Brave Witches Episode 12: Shining With Light [Final Impression]


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    A really good finale to a good season. There was a bit of a weak spot in episode 10, IMO, when Takami showed up and the writers insisted on making her act out of character, but I don’t think that ruined things. The series recovered, and finished strong. I definitely want to see more: more of the 502nd, more of the other various World Witches. More of everyone. I like getting to know this world, and getting to know the people in it. I like seeing them grow.

    This season did all that with much less fanservice than the previous ones, which is fine, in my opinion. Not that I necessarily object to it inherently, but it wasn’t what drew me to the series. I’m happy to see them devoting their time to the characters, the war, and the worldbuilding instead.

    Looking forward to the extra episode, and I hope to see more from this franchise in the future as well. This is good stuff.

    • Vantage says:

      Sorry for the late reply! I hope we eventually see some sort of animated work (even if it’s not a full-length TV series) for each JFW. Maybe that’s a little much to ask, given how long it took for Brave Witches to get an anime, but I don’t think the World Witches franchise is done just yet.

      The fanservice was never something all that important to me. It’s nice that they’re all in panties, but I’m not going to die or anything if they don’t spend screen time constantly reminding me of that fact. And as you say, it’s the characters, their development and the world-building that matter. Nipa is wonderful because she’s kind and comfy, not because she has huge boobs.

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