Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 134

Yikes, this is not going well for Yuuya at all. in fact I am actually concerned Yuuri might win. You have to hand it to Yuuya though, for not being completely taken over by the darkness after his father was carded. I thought for sure that was his last hope of keeping him sane. He has now lost everyone.  Yuzu, his father, Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon and Yuuto (who told him he had faith in him that he would be able to pull him out of the darkness). It’s incredible how Yuuya is still hanging on, and it’s all thanks to Smile World. Since Yuuya received the card from his mother, throughout his journey across realms, it has served as his rock, his anchor to keep him grounded and true to himself. ygo-arc-v-ep-134-img-0000And Smile World is needed now more than ever. In such dire circumstances, it is not for the sake of bringing smiles to others, but to be used to protect Yuuya. It is the last shred of armor that has been furiously fighting off the darkness, threatening to take over in any moment. It is also important to acknowledge it was thanks to that card that Yuuya was able to still remember his father’s words of wisdom despite his despair. This is what made me incredibly proud of Yuuya, and Yuuto for working together, having faith in one another to prevent the inevitable from happening. Yet, whether they like it or not, it’s going to happen one way or another. Either they will merge varying on the result of the fight, or by default due to the ARC-V Project now in works (including Ray’s revival in process). It is also what makes this duel even more tragic. Regardless of Yuuya’s effort, he is going to lose one way or another, it’s just a matter of delaying it unless the Professor either attempts to kill Yuuya and Yuuri by blowing up the place in attempt to prevent them from merging, or actually has a plan (I doubt it) to serve as a counter-measure to prevent Zarc from being able to join them into the united realm (which I again, doubt would work anyways because of Clear Wing’s ability to travel between realms).

ygo-arc-v-ep-134-img-0022With Yuugo completely consumed by the darkness, there was no stopping Yuuri. It certainly doesn’t help that he now has three of the four dragons on his side (including Yuuto’s soul who comes paired with Dark Rebellion XYZ  Dragon). Yuuri’s soul is clearly the superior one as he is the only one who is embracing Zarc’s powers and shares the desire to become whole again. In fact he’s getting creepier the more he goes on about it.

It’s incredible to me how utterly pointless it is to have both Reiji and Reira at the scene. In fact I would feel a lot better if the two were just carded, solely because they are not doing shit. We know better that they don’t have to stand on the sidelines solely as spectators, they could always, you know INTERFERE – LE GASP – ! But nah, we can’t have any of that, this duel gotta focus on Yuuya and Yuuri. And as much as this duel is LONG overdue, with the stakes this high, and Yuuya fighting this all on his own, I think it would be better for two to get involved in the fight already. It would be one thing if they were to lose, but still- we have seen characters do all sorts of crazy stuff to force duels to end, or gain the upper hand, I would love to see some of that stuff be used for practical sake!

Next week, good lord, I don’t know how Yuuya is going to do this, but he’s going ot continue fighting. But honestly speaking, I am quite anxious how this ARC-V World is going to turn out, and how it’s ultimately (anticipated) to be broken up again.


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17 Responses

  1. Yugioh Fan says:

    I’m with yeah Eva, I to am skeptical if Yuya can actually win. This duel will end one of two ways, one Yuya wins and doesn’t absorb Yuri because he wouldn’t willingly do that but they combined anyway because of Leo activating Arc V, or two Yuri wins and forcibly absorbs Yuya and Yuto, just like he did to Yugo.
    I must say after watching this Yuri terrifies me even more, while the other three Yu boys struggle to resist the darkness of Zarc, Yuri has willingly given himself over to Zarc, and he looks like he’s getting high on the darkness. In fact, imagine how more insane he’d be once he gets Yuya and Yuto, he’s only at half power with himself, Zarc and Yugo, once he gets the other two theres no telling how batshit insane he’ll be. What’s also frightening is how much info Zarc gave Yuri, basically he told him everything and all of Yuri’s actions in this episode reflect this:
    1.) He put tuners in his deck so he could uses Clear Wing.
    2.) He needed Yuya and Yuto to get angry, so the darkness would consume them, so he edged them on by talking about Yusho.
    3.) If he could not get Yuya and Yuto to willingly give into the darkness, he could forces them to, by taking control of their dragons and magnifying the darkness in them, there by magnifying the darkness in the dragons respective Yu boy.
    Just like the Yu boys it appears the dragons are fighting the darkness, but if they fall into evil hands like Yuri the darkness in them all comes out and multiplies. If Yuya want’s to get Yuto back on his side, he must either take back Dark Rebellion, or destroy it. I don’t know if doing that to Clear Wing will save Yugo though, since he’s inside Yuri and Zarc’s probeley given him enough dark energy to suppress him completely. And the worst is undoubtedly yet to come, once Zarc get’s here. I have a bad feeling many more memorial services are on the way, speaking of which:
    Now a memorial service for Celina(Serena). Just imagine Yugioh Zexal’s 6th ending Challenge the Game playing in the background.
    Here are the images and clips I would chose in dedication to Celina(Serena).
    The first image would be when Celina(Serena) stared off against Declan(Reigi) at the end of episode 40.
    The second image would be when Celina(Serena) activated her spell to let her and Shay(Shun) escape Sora in episode 48.
    The third image would be when Celina(Serena) had Lion Dancer attack Clear Wing in episode 85.
    The first clip would be Celina(Serena) having Cat Dancer take down the security officer in episode 56.
    The second clip would be when Celina(Serena) had Panther Dancer take down Tony in episode 70.
    The third clip would be when Celina(Serena) told Riley(Reira) and Yuya that she would protect herself in episode 91.
    The last clip would be when Celina(Serena) while brainwashed tried to grab and action card before Yuya in episode 125.
    The last image would be Celina(Serena) ready to face off against all the security officers in this episode 56, this image would turn grey to symbolize Celina(Serena) demise.

    • aramire77 says:

      It’s very sad that no matter how much Yuya tries his best, Zarc’s revival will happen whether he win or lose against Yuri. I have to agree that Yuri was terrifying in this episode. He is even more sadistic than during his duel against Yusho. Some people, including myself, have a change of mind about Yuri after watching this episode. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Yuri, but now after watching this episode, I prefer the manga Yuri than the anime Yuri.

      Since Zarc is going to be revived, I hope this mean we can finally see Zarc’s face in the anime.

  2. 75chaosflare says:

    To me, Kensho Ono(VA of Yuya, Yuri and Zarc) are pretty much the only VA’s that shows the right kind of emotion and portrayal needed. Again, Yuri is the highlight of this episode and this duel regardless that people call him overpowered after being used as a running gag for 123 episodes.

    I’m honestly annoyed by Reira and I do not know why.

    • aramire77 says:

      Completely agree with you! Kensho Ono did his job amazingly! He is the best!

    • Must be a really interesting day at the recording booth for Ono because he’s screaming at himself this entire episode. XD

      “I’m honestly annoyed by Reira and I do not know why.”

      I’m more annoyed that he was introduced as an intriguing character from a war-torn background, was hyped to do “amazing” things by Reiji, and ultimately proved to be more of a liability than an asset for the epic fail group that is the “Lancers”. It doesn’t help that he just keep mentioning that bitch-tier imaginary waifu Ray for these past episodes to piss off the IRL audience. At this rate, I hope he just dies in THAT warzone and never existed in this show to begin with.

      • aramire77 says:

        Yeah! I would love to see what it was like at the recording booth. Ono himself did mention once that he would like to see Yuya vs Yuri because he is the one voicing both characters.

  3. Welcome to the Arc V drinking game. Take a drink everytime Yuya screams or when the dragons roar.

    • A reminder that Yusho was carded right in front of Yuya thus triggering the Tomato.
    • Reiji sure gets blown away by Zarc’s demonic powers quite frequently in the past 30 minutes. All is not according to keikaku.
    • Yuri is currently having a mini winning streak, so he’s gonna take it up a notch to try and crush the Tomato and his seemingly unbreakable plot armour… Yeah I’m SURE that will turn out well…
    • On a side note: If Yuri wants to trigger the Tomato even more, why don’t he just rip Yusho’s card right away? But I already knew that actual “deaths” rarely occurred in any Yugioh anime, and on most occasions those “dead” characters would still be revived, with very rare exceptions.
    • Love that Yuri is using various Predator Plants, but I’m still gutted that he probably won’t use ANY Predator Plant Fusions in this show given that we’re so close to its end.
    • One dragon out and Yuya is feeling crippled already? Git gud Tomato.
    • Why am I not surprised that Odd-Eyes along with the good-old Timegazer & Stargazer Magicians are in Yuya’s starting hand? >_>
    • I REALLY hate when they keep reminiscing Yusho’s Egao speech at the wrong place and the wrong time. SHUT YOUR BITCH ASS UP OLDIE AND FUCKING REST IN DAMN PEACE!!! >:(
    • Goddamn, this duel has just started and I’m already boiling with anger…
    • Depending on how you use it, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon can be really useful or beyond garbage.
    • Apart from shilling out yet another new Entermate, that’s a pretty garbage turn, Yuya.
    • …Y’know, the established norm of this show is that they allocated high animation budget for Yuya’s duels when he’s in Berserk state, but so far even that norm got thrown out the window.
    • I bet the writers deliberately shill out a Predator Plant Tuner just to ensure Yuri can summon Clear Wing.
    • Yuri is attempting to recreate the loop he used to whoop Yusho’s sorry ass-AND COCKBLOCK!
    • How convenient that Starlight Force is a giant FUCK YOU to Extra Deck monsters. I HATE when Yuya relies on Action Card bullshit, but this stupid Trap doesn’t really make my mood any better.
    • Oh Yuto, despite knowing summoning Dark Rebellion will only make this situation worse, are you STILL encouraging Yuya to do it?
    • What a letdown knowing that Yugo is unable to have the same conversation with Yuri like Yuya and Yuto had for the past 100 episodes. Or Yuri is switching off Yugo’s personality permanently…
    • Yuri is generating gusts of wind with all this excitement unfolding. Considering that Clear Wing is Wind-Attribute, that means he’s tapping into the new dragon’s powers he acquired a while ago.
    • WHY THE FUCK ARE REIJI AND REIRA STILL STANDING THERE LIKE HEADLESS CHICKENS?!! On the “positive” side, at least we get to witness one of the rare occasions where the movement of Reiji’s scarf makes any kind of sense.
    • GODDAMMIT YUYA! I know you’re thinking about your family, friends and those you’ve encountered during this “field trip”, but STOP BRINGING UP THE FUCKING SHIVERS KID!!!
    • OF COURSE Yuya regains his senses just because of a flashback and the fucking Smile World, yet another example of embarrassingly poor writing by our dearest Arc V writers.
    • Yuri: “What a nice dragon… NOW I’LL TAKE IT FROM YOU!”
    • I’m really annoyed that this show loves to brag about “Xyz monsters don’t have Levels!” ever since the Level-0-Man created that meme to make the IRL audience salty.
    • Much like “Ladies and Gentlemen!” and “The fun has just begun!”, this show has made me mute the audio temporarily when the Yutagonists keep yelling “HITOTSU NI!!!”. I can’t bear it anymore.
    • Man, I’m already infuriated enough when this is the first time Yuya’s duel have none of the budget in it when he’s in Berserk state, but damn I noticed that even Yuri’s turns are so badly animated.
    • With the death of the Fusion Queen, ARC V HAS BEEN ACTIVATED!
    • As much as I can’t stand Zexal, how the fuck Arc V reactor can be activated when there are only carded Zexal Land citizens in it since it was originally established that it could only serve its true purpose once carded citizens of ALL four Dimensions are in it? Whatever, I don’t think Leo will even bother to explain this shit, especially now that his ultimate keikaku is finally doori.
    • Facing three dragons, Yuya is beyond screwed… Until I saw a Trap card in his hand. How much do you want to bet it will be Storming Mirror Force bouncing those dragons back into the Extra Deck?
    • I just realized that NO ONE has played Allure of Darkness despite the episode title. What a letdown.

    Yuri isn’t amused by Yuya’s Action Card bullshit. Now I really hope they will put more budget in this duel because so far it’s been poorly animated thus ruining any hype of this being the ultimate HITOTSU NI duel.

    • Yugioh Fan says:

      I actually liked the scene where Yuya remember all his friends, family, and other people, and that along with Smile World helped him and Yuto resist the darkness. In fact, the Yugioh series does this all the time, a character falls under dark powers or mind control, and through some combination of a friend dueling them to get them back, and the one under control in question fighting to regain control by remember all they care and fight for. In fact, Arc V just did this very scene a little while ago in episode 119 with the duel between Shay(Shun) and Lulu(Ruri). Unfortunately Arc V is a master at reverse the trope and spitting in the face of the efforts of the characters, 1st Lulu(Ruri) falls under the Doctors control again despite Shay(Shun) freeing her, and now in this episode after resisting the darkness Yuya and Yuto planned to end the duel and stop Zarc’s revival, only for Yuri to basically say:
      Yuri: Fuck that nothing will stop Zarc’s revival, and to make sure of it I’m using my trap to take control of your dragon to magnify the darkness within it and force it to consume you.

      • aramire77 says:

        I also liked that part the most in this episode. I know it’s cliche, still I couldn’t help but took a liking to that scene.

    • elior1 says:

      you know what ironic? that for the first time someone get a action card that cancel yuya outher action card effect.his feivorite methood of escape from lose points wont help him much since yuri will get that action card

      • aramire77 says:

        You got that right. Now that you mentioned it, I just noticed that those Action Cards are the same cards used when he was duelling Duel Chaser 227 but his position reversed. Duel Chaser used Escape to evade battle phase, but Yuya countered it with No Action to negate the Action Card. Now, Yuya will use Escape the same way as 227 did only to be countered by Yuri who use No Action the same way as Yuya himself did.

  4. 75chaosflare says:

    Honestly, the Akaba’s should be at an insane Aslyum at the end of all of this.
    Leo: A man who is perfectly fine with leaving his family without a second thought nor makes any amounts of regard and despite being known a genius is responsible for genocide(making who knows how many people’s lives miserable) as well as recreating a psychopath(he let be his secret right-hand man and only now realizes what’s happening). Now people side with Leo saying it’s the only way after listening to his bias and it says something when even Yushou(a guy who just hears the plot for a span of 10 minutes) explains things more, as well as makes Leo look even more like a moron.
    Himika: Apparently pissed off at her husband for leaving her to the point of adopting a random PTSD-driven kid while experimenting on him and scaring him for who knows how long.
    Ray: A self-righteous moron(takes after her father) foolishly separates worlds, built up as almost as more of a Messiash than Yuya and years later instead of manifesting from one of her incarnations to speak, she chooses the time they are about to die to convince a random kid she does not know into betraying his step-brother as well as side with Leo. Yet she does nothing afterward.
    Reiji: Doesn’t explain stuff until past 100 episodes, starts a penalty that became nothing but to rush much interesting duels aside for forced drama as well as screws over his potential Lancers(yet conveniently saves his own ass later on(99)), literally watches when people are being chased for hours(Yuzu in 47), sent a Youth team to their deaths knowing they were going to get carded. Even today he doesn’t do anything like an actual leader for a team that so poor they make the DCEU Suicide Squad look credible.
    Reira: Kid who tries to guilt trip his older step-brother with a sibling that said step-brother had no idea existed nor had any relationship with whatsoever that would end up killing off innocent people and potentially even more just because “she’s lonely while Reiji has so many friends(when in truth he really doesn’t)”.
    It’s morons like these they actually make me want to side with Zarc and not care what happens. Hell, it’s people like them that make monsters like Zarc especially looking back at it when Zarc first hurt someone he seemed troubled/concerned about it until the audience cheered him for it.

    And the low point for me is looking back at the character moments with Yuzu in 18, 21, and even 55 with Yugo when she confessed she doesn’t know her mother either were immediately shafted because there is never been a time where the characters could react to this kind of revelation(such as Yuzu, Ruri and even Yuya would normally have about being revealed they never had a real siibling nor parent to begin with). It’s downright depressing and pretty much states from the writers or director that “Yeah we stopped caring a long time ago so why should we have the character express any form of reasonable reaction if we think it’s not for the sake of the plot we’ve dragged on for so many years?”

  5. elior1 says:

    so we have information about the yu gioh next series and it seems this time they will use hover boards to dual and the main character will be much mature since he in high school

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