Drifters episode 11 + 12 [EVERYTHING COMES TO FRUITION! + Final Impression]



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3 Responses

  1. Noc says:

    Someone made a comment on episode 11 when the gay army was introduced, saying that they thought they were centaurs at first. Man! How awesome that would have been! Elves and dwarves are neat, but I’d really like to see a wider range of fantastical races. I’m at least excited to see more on the beast people on the pilot’s side of things.

    I absolutely LOVED the expression Toyohisa made while asking Hijikata what his descendants did to him. A gleeful expression like none other, to be sure. His comment on war being madness was a wonderful look into his character, which is always proving itself to be deeper than he lets on. Makes me wonder, what would Toyohisa have been were he born in times of piece? And then there was his remark of getting to fight with a fellow samurai by way of Hijikata…considering how the Shinsengumi were criticized for not being true samurai – Hijikata being the son of a medicine peddler respectively – it’s not surprising that he’d be pleased at the acknowledgement. Hijikata has a million reasons to want to kill Toyohisa…but maybe this exchange will end up taking a chink out of Hijikata’s resentment, and thus his loyalty to the black king. I highly doubt the Ends’ motivations are so mindless and inhuman as Seimei says.

    Finally, THAT ENDING SONG. CANNOT REPLAY ENOUGH. Great way to end things for now…time to wait on the edge of my seat ’till Black King knows when.

  2. Evil Jesus lol i love it

  3. kuramasensei says:

    I did not read the manga, but I have been watching this series all season and i’m pretty confident to say this was my favorite. the fights, the characters, and the backstories that they have between characters was well done imo. there was a lot of times where they would introduce characters throughout this whole series and after having their historical context revealed i was like “oh, that is awesome.” It looks like there is an episode 13 called “rewrite” is that just advertising for season 2 or is there one more episode in season 1?

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