ViVid Strike! Episode 12: Within Clasped Hands [Final Impression]


I love cute things.

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  1. MalRoadkill says:

    The Nanohaverse has a lot of stories to tell. I am pretty okay with exploring it from other viewpoints. Force was not one that I liked however. Vivid was a fun aside. It wasn’t life and death like the main 3 series, it was meant to show Vivio’s good life and her drive to still be strong like her mothers. Strike was fun, but overall it felt a little disjointed and jarring at times. Not the smoothest narrative. The random extra characters meant little to me. Still, I enjoyed it. A little loli suffering goes a long away to get that old fashioned protective instincts stirring and your pitchforks freshly sharpened and torches wrapped and pitched. I know it is cheap, but in the Nanoha works, it never really FEELS cheap.

    Have you seen the image of Rinne battling Lord Humongous? The absurdity had me rolling.

    Been fun watching this one with you, Vantage.

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