Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 130

Three things this episode:

  1. Always carry an illegal/invalid card on you at all times to force a duel to end.
  2. Don’t ignore Yuuri, ever.
  3. Nobody but Reiji knows what the f*** they are supposed to be doing anymore.

And I am not kidding you when ‘nobody knows what the f*** they are supposed to be doing anymore.’ I kid you not, the characters are virtually running in circles right now. I don’t know what the writers were thinking, but GOD DAMN IT, this episode had a whole lot of stupid going on.

This pretty much sums up how I feel right now.

This pretty much sums up how I feel right now.

Seriously though, what was the point of intervening the duel between Yuuri and Yuugo (besides snapping Yuugo out of it), if they just going to get the two to fight each other again?! The mission was to SEPARATE THEM. Remember, it is supposed to be DANGEROUS for these two to be fighting each other. But no, for some reason they made it so the characters (Edo and Kaito) did not get the memo despite being told by Yuushou, of the current situation regarding Zarc’s Awakening. Instead, they sacrificed themselves to KEEP Yuugo in the duel! WHAT A GENIUS IDEA! Just, UGH, it is understandable that the writers want Yuuri and Yuugo to duke it out, but don’t do it like this. There are so many better ways to do it…

Well at least he looks super cool here. Too bad the set up was shit.

Well at least he looks super cool here. Too bad the set up was shit.

It certainly did not help how I was rolling my eyes throughout the entire duel and scoffing at every cheesy ‘Yuuya inspired me to make people smile’ lines- ugh, I can’t handle that much sugar. Long story short, the episode was utterly pointless, it was a filler just to showcase Edo and Kaito, who I sincerely would like to see carded sooner than later, just so I don’t have to see them take up the airtime anymore.






DEAR WRITERS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? For the love of this series, please explain what Yuushou is supposed to be doing right now? I thought he was going to duel Yuuya, to help him take control of his own body again. How is he supposed to stop Zarc’s Awakening by leaving the chamber? Does he intend to put a stop the machine from allowing the Professor to proceed forward with his plans for Revival Zero? I mean, it would make sense if that’s what his intentions are, but please make it clear so we know he isn’t wandering around like he doesn’t now what he is going! I sure hope that is his game plan as Reiji has been left helplessly on his own as his so-called “father” just ditched him, and now he is going to have to deal with Reira’s post-traumatic stress making it so he is either going to try and eliminate Yuuya or just get in the way of Reiji interfering with Leo’s plans. Oh and apparently Ray’s ghost is going to be lurking around haunting the place, so there’s that shit too that’s going to follow. I don’t even know what is going on anymore.

And lastly: I think we can all agree the pacing from the get go of the episode was a hot mess. Man that was just a prelude of what was to follow.

I don’t know guys, maybe next week will be better? I’m not holding my breath for it though.


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20 Responses

  1. Yugioh Fan says:

    Well I defiantly agree that Yusho’s motives should be explained more.
    I felt Kite(Katio) and Aster(Edo)’s actions made some what sense, and was a nice change of pace, they were trying to snap Yugo and to a lesser extent Yuri out of it, since as previous Yugioh series have shown the only way to unbrainwash someone is through a duel. Although, the previous series have you win against the brainwashed person to save them, this one did something different Kite(Katio) and Aster(Edo) did duel but they also talked Yugo out of it, trying to help and do good through dueling just like Yuya and the other Lancers taught them, and it worked. This showed us the true way to stop Zarc, not through Leo’s idiotic plan to duel and kill the Yu boys, but talking to them through dueling to remind them they are not a demon like Zarc they are good, nice people, at least Yuya, Yuto and Yugo are, Yuri well he’s pretty much the same with or without Zarc’s influences, because of how messed up Leo made him while raising him.
    Also 3 questions, the first something for you Eva that I was wondering, while the other two are just general questions about the episode anyone can comment on so we can talk about it.
    1.) What do you mean the pacing was a hot mess, do you mean it was to fast, because for a duelcentic episode I thought it was fine, once the action of the duel started it didn’t stop, which some fans enjoy, but there are also those who like slower paced duels with exposition and character development. I’m fine with both types of episodes, I was just wondering if that’s the reason you didn’t think the pacing was good Eva, because your not a fan of fast paced action duels. P.S. keep up the great work.
    2.) Why did Kite(Katio) and Aster(Edo) get an intrusion penalty, those only happen if you join a duel with an action field, or you specificy join a duel while using a disk with an action field. Example Sora and Zuzu(Yuzu) who uses regular disks didn’t take a penalty when they joined a duel against Security in episode 83, but when Riley(Reira) did the same in episode 86 he had a disk with an action field and did take a penalty.
    3.) Is it me or was Crow’s defeat in episode 120 not done right, I mean Alexis(Asuka), Kite(Katio) and Aster(Edo) were all taken out by Yuri, while Crow got beaten by the BB(a character of the day). I mean when I heard the older characters would join Yuya and his friends fight against Duel Academy, I thought they would all at least get beaten by Duel Academy’s top commanders like Yuri, Barrett and Dennis, not one off characters like BB.

    • Eva says:

      The beginning of the episode just felt really sloppy. I think that’s the best way to describe it. I couldn’t figure out right away whether or not Kaito and Edo encountered Yuushou BEFORE seeing Yuuri and Yuugo fight (that is until they mentioned it) and then we see them running back. It would’ve been a lot easier and it would have been more forgiving to have Yuugo stay in the fight if they didn’t get the memo in the first place.

      2) Apparently the intrusion penalty just works all around regardless what type of duel you’re in. Or at least the writers ended up using it for characters outside of the Lancers’ group.

      3) I don’t know, but frankly speaking I don’t really care that BB defeated him. I’m kind of sick of the characters from the past taking up the screen time so at this point I am not too hung up about his execution.

      • “The beginning of the episode just felt really sloppy”

        “Sloppy” you say? You’re too kind Eva, everything felt WRONG from the start. First, it’s 100% bullshit that this duel started much earlier than Leo vs Reiji & Yuya but it is still stuck at the 2nd turn all this time while Yuya’s duel was already finished. Second, I really couldn’t invest myself into this duel because its focus was totally wrong. This was supposed to be Yuri vs Yugo, Kaito & Edo, but instead it turned out to be Kaito & Edo battling Yugo to snap him back to his senses. While I enjoyed how Yugo was actually able to cope with 2 powerful duelists on his own, in the end it only pissed Yuri off and he almost defeated all three of them with his new Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon, whose debut was INCREDIBLY underwhelming, I DON’T feel awed or intimidated at all at his presence.

        “I don’t really care that BB defeated him”


      • 75chaosflare says:

        Basically, the writers are rushing things in as much as they want to without a single care.

  2. firestorm says:

    The duel was greatness.

    • Sanokal says:

      Aye. The counters and chains were utterly glorious. It’s such a shame that it was so short, but at least it gives Yugo and Yuri some time to shine on their own.

  3. MUHAHAHAHA KAITOFUCKER GOT HIS ASS KICKED I’M SO HAPPY!!! >:D But overall, this episode is hard for me to digest because this Hype Steel Cage match just DOESN’T fell right anymore…

    • Kaito is such a moron that he deduces that the pedo “Doctor” is controlling Yuya until Yusho corrected him by telling him the doomsday adventures of Zarc.
    • Meanwhile, Yuya is still pinned onto the wall… as part of the “exorcism” progress.
    • Leo gives no fucks about Yuya (Zarc) and Reiji anymore. He’s now waiting for the return of Ray-ARE YOU FUCKING JOKING?!! This Arc V reactor’s is absurdly slow I’m gonna sleep… ZZZ…
    • I almost forgot that Edo had a history with Yusho about Smile World. Speaking of which, they STILL haven’t explained how Yusho teleported away from the Xyz Dimension, Edo didn’t do it.
    • Now back to the Hype Steel Cage match… Can we take a moment to realize that this duel started much earlier than Leo vs Reiji & Yuya but it is still stuck at the 2nd turn all this time while Yuya’s duel was already over (albeit with no result because fuck Yusho)? It’s hilarious to see Yugo & Yuri arguing over who’s the uke and seme in their Yaoi relationship, though. XD
    • People had pointed this out ages ago so I wonder why Yuri didn’t use Starve Venom’s effect to gain Clear Wing’s ATK because it could’ve easily finished Yugo in one hit if Yugo used Clear Wing to negate Starve Venom’s effect and destroy it, gaining 2800 ATK in the process, which would then trigger Starve Venom’s effect that would’ve destroyed Clear Wing and inflicted 5300 damage to Yugo.
    • Here comes KAITOFUCKER and Edo ruining the Hype Steel Cage match!
    • OBLIGATORY appearance of Cipher Wing before Kaito starts doing his shit.
    • GOD-FUCKING-DAMNIT!!! Again with Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon?! Can Kaito just quit pissing off EVERYONE and use some thing else already?!! >:(
    • The ONLY good scene for Kaito in this episode is how he took control of Starve Venom and Clear Wing right before turning them into clones of NGECDs. That was epic.
    • Oh dear, Speedroid-Vidroskull’s effect is such a dick! Someone get a MST!
    • I swear, “Dystopiaguy” is the most stupidly named D-Hero ever.
    • Just read it on the Wikia… Shuriken Hurricane is a Burn card that acts as a hard counter to Burn strategies, though I’m annoyed that it self-destructs if you control no Speedroid monsters.
    • It’s really stupid that Decisionguy thinks that he’s always making good decisions.
    • …Wow, WTF is with that D-Drag Hammer?! Why it has the effect that LOWERS the ATK of the equipped D-Hero when those monsters are already low-powered themselves?!!
    • Yuri may enjoy watching Yugo, Kaito & Edo beating the crap out of each other, but his patience is running low and he’s about to shank them both if they don’t end their eternally long turns…
    • Speedroids have their own Synchro Super Polymerization… which is gonna get insta-banned once it’s released, isn’t it? ;_;
    • This new D-Hero Fusion doesn’t really fit into the category of “Destiny Heroes”. If anything, it looks like a straight rip-off of good-old E-Hero Plasma Viceman.
    • Come on! Give Yugo the D… Then get Yuri in on D-Action. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • Is this a joke?! Apparently Zarc can be easily dispelled by corny dialogue and shiny things?! Dear Arc V writers, EXPLAIN WTF IS SHIT! OR IS IT ANOTHER CASE OF POOR WRITING?! >:(
    • So what exactly is the entire point of KAITOFUCKER and Edo intruding onto this duel? They should be attacking Yuri at the first place and only going after Yugo if he gets out of control even considering the whole Zarc thing, Yuri’s is Fusion Enemy #1. In the end, I REALLY hate that Yugo had wasted all his resources for nothing.
    • Edo, you must be fucking blind because Yuri has been Egaoing all this time even when being possessed by Zarc… In fact, he’ll be smiling even more soon when he shanks your sweet-n-sour ass.
    • Not surprising that Greedy Venom is more OP in the anime because the IRL version sucks so bad. :p
    • GET SHANKED KAITOFUCKER! Also GG Edo, he’s my MVP is this episode.
    • Yugo declares that he will win… Well I suggest you read Greedy Venom’s revival effect in the anime via your duel disk Yugo… because you have no idea that you’re about to get shanked REAL HARD. (Beside that, should Yugo still ends up losing (which is 99.9% confirmed) we can just blame Kaito and Edo for wasting all his resources.)

    BETRAYAL CONFIRMED! Instead of uniting against Leo, Mini Keikaku and Keikaku Senior will duel each other, with Ray’s ghost/spirit siding with Reira apparently. Reiji’s day is getting progressively worse. ;)

    • Sanokal says:

      In regards to your comments about Kite (and I’m quoting here, hence the mild swearing):

  4. elior1 says:

    eva are you confused a bit about the preview too? i wonder if ray spirit which i think is that light is possessing reira or her soul is just inside reira. whcih of those do you think by what you seen in the next episode preview? and i hope reira vs reiji dual next episode will be better then this episode

  5. aramire77 says:

    Yusho decides to leave to save Yuya by preventing Yugo and Yuri from getting near Yuya, that much I know, but unfortunately the writers done poor job at it. And I thought the 2000 Point Penalty only applied to the Lancers’ Duel Disks? I don’t remember there was a case when Duels between non-Lancers is interrupted there’s the penalty.

    I agree that the Duel is not so great, kinda disappointed since when I heard three of them are going to work together against Yuri, It will be a true teamwork. But in the end, it ended like this. I personally like Edo in this episode though, it shows how much he has grown as a character despite the cliche lines.

    Somehow I’m not really looking forward watching the next episode, especially after reading the episode spoilers of Yugo vs Yuri. (TT_TT)

    Also Ray, if she goad Reira like that, does this mean that she is going along with Leo’s plan? I guess this mean…”Like father, like daughter?” If that’s really the case, I’m disappointed in Ray, unless she has different better plan in mind.

    • Yugioh Fan says:

      “And I thought the 2000 Point Penalty only applied to the Lancers’ Duel Disks?”
      I know I pointed that out to, every other time an intrusion penalty happened it was because there was an action field, or a person who joined had an action duel disk I.E. a Lancer duel disk. In fact, the penalty wasn’t even need Kite(Katio) and Aster(Edo) would have lost anyway, there final life points were 1500 and 400, respectively, even if you added 2000 back there points would be 3500 and 2400, they would have taken 4500 and 3000 points of damage, respectively, when Yuri destroyed there monsters. So the 2000 point penalty wasn’t need, the 2 would have lost anyways.
      Also I really hope Ray isn’t as selfish and insane as her father, but by the looks of that preview, with her ghost brainwashing poor Riley(Reira) into working for, I have to say it’s not looking good.

  6. 75chaosflare says:

    Stuff like this with the relationship between Legacy character and main cast(Edo and Sora or Kaito and Shun, Yuto and Ruri) honestly should have been done much sooner like having at least Sora be in XYZ at that time rather than either of Sawatari or Gon(especially with what little that did for them). Doing this now gives it as much as a rush feeling and somewhat prevents any actual emotion nor tension they are trying to make when comes to their sacrifices(I’ll wait at least the next few episodes to see if they get carded).

    It’s official, the Lancers are indeed the worst team ever in any YGO Franchise and Reiji is a poor excuse of a leader it’s not even funny.

    I’m just gonna wait for the next episode because going by what the preview says either Ray trying to go with something to stop her father or is completely selfish/naive to the point where she can sacrifice four innocent people to try to react her actions when the same thing will happen another time or Zarc will have a way out of it.

    • elior1 says:

      do you think ray spirit posses reira by what we seen in the preview or her soul is just inside him

      • 75chaosflare says:

        Probably her spirit trying to manipulate/convince the kid to go with her father’s plan and stall Reiji. In all honestly, Reiji is Ray’s half-sibling and he never really knew her until now, so having the former instantly side with Leo would be the most dumbest thing imaginable.

    • Yugioh Fan says:

      It’s kind of sad how right you are about Declan(Reiji)’s leadership. I mean look at the current state of his army, Yuya and Yuto are being possesed by Zarc, the four bracelet girls are trapped, Sora, Gong, Shay(Shun) and Yusho are all to injuried to duel, Silvio(Sawatari)’s duel disk is broken so he can’t duel, Crow, Alexis(Asuka) and Moon Shadow(Tsukikaga) have all been carded, Kite(Katio) and Aster(Edo) are unconscious, and by the looks of that preview Riley(Reira) is getting brainwashed. So only 3 people can still duel and do stuff, those 3 are Yugo, Declan(Reiji) himself. and Jake Atlas, in only 14 episodes an army of 15 is now down to 3.
      Also to answer that question you asked in episode 129, yes Arc V has had a few other canceled duels before episode 129, of course none of those were caused by an illegal card. The examples include:
      Episode 13: Yuya v.s. Declan(Reiji), duel was canceled when Declan(Reiji) gave up, despite obviously having something planned.
      Episode 36: Yuya and Sora v.s. Yuto, duel was canceled when Sora got teleported away and both Yu-boys gave up after.
      Episode 49: Yuya v.s. Sora, duel was canceled when the action field shut down and forcibly ended it.
      Episode 56: Yuya v.s. Security Officer, duel was canceled when Crow and his crew jumped in and took Yuya and the others to safety.
      Episode 92: Yugo v.s. Yuri, duel was canceled when Zuzu(Yuzu)’s bracelet teleported the two away.
      Episode 102: Yuya v.s. Kite, duel was canceled when Kite blinded everyone and escaped.
      Episode 112: Yusho v.s. Dennis, duel was canceled when Yusho distracted Dennis and escaped.

      • 75chaosflare says:

        I find it incredibly depressing with how too much nostalgia can ruin something that had potential of its own. But then again Nostalgia honestly shouldn’t have the full blame especially in the Lancers case when they had multiple opportunities themselves. They barely ever acted like a team, they never once interacted as much due to them being reckless idiots or via hotel rooms(one of the things that damaged the Synchro arc). In my opinion if anyone’s mainly to blame it’s basically a tie between Reiji(the leader yet doesn’t act like one nor do anything and rather wait to 100’s of episode to explain what he knows about the plot), Shun(a guy who’s spent the majority of his screentime being a damn edgelord and even when he’s not he barely interacted with anyone) and Serena(a reckless idiot that caused more harm than good(rather brainwashed or not) and the reason they were in prison to begin with as well as being lucky the prison guards were morons and not listening to Jean) for multiple reasons. Even Dennis’ last words made no sense about spending his time with the Lancers when they did nothing of value(Nobody ever mentions him afterwards as well making his stuff just as pointless. Tsukkage who is arguably the most useful normal member of the group got terrible treatment by getting carded to a random no name offscreen just to hammer in Yuya being EGAO Messiah. I honestly don’t even want to discuss about Crow who(in my opinion) is the dumbest character in the franchise for doing what he did to Sawatari’s duel disk and makes 5D’S look like a genius(the guy who hid in a damn fridge to escape death).

        I only meant the execution of a duel being announced as canceled by the duel disk which only happened in 129 when Yusho played the card(in my opinion kinda gives a rushed feeling towards everything), every other duel was understandable.

        • Yugioh Fan says:

          Okay, while I agree in the beginning the Lancers really needed to work on their teamwork, I would like to try and partially defend Celina(Serena) and Shay(Shun)’s earlier behavior in the Synchro arc, they were not really team plays, but that was because of their backgrounds, which was one of the points of the Synchro arc to teach them about team work and caring for their fellow Lancers, which they learned during there quarter final duels against Yugo and Crow.
          As for Declan(Reiji) being a horrible leader I won’t try to defend that, in fact I just realized something that makes him an even worse leader. The rest of the Lancers have done a better job leading the team then he has. Think about it during Duel Academy’s attack on Synchro, Riley(Reira) ordered Moon Shadow(Tsukikaga) to go to the underground and get their allies because he’s faster, while he protected Celina(Serena). Then Gong sends Moon Shadow(Tsukikaga) ahead of the other Lancers to aid Riley(Reira), while they take extra time to look for Zuzu(Yuzu) while following Moon Shadow(Tsukikaga). Also Yuya made the call to duel Barret alone because Riley(Reira) and Celina(Serena) were in no condition to do so. Finally after the invasion Sora and Moon Shadow(Tsukikaga) made the call to go after Zuzu(Yuzu) because there stealthier and faster, while leaving the others to recover, then Yuya and Gong making the call to follow the two, while leaving Chojiro and Silvio(Sawatari) to protect Riley(Reira). Even Shay(Shun) during the Xyz arc did a better job leading the team, by telling them to split up into groups of two, in order to find Sayaka and Allen, while still having someone with them to cover them if Duel Acedemy attacked.
          It’s really sad that all the other members of the team have done a better job leading the Lancers, then there actual leader Declan(Reiji) has done.

          • Sanokal says:

            To be fair, that’s because Declan hasn’t been there to make those decisions. (Blame his bloody voice actor.)

          • 75chaosflare says:

            The problem mainly stems on that they on do these certain kinds of actions whenever the plot demands them to do it regardless of how poorly developed they are. Neither Serena, Shun(who ended up being a hypocrite when he was questioning Kaito back in 105) nor even Reiji(Yuya was the only one that was understandably pissed at him in 50/51 but that it) were ever called out for there actions back in Standard/Synchro and basically ignored it just like a lot of important details. Shun never trusted anyone from the get-go and Reiji sabotaging his duel-disk didn’t help one bit yet only changes when he saves a random kid and gets beat by a random stranger. Back in Standard they kinda hinted he would at least try after the kinds of efforts both Gon, Sawatari, Serena and the other made back in the Battle Royale but for whatever reason they decided nope. Serena in all honesty never learned that much especially after her duel with Yugo which ended up getting her nerve gassed, captured, brainwashed and basically ruining any character the writers were trying to go with her. Yuzu’s line of Serena assisting the Lancers in City was an out of placed and forced because she never once did any good as a Lancer. Funny enough if it wasn’t for Yuzu speaking with Serena in the first place there honestly wouldn’t have been a Lancer team to start with. Shun would have been carded by Sora, Serena would still be blind to the truth of Academia much longer and more people would have been carded all while Reiji still on a chair watching like he did with that other batch of people(he even admitted they wouldn’t last).

            Admittedly, none of them are perfect nor do they need to be but they should at least try to have development onscreen(“show do not tell”) in order to have a more feel and connection with the other characters rather than constantly splitting up over and over. Better examples of a team that actually has development and a decent leaders are most series from Digimon and they’re basically 50 episodes or less each season, this series had basically more than that to work it out but failed miserably. Even the Signer’s back in 5D’S(that was also directed by Ono who is currently directing ARC-V) were more of a team if not an actual family through their numerous differences and conflicts.

            Overall, they feel more as a group of strangers instead of a team. People like Asuka, Kaito, Edo, Yugo and even Yusho were never Lancers nor Reiji’s Army but people who were there for their own reasons.

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