Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil Episode 1: The Devil of the Rhine (First Impression)


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5 Responses

  1. Sarnik says:

    The point about character design is definitely a major turnoff for a lot of viewers. Apparently the character designer for this show has been mainly doing fujo works for the past few years and hasn’t really touched characters like Tanya or Visha. A shame really.

    In terms of source material, the first episode covered chapter 3 and a little bit of chapter 4. I expect them to show flashbacks later on, but at this point I have no idea how this show is going to pan out.

  2. Elmithian says:

    The major problem I have with the show is their liberty to adding new stuff that logically makes no sense considering the in-world lore. And the Toilet Horsies thingie the squad they were fighting against was sitting on do not exist in the original source material, and that is good since they only make for a tasty and round target in comparison to a small human that can weave and dodge around with much better ease.

    On top of that, *any* gear they use to give them thrust into the sky using magic like that is nonsensical since their medallion (or whatever they are call) already do that job, just in much more efficient manner and without illogical things like “one leg thruster”.

    All in all, I will give it 3 episodes, but with how much has been thrown away and unnecessarily added into just the first episode I don’t have high hopes, in fact, the 1st episode effectively squashed almost all my hopes.

    Sure, it me a decent show if you haven’t read the Manga or the LN but even without the knowledge I aquired there about this world, I would still be utterly dissapointed when I saw the gear they use to fly with… on both sides. On top the lack of any kind of armor or helmets in both squads (the enemy squad was supposedly a squad of aces, namely a *named*/elite squad) I just felt my heart drop the more and more I watched, and that end with the MC reveal about letting them die was so overly dramatized while there are a lot of other better examples in the actual source materials.

    That is my stance on it. As a fan of the original material and having at minimum basic strategic and military knowledge it is an utter disappointment.
    And if I had never read the LN or the Manga it would be questionably decent at best with rather hilariously over-dramatized “twist” at the end.

    So my verdict is:
    As a fan of the LN and Manga: 4/10 – it is a disappointing first episode with nonsensical changes of the original material
    As a person going blindly in: 6/10-6.5/10 – The female character art is bizarre and stands out like a sore thumb, there are numerous illogical gear being used and overall the enemy, that was clearly supposed to be veteran were underwhelming and under-equipped for the supposed situation they were in (a war zone)

    • Berry says:

      Interesting. I’ve also seen many fans of the LN being disappointed in this episode. Seeing as how I’ve never read the original source material, I thought this episode to be fine, but I’ve seen comments saying that they changed the material a lot. I don’t know if the story is still the same but judging from your reaction, probably not. I’m sorry you don’t like it as much. :( It’s frustrating when the source material is changed so much. But this is the first episode, hopefully it’ll improve for you soon.

      And now that you point it out, I do find it strange that the mages don’t wear any sort of helmets or other protective gear. I know they can create barriers with their magic but going into the battlefield without any sort of protective gear is just crazy.

      • Elmithian says:

        Thanks for the reply. Indeed, the lack of helmets and armor only exists in the anime, in the manga and LN those are generally a given thing to wear. Here, for example is the starting page in the manga:
        Though not the best image, I think it shows decently her equipment.
        Here are the enemy flying troops in the same chapter:
        As you can see, no one seems very interested in taking of their helmet. Their clothing also makes logical sense.

        There is also plenty of military and strategic explanations made in the manga, though that isn’t something I am really gonna fault the anime for since such inputs can be tricky to do:

        But what I *can* fault them for is the Elite *Named* (aka. ace/veteran) squadron. Here is the the “Elite” unit they fought in the 1st episode in the LN/Manga version:
        A lot more sensible don’t you agree. Look more vicious and professional as well. Since you have seen the anime you should be able to compare and hopefully understand why some of us feel like the alterations/liberties NUT made are both odd and frankly, kind of illogical.

        And then there is the flying scenes, oh god, they are beautiful in the manga, really give off the feeling of speed:

        Sad considering I did not get the same feeling from the flying scenes in the anime.

        With that said, I would love to hear your thoughts on the manga if you do check it out. Personally I feel it is well drawn and consistent in its logic throughout (mostly).

        • Berry says:

          Hmm, yeah I understand. The elite force really do look much more vicious, and just plain cool! Too bad. Well, I’m still going to remain positive for the anime. When it comes to anime adapting novels or manga, I tend to not pay attention to the original source material since I think the anime adaptation should be able to stand on its own. Not to say that I didn’t appreciate you showing me this, because I really do. But let’s trust the studio for now.

          It’s rare I actually sit down and read manga but I’ll keep it in mind if the story still interests me in the end. :)

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