Show By Rock!! # Episode 12: My Song is YOU!! (Final Impression)


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2 Responses

  1. All in all, I agree with all your points except the part about the 3D animation.
    Incredulous as it may sound, but 2D animation is actually harder and more expensive to do all the constant time than 3D animation once the models are done and can be reused constantly.
    The main reason why 2D scenes were being used a lot more often this season is because the use of 3DCG in the first season was quite heavily criticized despite the staff being very proud of it (and it allowing them to do more with the rest of the story and the background), so they had to please those overtly critical fans who consider any kind of CG a blight upon anime (no matter how good and fitting it may be in SB69’s case).

    And yes, the 2D animation of SB69 season 2 does take a drop because the same substudio of Bones (Studio D) worked on both Show By Rock and Bungou Stray Dogs at the same time in the Fall season. Because the second season isn’t allowed to use the CG animation too often, that means that the animators had to work extra hard and keep reusing the cheap anime tricks that we are all accustomed to, like showing still pictures and flashback sequences to older episodes, and hiring more animation directors to keep production on time, which makes coordination just that much more difficult.
    And Show By Rock cannot afford to be delayed unlike other anime shows like Long Riders or Brave Witches, since as a multimedia-project, it exists to offer game codes for the mobile game as well as advertising music singles and the great Sanrio Puroland Escape game as an incentive for people to watch it live as it airs.

    I hope the fans of 2D animation will be glad with what they’ve got with Show By Rock!!#, and that it was worth it for them.

    • Berry says:

      Oh really! Seeing as how top quality the 3D models in this show are I would have thought that would have been more expensive! But yeah that makes sense. I admit that I was happy that they animated the music scenes in the regular 2D since they actually looked pretty good. But seeing as how they were trying to emulate the mobile game with the 3d Miumon artstyle and just how good the 3D looks in this show, I think it makes sense too that they would choose that style. I know that people usually hate CG in anime (I’m kinda in that boat), the CG in this show looks amazing so I’m surprised to hear that there were so many critiques against it.

      Ahh, then yeah that explains even more. Bungou Stray Dogs season 2’s animation was stellar, but unfortunately that meant Show By Rock looked iffy. But yeah, Show by Rock is huge so I’m sure the animators were working extremely hard. I’ll cut them some slack.

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