists and other main characters in general, Yuya can be friends with anyone, just like Jaden(Judai) from Yugioh GX and Usagi from the 90’s Sailor Moon, all these characters have the same trait that Neos once pointed out to Jaden(Judai) in Season 3.
    Neos: “Your greatest strength is your ability to see the best in people, you believe no one is beyond saving.”
    That’s exactly why these 3 characters I mention(Yuya, Jaden and Usagi) and many others are such great heroes because they show mercy and try to help people instead of just trying to kill and crush them, and they intern teach the ones they help this great trait as well. They can be friends with anyone, even old enemies, like BB and Aster(Edo).
    So Kite(Kaito) and Aster(Edo) are Yuya’s friends, but as I mentioned in a post in episode 135 there are different levels of friendship depending on how much time and how close he is with people:
    Level 1: People he’s friendly with, but hasn’t interacted with too much(ex. the Tyler Sisters, BB, the kids from Synchro, Shinji, Tony, Damon and Lulu(Ruri)).
    Level 2: People he’s spent a little time with and has gotten to know somewhat(ex. the cook(Reed), Allen, Sayaka and Chojiro)
    Level 3: People who he’s spent a good amount of time with, has gotten to know a decent amount, and has fought along side(ex. Shay(Shun), Silvio(Shingo), Crow, Moon Shadow(Tsukikage), Aster(Edo), Kite(Katio), Celina(Serena), Riley(Reira) and Jack).
    Level 4: People he’s know for a very long time, or has gotten to know them extremely well in the short time he’s spent with them(ex. Gong, Sora, the kids from Standard, Yuto and Zuzu(Yuzu)).
    P.S. I would just like to say how much I(and I presume others) appreciate your work Eva, since you mentioned you stayed up until 1 AM to get this blog done, I hope you were able to get enough sleep, you truly do amazing work.

    • 75chaosflare says:

      I really don’t know why you brought up Tony since he literally had no interaction with any of those characters whatsoever including Yuya. The majority fits better as acquaintance rather than friends. Edo and Kaito are certainly acquaintances rather than friends to Yuya.

      Lastly, I’m pretty sure Shark said that like to Yuma back at Zexal after their final duel and really it made more since for him than Judai(Jaden).

      • Yugioh Fan says:

        1st off I would just like to say I respect your opinion and I am not trying to prove you wrong, I’m only trying to defended what I believe, which is most of these people are Yuya’s friends. So I hope we can discuss this matter, on a show we both enjoy, in a calm and orderly fashion.
        Okay true Yuma was also the kind of guy who could be friends with anyone, just like Jaden(Judai) as mentioned by Jim in episode 138 and Neos in episode 151, Yuma also just like Yuya tried to turn his enemies good rather then crush them.
        Level 1 can be acquiescent, but the other levels are his friends, despite having only known most of these people a short time, there are many examples that shows he cares for many of these people like friends:
        1.) He expresses concern for Silvio(Shingo) when he starts losing to Security in episodes 56 and 63.
        2.) He is sad that Chojiro is sent to the underground in episode 69.
        3.) He is concerned for Riley(Reira)’s safety in a majority of the Syncro Arc.
        4.) He fights hard and desperately to protect Celina(Serena) in episodes 90 to 92, along with Zuzu(Yuzu) but it goes without saying Level 4 people don’t need defending.
        5.) He is concerned for Sayaka when she disappears in episode 107 and even tries to stop Allen from going off alone to search for her, because he’s concerned for his safety in a city full of Duel Academy troops.
        6.) He shows great concern for Shay(Shun) when he’s injured in episode 109.
        7.) He’s very sad to see people he cares about carded like Moon Shadow(Tsikikage) in episode 117 and Crow in episode 119.
        8.) He tries to free Lulu(Ruri) and Celina(Serena) from the parasites, in Lulu(Ruri)’s case that’s more because of Yuto, but for Celina(Serena) he’s trying to save her, reminded her of how Zuzu(Yuzu) and the Lancers showed her about friendship and fighting for what’s right.
        9 and the most important Example.) Most of these people all appear in Yuya’s mind in episode 134, when he’s fighting off Zarc’s control, by remembering all the people he cares about and who he’s fighting for.

        • 75chaosflare says:

          They are not that important Yuya despite how much concern the show will put out especially when they barely interact and really barely have any decent chemistry. Acquaintances fits because how much lack of chemistry they have. They know one another and can respect one another but that doesn’t mean they can friends or buddy-buddy. An example would be Yuya getting pissed in episode 45 after seeing the Knights carded. He was more basically pissed because of Yuto’s PTSD and him seeing innocent people getting carded for the first time rather than guys he barely knew; same as when he saw Sora card Hikage, he got pissed because a person he thought he known well carded a random person right in-front of him. Just because Yuya shows concerns for people doesn’t automatically means they are his friends. You can see him be concern with random strangers but that doesn’t mean he’s friends with them. All I’m saying is the show goes a bit too premature with things kind of things, especially with how rushed it is. When I said Tony never mattered, he literally never mattered; the same can go a lot of others.

          Yuma and Judai(Jaden) are somewhat different in their own way.

      • Hahaha, we only remembered Tony because of that BOTTOMLESS TRAP HOLE. Afterwards, he was rekted by Serena… Okay, this actually infuriated me a little… Serena may have won lots of duels, but most of it were done offscreen against irrelevant fodders. She practically only had TWO important plot duels again Yugo and Yuya/Yuto, the latter which she didn’t even use her Moonlights. SO WHY DIDN’T THE WRITERS MADE THIS TONY VS SERENA DUEL LASTING FOR ONE EPISODE INSTEAD OF SHOWING US YUYA’S MANPAIN EVERY SINGLE MINUTE IN EPISODE 70?!! I wanted Moonlights to actually prove their true worth in the show BEFORE that duel against Yugo…

  7. 75chaosflare says:

    As a whole it was meh at best with what easily predictable. I will admit that I enjoyed Gon being Gon(at least until he’s shafted again). But I’m annoyed that Jack instantly got what the hell was going on. Lastly, you could easily not include Sayaka and Allen in this episode and nothing of value would have been lost. I can’t say much but Zarc is less of a character with no personality and more of a plot device as well as more hype than character.

    It honestly begs the question why does no one take a few seconds or at least a minute to look at the duel disks to read Zarc or any of his monsters effects as a way to plan more ahead? Yuya did it briefly in episode 108, so I don’t really see why anyone else can’t. Now it makes them look nothing but idiots.

    • “you could easily not include Sayaka and Allen in this episode”

      I have nothing against Allen, but this episode proves why Sayaka is so useless we can’t even bother to care about her.

      “Zarc is less of a character with no personality and more of a plot device”

      Actually… You’re right. As much as I want Zarc to wreck havoc (WITHOUT dueling, because he didn’t even do that when he destroyed the world in the past) I’m getting really tired at how he always brought up various ridiculous effects and changed the rules every 5 minutes just to ensure that he won’t lose.

      “no one take a few seconds or at least a minute to look at the duel disks to read Zarc or any of his monsters effects”

      Like you said, the writers made them idiots. Actually, even if the combo involving those super-situational RUMs & Rank-Up Gravity worked somehow, Zarc would still gain more Life Points because of the Supreme King Gates’ Pendulum Effects, and don’t forget the various bullshit effects Zarc created for HIS Dark Rebellion.

    • Yugioh Fan says:

      I agree Zarc needs more character, he’s so bland, he barley laughs manically, he hasn’t insult any of his opponent attempts to get through to him, hopefully the English dub can give him more character, in fact I already have some ideas for lines in this episode:
      (After Shay(Shun) summons Rise Falcon)
      Zarc: You call that an Xyz monster, let me show you a real Xyz monster, I overlay my darkwurms.
      Kite(Kaito): What!
      Shay(Shun): How can he Xyz summon during my turn?
      Zarc: Because this monster can be summoned whenever you guys Xyz summon. Allow me to introduce you, you both remember Yuto’s Dark Rebellion, well here’s it’s new and improved version Supreme king Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon!
      Kite(Kaito): Look what he did to Yuto’s dragon.
      Shay(Shun): He infected it with darkness, and turned it in to something evil.
      Zarc: Really, I think it looks better this way.
      (After preforming all their Rank Ups and saying they’ll save Yuya and Yuto)
      Zarc: Oh please, even if Yuya and Yuto could resiste my control, it would take more then those weak moves to reach them. Let me show you why, I return Dark Rebellion to my extra Deck, which not only brings back my Darkwurms, it also reduces the attack points of all your Xyz monsters to zero!
      (After Gong and Jack join the duel)
      Zarc: Ah more friends here to try and save Yuya. Don’t worry I’ll deal with you soon, but 1st I must finish these fools. Go Darkwurms annihilate there monsters!

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