Seiren – Episode 1 [First Impression]


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5 Responses

  1. davidsama says:

    I quite enjoyed the episode and will continue to watch such a good show, so far

  2. kinghumanity says:

    With every single line she says and every body gesture she makes, Hikari reminds me more and more of Iroha from Oregairu (same VA too), one of my favorite high school setting shows of all time. I’m definitely going to watch this, and I have no idea how vantage can come off with the impression that she’s unlikeable. :)

    • kinghumanity says:

      Just to add, I think Hikari is the slightly manipulative kind of character, not unlike Iroha. I see no reason for her character to be written poorly.

      Also yes, Ikuo is the best.

    • Vantage says:

      That’s why I asked whether it was strange, because I do love Iroha (makes you wonder whether Hikari’s character was planned out with the intention of having Ayaneru voice her from the outset). Both are manipulative, but it feels a lot more good-natured with Iroha. It just left a bad taste in my mouth (especially given the OST track at the time) to find out that Hikari was just using Ikuo so she could go on her extended mixer, especially since it wouldn’t really have cost her anything to tell the truth. There was also that line from Shouichi about her apparently having a boyfriend, which was confusing as she’s supposed to be a love interest. I guess the ‘loose JK’ impression I’m getting from Hikari is just too much for me compared to how it was for Iroha.

      Time will tell, I won’t write this off as a poor man’s Amagami just yet. Even if there’s no Ai, Miya or Ayatsuji-san… ;_; I hope cameos will happen if Shouichi visits Ikuo’s house.

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