Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Episode 131

Yuugo lost.
Is anyone surprised by this outcome?
Not me, that’s for sure.

It pains me how the main characters (or at least the ones who are supposed to be) have been terribly neglected throughout this arc. As result I haven’t been able to feel anything. When I watch the events unfold, I feel detached, indifferent, and worst off, bored out of my mind. ygo-arc-v-ep-131-img-0019The increasing predictable outcomes and mediocre writing is truly ruining the experience, along with being spoiled by the unnecessary additions (I’m looking at you Jack, Crow, Edo, Kaito) and how these characters from the series of the past are hogging precious screen-time that should be devoted to ramping up the tragedy that is about to take place. All I can think of is how Yuugo and Yuuri deserved a better duel. They deserved a duel without any interruptions, they deserved to have a full episode or two solely dedicated to their fight. But the writers didn’t do that. They cut it short, to the extent it’s not something that be appreciated for contributing to the story progression, but to be criticized for neglecting what is supposed to be a dramatic, and emotional duel that literally means life or death as the one who loses is expected to be absorbed into the other. How can we possible feel for Yuugo and his struggle, if we don’t even get to properly experience that ordeal? We are virtually at the climax of the series, yet this arc has been incredibly Anti-Climatic.

And don’t even get me started on the girls’ situation. It is clear as night and day that there is no saving them, we already lost Yuzu and the rest will soon follow. The girls are goner, and I should be feeling incredibly emotional about it as they are my QUEENS, but I can’t. ygo-arc-v-ep-131-img-0007I can’t find it in me, anywhere to feel sad. This should be depressing, but it’s not. And believe me when I tell you I am an emotional person, I cry at just about anything that tugs or breaks my heart. It is actually frustrating how feel nothing. Because I loved this show- yes, past tense in regards of how passionate I was about it. But now we are drifting apart. I am not connecting to the story anymore. The writers need to go back to the early days, and bring back that hook, that charm… that spark that got me so invested in the first place, that fire that made me such a passionate fan. The story is all over the place and they desperately need to determine who should be the focus (aka: justified time dedicated to them) and stick to it. Hopefully once all the cameos from the past finally disappear and be done with, the story will be able to find its stride again. However my faith has been shaken, so I not nearly as optimistic as I did a year ago about how they will ultimately wrap up this series.
Which leads me to my next concern.

As of right now, we can probably all agree the girls are goners and Ray will revive. (I know I haven’t mentioned about her ghost possessing Reira, and I will address that.) We also know that Zarc will definitely revive as well, there’s no stopping it. It’s going to happen. The question however is what the hell is going to happen after that. Will the Professor succeed in merging all four worlds? If he does so, what will happen to Yuuya, Yuzu, Yuuto, Ruri, Yuugo, Rin, Yuuri and Selena? Will they lose their memories all over again? What about Reira, Yuushou, Sora and the Professor himself? Will they lose their memories too once Ray and Zarc undergo that battle to once again split up? This is really the biggest question that is plaguing my mind right now. I will be incredibly frustrated if nobody has any memories of each other after all of this. It’s a restart all over again. I don’t think they will go down that path, but at this point I have pretty low expectations and I have no idea what kind of curve-balls they are going to throw our way.


*Takes out salt* Go away.

Then we have Ghost-Ray who is basically being the devil’s advocate and appears to be possessing Reira or at least trying to manipulate him by having him fight Reiji. This annoyed me for several reasons, and one of them was because Ray’s mindset was, “I must revive to stop Zarc from awakening.” Actually it made me want to throw something at her. Maybe a book to get her to read how the f#!% they all got in this position in the first place. Because guess what? It appears she too is diagnosed with the condition called Tunnel Vision, failing to acknowledge that in order to revive her, they have to sacrifice hundreds and thousands of people. Sheesh! The apple sure doesn’t fall far from the tree!
And then she is trying to guilt-trip Reiji through Reira, going on how like, “Don’t you want to revive your sister?” Uh… No. Not really. Reiji never had a relationship with her, ever. He didn’t even know she freaking existed.

If that wasn’t bad enough, then there’s the whole mess with Reira VS Reiji. Throughout the series Reira has been undergoing a journey of self-discovery. He was in a sense soulless, and was disconnected from others. Reiji trained him to ‘use’ him. (Frankly speaking I don’t even know what to think of their relationship anymore. One minute he’s brotherly, the next he’s just like Leo, using people as his pawns). And then we have Reiji think to himself how he turned Reira into a monster.

I’m sorry. You said what?
Reira, a monster?
Give me a freaking break. The kid is no monster. Also it just show how ignorant Reiji can be when it comes to his ego. Like seriously? He didn’t expect him to want to surpass him? God, we the audience saw that coming miles and miles away.

It also looks like Reiji will be defeated as well, which means he may be taken out of the picture entirely- who knows, but his loss will only seal just how badly of an epic fail this whole “Lancers” (still a stupid and baseless name) Squad is. What a hot mess. The group is a joke, they couldn’t and didn’t do shit (or rather the writers didn’t give them the chance to), nor could their leader because he didn’t step up and act like one when they needed him the most. Definitely not your go-to group of heroes you would call to save your world, that’s for sure.

Next week, Yuushou VS Yuuri. Well gee I wonder how this is going to turn out. I will be surprised if Yuugo doesn’t get absorbed into Yuuri already- unless his soul magically flies over to Yuuya because he’s the core host or something like that, I don’t know- you never know at this point. Let’s just hope this series can find its groove again sooner than later, because I really wanted to feel for this show again. I invested three years of my heart and time into this, so I am in it till the very end, but I just want to see that the writers can get their shit together.


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27 Responses

  1. “THE WORLD IS APPROACHING ITS DOOM… But yeah, let’s just play a card game.” #FuckReira&Reiji

    • Didn’t Edo say that people who got turned into cards can be restored back to life? Well they’re getting devoured by the Arc V reactor, so much for those Zexal Land citizens.
    • Reiji, you have Real Solid Vision holograms that can be flown on and break down walls. How about PUTTING ACTUAL EFFORT INTO STOPPING YOUR FATHER?! IT’S NOT THAT HARD!
    • Should Reira consider himself lucky to see a nude girl at such a young age? ;)
    • So Reira can now channel his dead adoptive step-sister’s desires from beyond the dimensional grave… No seriously, WTF is he smoking? you don’t just get the ability to read minds from PTSD.
    • GODDAMNIT RAY! I thought you were cool, but it turns out you also want your four reincarnations DEAD just so that you can be revived! Like father like daughter, why am I not surprised?! >:(
    • So Ray’s dead spirit is goading Reira to stall against Reiji and ensures the Yu-waifus are dead…
    • Again with Temujin & Alexander?! I swear, as cool as Reiji’s continuous summoning of his D/D/D aces is, I’m dead bored of him spamming those old aces. USE SOMETHING NEW, REIJI!
    • Phew, thank god this is a new D/D/D Xyz instead of good-old Caesar, but it’s kind of insulting that this archetype hates delivering us a NEW Synchro or its FIRST Ritual powerhouse ever.
    • How convenient that Reiji has the perfect Contract card to seal off Reira’s strategies.
    • Much like he faced off against the Security fodders, Reira just summoned Film Magician and hopes that Reiji doesn’t pull out cards that may kill via effect or Burn damage.
    • Reiji thought Reira would just concede, BUT ACTION CARD ASSPULL AT THE LAST MINUTE!
    • Action Cards are the main method of how the Lancers fight… Well tell that to Reiji, who always tried to figure out a new keikaku to bullshit through whatever pinch he’s in as usual.
    • GOOD BLOODY JOB REIRA & REIJI!! You both could’ve stopped this, but you decided to play a card game instead! NOW YUZU IS DEAD!! I wasn’t expecting her to die like this… T_T
    • This “Pure Ray” spell is way TOO convenient & situational it’s not even funny.
    • “Their time is up! MY time is now! YOU CAN’T C/C/C ME! MY TIME IS NOW!”
    • LOL NOW Reiji questions himself, “Where on earth did I go wrong?” Now that he brings it up, let me start a list on how his grand keikaku and its backups fell horribly apart…

    • Thought that sending a squad of less than 10 teenagers and a child against an all-conquering army in an Inter-dimensional war was a BRILLIANT idea.
    • Got everyone separated upon entering the Synchro Dimension.
    • Got the Lancers captured and became stooges at risk of eternal slavery whilst you stood around doing nothing instead of just storming the place, getting your guys and Yuzu out and moving the fuck on.
    • Doing NOTHING whilst Roger did a hostile takeover of the Synchro Dimension.
    • Wasted TOO MUCH time in the Synchro Dimension with virtually NOTHING accomplished and only got two extra people joining your squad. (Yes, only Sora & Crow, I DON’T count Jack as one.)
    • Lost Yuya, Gongenzaka, Shun, and Sawatari in a portal… Again.
    • Splitting up to let everyone besides himself, Reira, and Sora get captured… AGAIN.
    • Deciding to duel right now when THE END OF THE WORLD IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU.

    (*If I missed on anything, feel free to add on or reply.)

    • Now back to this Hype Steel Cage match… God it was seriously tarnished by KAITOFUCKER & Edo’s intrusion… I REALLY couldn’t bring myself to be fully focused on it anymore…
    • Shame that Crystal Wing can only negate monster effects on the field in the anime.
    • Sighs… I’m super disappointed. I wanted Greedy Venom to be a monster that makes everyone piss in their pants like Starve Venom did upon its introduction, instead it made pretty much zero impact and I’ve seen it destroyed up to THREE fucking times in this duel, even by a regularly buffed Clear Wing.
    • Why bother relying on Greedy Venom when Starve Venom is miles better than its “upgrade”?
    • Uh oh, much like how Yugo defeated Yuto ages ago, this time Yuri is gonna use the stolen Clear Wing’s effect to power up Starve Venom and go for the game…
    • Congratulations Arc V writers, you just killed off two outstanding characters of the show while the regular jobber duo Gongenzaka & Sawatari are STILL out there! #RIPYuzu&Yugo

    • About goddamn time Yusho FINALLY duels (officially) in this show. Too bad he is gonna get shanked by his son’s Fusion Doppelganger IN FRONT of his son…

    • Yugioh Fan says:

      Okay while I agree Declan(Reiji) has really messed up when leading the Lancers. I would also like to try and partially defend him by addressing the 8 points you made in your “HOW REIJI GOT IT WRONG:”
      1.) Yeah he really messed up building a team to invade Duel Academy, less then 10 people fighting against an army, even counting all there allies who came, there still massively outnumbered. What was the point of going to Synchro if you didn’t recruit a large number of duelist. Seriously, he could have gather an army of LDS students, Security and Resistances members to attack the Academies army, while he and the Lancers snuck in the back and dueled people who actually mattered like Dennis, Barrett and Yuri.
      2.) Okay you can’t really blame the team getting separated in Synchro on Declan(Reiji). Dimensional travel isn’t 100% accurate, plus I’m pretty sure Roger had some kind of invisible field around the city that disrupts dimensional travel and communication, as a precaution against Duel Academy.
      3.) Definitely what I consider Declan(Reiji) greatest mistake, having the Lancers compete in the Friendship Cup. Now if it was a regular tournament meant to sharpen there skills and gain allies it would have been fine. However, the losers were imprisoned, I remember when I was 1st watching this arc I kept saying: Declan(Reiji) are you out of your mind your losing and destroying your own elite team, how is this suppose to stop Duel Academy?
      4.) Okay Declan(Reiji) didn’t do nothing during Roger takeover, he was waiting for his moment to strike, and when he did he struck hard. Taking on all those Security while giving Riley(Reira) a chance to escape and save Celina(Serena).
      In fact, the dub just showed that episode yesterday, and I thought Declan(Reiji) were amazing. When he stops Security from going after Riley(Reira):
      Declan(Reiji): The little one is none of your concern. But as for me I’m a different story, very different indeed.
      To when he’s talking to Roger:
      Declan(Reiji): I suggest you rethink your hiring process. If you wanted to arrest me, you should have sent more men.
      In fact, Declan(Reiji) didn’t do anything during the Obelsik Forces attack, that’s what we should be made at, since he did something during Rogers plan, but not his enemy Duel Academy.
      5.) Okay I count Jack, but even so that’s just 3 new allies. Again Declan(Reiji) should have really brought Security and other strong duelists like Shinji and Chojiro, with them from Synchro to attack the Academy.
      6.) Now there was really nothing Declan(Reiji) could do about that portal opening up and taking Yuya, Gong, Silvio(Shingo) and Shay(Shun). So we can’t blame that on him.
      7.) That split up had a strategic purpose, it failed but it still had a purpose, while the bulk of there team distracted the troops, it made sense Declan(Reiji) goes after his father with Riley(Reira) and Sora(who knows the layout of the Academy and can get them there).
      8.) You do realize this is Yugioh, they solve all there problems by playing a card game. So it makes sense if Declan(Reiji) wants to get past Riley(Reira) to save the girls, then he has to beat Riley(Reira) in a duel 1st.
      Declan(Reiji) is still a bad leader, but he’s not as bad as some people think, he has done a few good things as leader, just not enough to out way the bad.

  2. “All I can think of is how Yuugo and Yuuri deserved a better duel. They deserved a duel without any interruptions, they deserved to have a full episode or two solely dedicated to their fight. But the writers didn’t do that.”

    100% agreed. This duel started MUCH earlier than all the backstory + Leo vs Reiji & Yuya, but it bugged me how it was still stuck at the 2nd turn all the time while Yuya’s duel was over so quickly, giving KAITOFUCKER & Edo enough time to intrude and ruin this Hype Steel Cage match altogether. It pains me to watch Yugo wasting unnecessary resources against these clowns and by the time they both got shanked by Yuri, the only best card Yugo left was Extra Shave Reborn… which still couldn’t lead him to victory. T_T

    “Then we have Ghost-Ray who is basically being the devil’s advocate and appears to be possessing Reira or at least trying to manipulate him by having him fight Reiji.”

    SOMEONE NEED TO TEAR DAT BITCH’S ASS APART ONCE SHE’S BACK! I’m gutted that Reira is now being framed as the “villain”… :(

    “his loss will only seal just how badly of an epic fail this whole “Lancers” (still a stupid and baseless name) Squad is.”

    On the bright side, at least we’re rid of the FUCKING SHIVERS KID since we’re out of the Standard Dimension for a REALLY long time, but the Lancers were actually just a hastily assembled “qualified” mercenaries after the Battle Royale with the Obelisk Force. TSUKIKAGE was cool and all, but in the end he didn’t give us really convincing Ninja monsters and his deck was actually the WEAKEST of the group; Gongenzaka and Sawatari were essentially relegated to jobbers; Serena’s winning streak was blown out the facade when up against a true quality opponent like Yugo, and was hopelessly drugged and dragged back to the Academia; Dennis was actually a double agent; Shun being edgy for sake of being MORE edgy (but he’s actually my favourite); FUCKING YUYA AND HIS CONSTANT EGAO BRAINWASHING & MOANING; Reiji bullshitting his way with his various keikakus… Long story short, I was only able to enjoy Shun the most, this Lancers group was a laughable joke because it FAILED to achieve ANY of its objectives and it only got two recruits (Sora and Crow) while Jack was just an “ally” of the said group.

    “Yuushou VS Yuuri. Well gee I wonder how this is going to turn out”

    Brace for Arc V’s worsening rating to slump even further because EVERYONE is truly fed up with Egao at this point.

    • elior1 says:

      i bet yusho will lose to yuri so that yuya will get so mad which what will cous zarc come back

  3. elior1 says:

    eva what is it mean tunnel vision? also it my guess but i think yusho will lose to yuri and get carded which what will lead to zarc revival

    • Eva says:

      “Tunnel Vision” means being exclusively focused on one goal or point of view.

      • Speaking of which Eva, now that we’ve confirmed that Ruri is gone for good, how much do you want to bet on Shun kicking ass ONE MORE TIME? Sure I know that people might not want that since Shun had dueled too much in this show (second only to Yuya himself) and stolen too much spotlight from other characters, but for once I REALLY want him to wreck Leo’s shit and gain revenge for his crimes committed to Heartland citizens and for “killing” his little sister, even if the apocalypse is just behind him. (Bonus points if he relayed to Yuya & Yuto the message of Yuzu & Ruri being “dead”)

      • “Let’s just hope this series can find its groove again sooner than later, because I really wanted to feel for this show again.”

        Three words: FORGET ABOUT THAT.

        Arc V has really deteriorated to the point it is officially among the MOST HATED animes in Japan already (yes, even more hated than Zexal, who was, and is still the WORST Yugioh anime ever), and with its critics keeps bashing about how bad Arc V has fallen, the Arc V writers are obviously not taking this show seriously anymore, hence why the plot keeps worsening every episode. The damage had already done when they got high of themselves to declare how Arc V will end in 2017, so they actually went to butcher the most anticipated Xyz(Heartland) arc and gave us TONS of bad episodes in the Fusion(Academia) arc, with the infamous BATTLE BITCH MINI-ARC being slammed as the worst arc of any Yugioh anime ever.

      • … Why are you not replying Eva…? :/

  4. elior1 says:

    also while like you i was not emotional about this i still was a bit sad about yuzu gone.

  5. Anon says:

    Well… I find Ray’s tunnel vision to be more understandable than Leo’s. If she’s absolutely convinced that Zarc will be revived, she might see it as “If I’m revived, the four dimensions will be lost, but I might be able to save the original dimension. If I’m not revived, Zarc will destroy and kill everyone in the four dimensions anyway.” I’m not saying I agree with her, but I can at least see where she might be coming from.

    While I’m super salty about what’s happening to the Bracelet Girls, I am genuinely curious about Ray herself. Just based on Leo’s infodump about her/the Original Dimension, she seems to fall into the “female character too good for this earth killed off as backstory/motivation for a male character” trap. At least if she revives, there might be a chance that she’ll get some depth/development as a character in her own right… But even then I’m not optimistic. Arc V started off so greatly for the female cast and now… UGHH

    At least we have Reira…

  6. 75chaosflare says:

    My only nitpick would probably be saving Yuzu’s death for last to try getting more of a reaction from Yuya especially if he seems not to have any reaction now but at this point with how poorly she was handled since the second half of Synchro I this was a kind death. Speaking of which, just like Serena, Yuzu never gotten a real duel in 2016(despite literally having a duel disk on her. With as much as a trainwreck it been for Yuzu her constantly getting duelblock, her character shafted left and right out of laziness for the sake of a plot stalled on for too long this alone was what hit the nail on the coffin. All of it really was really not worth it and I’ll still be counting the days for when the show will finally reach its official end. Rin was basically the only girl that had a meaningful duel and even the writers mess it all up afterwards with Ruri’s and Serena’s(both were pointless as hell).

    Based on Reiji comment to Reira, it’s pretty funny how he’s basically on par with Shun’s belittling Ruri in the scale of poor siblings. Kaiba and Shark are better older brothers compared to them.

    In my opinion Reira’s reason for helping Ray was by all means, the most desperate attempt of drama I’ve ever seen especially now of all times. Reiji never knew who the hell she was and neither did Reira but is onboard with betraying his brother and willing sacrifice a lot of people just to restart something Leo screwed up again. Overall, the Akaba’s are messed up rather blood-related or not.
    At best Ray, will do the same damn thing she did before only for it to fail wasting time and making her even more of a naive moron who chose to risk millions of lives for attempting to repeat the process over again especially knowing how insane Leo is. After becoming a Messiah, it’s pretty obvious Yuya’s going to do something that saves the world with the word of EGAO.

    Side note, I find even funnier with Reira thinking Reiji has so many friends/allies when it reality he has none unless you want to count Nakajima(who works for him), Tsukikage(who also works for him and even stated if he was truly insane he would have left him a long time ago) and Yuya(who only interacted so little in comparison to previous series main rivals).

    • [Episode 53]

      Everyone: Why are we letting a little kid into our Lancers army?!
      Reiji: Reira is a formidable duelist and thus very important! We will definitely need him.
      Shun: BULLSHIT! I’ll rather go and save MUH RURI by myself!
      Serena: Just trust Reiji’s keikaku on this one, Shun.

      [After all the crap with him mostly crying every 5 minutes later…]

      Reira: I hear my dead adoptive not-sister saying the Yu-waifus MUST die at all costs! Duel time, big brother!
      Me: Like ANY of your keikakus had ACTUALLY worked, Reiji…

  7. aramire77 says:

    Putting aside Reira vs Reiji, I’m also really disappointed with Yuri vs. Yugo Duel. Not only their Duel got interrupted, when they finally Duel for real, it ended too quickly, only a very few minutes to the end of the episode.

    I couldn’t help but got angry and frustrated; why the writers spent so much episodes on that Sanders and Battle Beast, but when it comes to Yuri and Yugo who are definitely MUCH MORE important characters relevant to the plot (and definitely more popular alright) and such are neglected and their Duel ended just like that?

    I’ll still continue to watch this series until its end. But to lessen the pain of being disappointed after experiencing several times, I’ve decided to stop expecting so much from Arc-V from now on. (TT_TT)

    • In all honesty though, my faith for this show had dropped dramatically when they keep hyping Yuya as a Messiah who preached his Egao gospels and thus ensured the most ridiculous farce I’ve EVER seen in any Yugioh anime that is the abrupt end of the Heartland arc when Edo & co. made the most absurd heel-turn of the century. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED WITH THE BATTLE BITCH MINI-ARC! The ONLY thing I liked during that fiasco is it actually killed off quite a lot of characters (RIP Tsukikage & Crow T_T) but in the end they STILL made Yuya a Messiah we don’t deserve! IMO that mini-arc wouldn’t have received so much hate had they just let Jack curb-stomped the Battle Bitch and get this stuff over with faster.

      Long story short: FUCK EGAO FOR RUINING ARC V.

  8. Yugioh Fan says:

    Well I’ve got to admit seeing Zuzu(Yuzu) and Yugo go down was sad, because I’ve been following these characters for so long that past experiences makes me feel for them. but it was not executed the right way. Now I don’t hate Kite(Katio) and Aster(Edo) or any of the returning characters, because I like how they need to call on past characters that shows you how big a threat Duel Academy is, however while it was nice to see how Kite(Katio) and Aster(Edo) had grown as characters and how they helped Yugo regain control over Zarc, there interruption still ruined the Yugo vs Yuri duel that was built up since episode 92.
    Now onto Ray, I had high hopes for her, but she just as bad and insane as her father (I would have done the apple and tree joke here, but you already did Eva so I don’t see the point, I guess great minds think alike). How dare Ray brainwash poor Riley(Reira), Declan(Reiji) was right Riley(Reira) has become a monster, but not because of Declan(Reiji), he and the other Lancers(I still think the names awesome, but they defiantly been underwhelming as a group of heroes) have always tried to help Riley(Reira), it was Ray who turned the poor kid into a monster by turning him against his friends and family from the 4 dimensions just aid in her revival.
    Now a memorial service for Zuzu(Yuzu). Just imagine Yugioh Zexal’s 6th ending Challenge the Game playing in the background.
    Here are the images and clips I would chose in dedication to Alexis(Asuka)
    The first image would be when Zuzu(Yuzu) getting ready to duel Yuya in episode 2.
    The second image would be when Zuzu(Yuzu) faces off against Yuri in episode 47.
    The third image would be when Zuzu(Yuzu) riding on Yugo’s duel runner episode 55.
    The first clip would be Zuzu(Yuzu) fusion summing during her duel with Chojioro in episode 69.
    The second clip would be Zuzu(Yuzu) having Bloom Diva attack Dennis in episode 44.
    The third clip would be Zuzu(Yuzu) stopping Sora from sending her back to Standard in episode 83.
    The last clip would be when Zuzu(Yuzu) knocked Roger down to give Yuya her message in episode 95.
    The last image would be Zuzu(Yuzu) and Yuya hugging in episode 99, this image would turn grey to symbolize Zuzu(Yuzu) demise.
    You know considering Yugo will probably be absorbed next episode and by the looks of the preview Lulu(Ruri) is going bye bye, and some fans speculate Yuri may card Sora, Kite(Katio) and Aster(Edo) next episode too, I may have to do a memorial service for 5 characters next episode, even Zexal only ever went as high as four. I really hope Sora, Kite(Katio) and Aster(Edo) we’ve already lost so many characters.

    P.S. Eva when you said you expected Yugo to lose, does that mean you would not consider being told the outcome of an obvious duel a spoiler, like saying Yuya would beat Jack at the end of the Friendship cup. I’m just wondering because I’ve always wondered what your view point on spoilers are since everyone has different views on what they consider is a spoilers. I for one don’t consider being told the outcome of an obvious duel like Yugo vs Yuri or Yuya vs Jack(Round 2) a spoiler, but telling me what cards they uses and how we get to the outcome that is a spoiler to me.

  9. revolutionhippo says:

    Yeah this sort of… exactly sums up my feelings. I hated Yugo vs Yuri. I hated that duel with a passion. Episode 126, FIVE FREAKING EPISODES AGO, we get a two-turn start that hypes things up for Starve Venom vs Clear Wing. ONE FULL DUEL WITH LEO LATER, we finally return in 130 only to have Edo and Kaito show up and mess things up. Then halfway into this episode, out of nowhere, we get the ending. It felt soulless. It felt boring. Worse, it felt like they didn’t want to do it. It feels like the writers just wanted to get it over with and so they gave the fans what they wanted but decided to throw in some other nonsense.
    As for Ray, I really don’t like her. Not that I minded her at first, but she’s gonna kill off my beloved girls just to revive, and so far Yuzu has died without so much as a second dedicated to anyone being sad. Yuya is just pinned up still screaming, even THAT isn’t given any drama where we get so much as, I don’t know, a scene of Reiji looking up at him and thinking about how awful things are.
    Reira’s willingness to follow Ray didn’t feel like character growth either, it felt like he was doing exactly what he always has and was just following people. Reiji didn’t even feel in character this episode, his motivations made no sense at all. I don’t even know what he was doing, and considering he just had such a major character development from the duel with Leo, his character SHOULD be ripe for developing right now.
    There’s no semblance of the soul this show had back in season 1. We get glimpses of it, like Yuya vs Edo and Yuya/Yuto vs Selena and Ruri, those duels had something to them. But every time I start to think things are getting good again they ruin them again. And it’s awful because this show had the potential to be so great. I really hope they can at least do some form of damage control and make me feel again. I wanna feel bad for Yuya, I wanna admire Yusho and feel scared of Yuri, but as of now I’m just waiting for Zarc and Ray to show up so this mess can end.

    • “every time I start to think things are getting good again they ruin them again. And it’s awful because this show had the potential to be so great. I really hope they can at least do some form of damage control and make me feel again.”

      Sorry, not even damage control can repair the tarnished Arc V’s reputation anymore. Because of the director’s 5D’s bias (Note that this show’s director was the same man who directed 5D’s) the Synchro arc was dragged WAAAYYY TOO LONG with NONE of its objectives achieved and the later stage of this anime was Yuya keep spamming his stupid ideals of Egao and thus BRAINWASHING everyone into believing that ONLY his message are true and infallible. His deck has amazing firepower with those Entermates/Odd-Eyes/Magicians but he ALWAYS relied on Action Card asspulls to save himself for any pinch. Yes, other characters also relied on Action Cards, but none of them abused the mechanic as much as Yuya did. The show is not over, but he’s already the second worst YGO protagonist ever, and who knows how many defeats he may have without those Action Card asspulls. Besides, since they focused on Yuya and his absurd Egao cancer too much since the Heartland arc, pretty much other characters had been neglected as a result, with Gongenzaka and Sawatari relegated to jobbers, and Yuzu getting killed off without even a single duel this year the best examples. While Yuya is NOT the only major problem that ruined Arc V in the first place, he’s easily one of my most hated characters in this show (besides Shinji, Sayaka, the Quiz Kid and the FUCKING SHIVERS KID).

  10. firestorm says:

    Don’t Worry Eva, Yuusho can save the show

  11. 75chaosflare says:

    The major problem is that Yugo vs Yuri was never really treated as seriously as it should have despite how many times it was hyped up. The first time they finally encounter each other onscreen is been used for pointless banter, second time the idiots choose to summon their dragons on their first turn causing the start of Hitosuni and Bracelet power, now they repeat the same damn thing only for them to do literally nothing until Kaito and Edo showed up.

    What made Yuto vs. Yugo more interesting and an actual duel was that they had a bit dialogue, had more of their archetype brought out, then their dragons when the final moves were there. Hell, even their first run in they summon their dragons first only to be interrupted by the rest of the resistance from Heartland. Proving don’t use your Ace monster for show because that begs the plot to be interrupted.

  12. 75chaosflare says:

    Incase anyone missed this from 130, which pretty much shows how much Ono loves 5D’s:

  13. Becs says:

    I agree totally with your view Eva. Although i’m reserving judgement on the whole of Arc-V until the end i can’t believe it’s more hated than Zexal… ZEXAL! The one with a 13 year old kid who couldn’t learn basic duelling in 8 years and was incredibly annoying!?
    I don’t know what happened… i think it’s because they focuses too much time on the synchro arc and so they had to rush the rest of it… why they had to have that stupid jungle mini-battle arc in the fusion dimension is BEYOND ME! It was pointless and served no purpose other than to maybe reduce the number of side characters.

    Yugo and Yuri should’ve had a proper 2 episode duel… i got so uninterested with all the cutting away. And when they reveal it now, with what is happening to Yuya i kind of can’t really bring myself to care because i’m too worried about Yuya and the girls and Yuzu is gone! TT_TT
    But i just really wanted the duel to end so i could see them save Yuya. And then when Reiji finally gets off his lazy ass to do something, Reira must’ve been forced to take a stupid pill or something as he is listening to Ray’s voice and OBEYING her to stop Reiji and let her revive!

    And Reiji was a prick to Reira evaluating his self-worth by how he’s trained him and assuming that Reira will just give up and is inferior to him. I will argue in Reiji’s defence that he does make perfect sense. Even if they do unite all the worlds together again, what guarantee is there that they all won’t disappear? Reira has to reply to that and is willing to do that just because a ghost is telling him!?
    Naturally, Reiji’s cockiness becomes his downfall as he assumes Reira would listen to him but of course the boy doesn’t. I don’t blame him, but the boy really isn’t thinking so logically and of course he’d want to stand up for himself.

    Yeah, ghost of Ray is pretty fucking selfish. We know which side of the family she gets it from.

    Maybe next episode the plot can FUCKING FINALLY GET A MOVE ON!

    I want to love this series to the end so badly!! I just want them to at least gain their dignity towards the last of the climax and get a good ending in there so i can proudly and with tears say that although Arc-V wasn’t perfect and had slumps at a lot of points… it is my favourite Yugioh series to date!

    • Becs says:

      Wow… How right i was… I said that in anger, usually i’m wrong… If anyone has watched 133, you’ll know what i’m talking about.

  14. firestorm says:

    I was right finally :p

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