Demi-chan wa Kataritai – Episode 1 [Tetsuo Takahashi Wants an Interview] [First Impression]

This show is adorable, like eating cotton candy while snuggling with kittens. It’s very sweet yet still funny, and while I knew going into the season that Demi-chan was going to be cute, I didn’t know just how cute.

Demi-chan focuses on demi-humans (aka “ajin”) who live alongside humans. The show focuses on a few specific species – succubi, vampires, dullahans, and a snow woman. The latter three are high school students, but the succubus in Demi-chan is the new math teacher Sakie Satou.

The main character of Demi-chan is high school biology teacher Tetsuo Takahashi, who is researching demi-humans so he can write about them for his college thesis. He laments that he’s never even met a demi-human, but by the end of the episode the number of “demis” he meets is up to four, much to his shock and (pleasant) surprise.

One of the aspects Demi-chan tries to highlight, in my personal opinion, is that while demi-humans are now accepted in mainstream society, they still face their own difficulties. For example, Sakie rejects a lot of physical contact with others and covers a lot of her skin because she tries to avoid evoking sexual thoughts from others. Hikari Takanashi is a sassy blonde vampire, but she has to deal with urges to suck the blood from others around her, plus she has a hard time coping with direct sunlight. The dullahan student, Kyouko Machi, is left somewhat physically limited by having to use both hands to carry her detached head everywhere. And the snow woman, Yuki Kusakabe, also has a hard time dealing with heat and is shown to get physically weak when her body temperature gets too high.

But these girls are, at the same time, still high schoolers. They’re rushing to finish their homework, and dealing with crushes and romantic feelings they don’t know what to do with. I expect that this show will focus on both some typical highschool problems and components of their lives as demis.

Anyways, once Tetsuo learns that Hikari has a twin sister who is *not* a demi, he asks Hikari if she wouldn’t mind telling him a little more about vampires. Hikari meets Tetsuo in his office and while she initially plays his questions off as jokes, the conversation does eventually turn a little more serious and Tetsuo is able to learn more about what he wants to know.

My thoughts: I’m in love with this show. It’s a slice of school life mixed with the supernatural, and it’s cute and fun too! I’m really looking forward to what happens next, what kinds of relationships will form between all the demis, and if Tetsuo will even publish his planned thesis by the end of the season. I suspect that one by one the other demis will step forward to offer to speak with Tetsuo in addition to Hikari; we’ve already seen Kyouko offer in this first episode.

I *love* both the opening and ending themes (“Original” by TrySail and “Fairytale” by Sangatsu Pantacia, respectively), and the animation is pretty high quality (in my opinion).  #foreveragraphicswhore

All in all, I’ve enjoyed my introduction to Demi-chan so much that it would take a pretty big screw-up on behalf of the production company for me to not blog it.


Possibility of Blogging: Guaranteed
Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed



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  1. Wanderer says:

    Best show of the season! So far, anyway. And of course, that’s in my personal opinion (which is always correct :P ).

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