Urara Meirochou Episode 1 [First Impression]

This is way too lewd.


Stop! Stop giving me fetishes I never knew I had! I was already kind of a degenerate to begin with! I honestly had very little specific interest in loli navels, until now! Why is this happening to me?!

In hindsight, I should have noticed such lewdness from the OP. I took a glance at it yesterday, but at the time my main thoughts were that everyone looked cute and that hopefully it would be a miracle of the universe. I also immediately regretted taking that sneak peek, and ended up spending the whole of Friday resisting the temptation to just go without subs and try the raw (even though I would have understood maybe 70% of it at best). Now, having just watched the whole episode, all I can think of is that I want to do… things… to Chiya’s tummy. At least I’m not so far down the rabbit hole that I want her cold inside my body, right? R-right?

Seriously though. What a scandalous OP.

Kirara really outdid themselves. I hope there were many promotions and pay rises bestowed on whoever was responsible for getting Urara Meirochou serialised. It’s a fairly standard 4-koma Kirara manga, except it’s extra gay and extra lewd. In other words, the perfect CGDCT. Actually, let me take that back – the ideal CGDCT for me would be something like Gochiusa, and I think this leans more towards comedy on the spectrum whilst still somehow maintaining a balance between cute and lewd. And comedy is probably the most common archetype. There are many ‘brands’ (loosely defined) of CGDCT, and after all these years I’ve found that the comfy ones are my favourite. And by that I mean ‘pure’ comfy, almost by definition iyashikei – like Non Non Biyori, Aria or Flying Witch. None of those focus on lewd at all, and they happen to be the ones I like best. They also happen to be the rarest, not least of all because there’s a fine line between being comfy and being boring, and striking the correct balance is quite difficult to achieve.

Anyway. There’s nothing wrong with lewd, though! Kon and Koume may still be innocent now, but just you wait! All it’ll take will be a few more episodes and they, too, will be sharing indirect kisses and licking food off each other’s faces! Speaking of which, I think I’m supposed to be shipping them together as far as the OP is concerned, but for now I’m content with watching Chiya sexually harass everyone else. I’m also having a lot of trouble with deciding on best girl (as you do) especially since everyone in the cast is a best girl candidate. Especially Kon, who looks like she’d be super fun to tease. Except I keep thinking her name is Chiya because she looks like another Chiya. Yes, that Chiya. I’m also really confused about Saku. Is Saku a girl? She must be, right? Those extremely thirsty subordinates who wanted to catch Saku’s cold were girls, and therefore shouldn’t it logically follow that Saku is also a girl? Because every Kirara manga is a lesbian-only zone?

Before I forget, there’s also a plot in here somewhere. I think. It’s fairly obvious that Chiya’s mother is somewhere deep inside Meirochou, and that the story will revolve around Chiya and her friends improving as diviners in an attempt to qualify as Uraras and get the authority they need to travel through the various districts in the town. There are also related matters like exactly why Chiya was left with Setsu in the middle of nowhere by her mother as baby, and yet told to go all the way to Meirochou once she turned 15 in order to look for her. The extent to which the adaptation will build upon its premise remains to be seen, but I don’t really mind either way, so long as it’s cute.

As ever, the same caveat with regards to blogging applies to this as it did to literally every other CGDCT I’ve touched. I really want to do this, believe me, but I don’t know whether it’s physically possible to spend the next three months coming up with things to say apart from ‘Chiya a cute!’, ‘I’m going to marry Kon!’ or other similarly delightful one-liners. Subs are also an issue. Although they were released this week from a certain anonymous source that shall not be named, there’s no certainty (at least not as much as with proper fansub groups, not that many even remain after Crunchyroll killed them all off) that something like that will continue at a regular pace and time every week, and that sort of consistency is what I need given that my schedule is no longer as free as it was six years ago. Apparently a streaming service known as Anime Network Online will air the official subbed releases for Urara Meirochou on Saturdays, but that’s too long a wait and I have other stuff I’m interested in covering on Fridays and Saturdays. I also hear it’ll be using those garish yellow subs that were popular on VCR tapes back in the day, and I’d rather die than inflict that upon myself whilst enjoying the cutest girls of the season.

Me on the right.

Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed
Possibility of Blogging: Maybe for Kon


I love cute things.

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